i can’t process this much good news.

Friends. I can’t even. Like I really CAN’T EVEN.

Thank you thank you thank you, Jesus!! Man a(stinking)live. Holy cow. This is just nuts. NUTS.

Remember that “We Put Our House Up For Sale, And We’re Moving to an Apartment” series I started back in December? (Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

If you aren’t in the clicking/reading mood, we decided in October to sell our house, take a loss, move into an apartment, pay off what we owed on the house, get to know our new Somali neighbors, share Jesus, and dream about the day we could go back to Cambodia (either another short-long trip or a move).

Then we found out we qualified for a short sale since Gabe lost his job and we had a boatload of medical bills.

Then I’ll fast forward to the part where we had an offer on our house at the beginning of January and leave out the NIGHTMARE of submitted paperwork and things going wrong, wrong, wrong and the buyers threatening to back out over and over and our realtors doing their so-very-hardest for so-little-pay to make it work.

Then I’ll fast forward to three days ago when they told us WE’RE CLOSING Thursday. And our frantic efforts to sell the rest of our furniture and get everything out of our garage and shed and our van over-heating again before we could get it all out and borrowing our neighbor’s SUV and that all worked out and then they told us yesterday, “Sorry, but something is screwed up with the taxes and we can’t close tomorrow,” and the buyers said, “Yeah, this is pretty much the last straw.”

And I BEGGED God to help me give it all to him, just surrender it and trust and not worry and pleeeeeeeeeeease help me trust you, please, please, please.

And the girls and I went to the Wash & Tan (laundromat part, not the tanning beds) for the first time today and ran errands and came home. Ava went to get the mail and there was just one little envelope and she handed it to me, and it was a HUGE TAX RETURN. And I screamed and yelled, “THANK YOU, JESUS!” and jumped up and down, then fell on my face in praise and thanks, then ripped open my desk drawer and pulled out all the hospital bills and our checkbook and started paying bill after bill after bill.

I was so happy I wanted to die.

And then Gabe got home and THEN at 3:30, we got a call from our realtor, “We’re closing today! Can you be there at 4:00?”


And we rushed there and were first to arrive. And then we found out they were still missing one important paper and people had left the office and who knows when this will all work and…

I just felt peace, because God.

And at 5:55 p.m., we walked out of that title agency owing NO MONEY WHATSOEVER on our house AND we got a check for $3000 as an incentive/thank you for not foreclosing. (excuse me, what??!!)

So, basically (and I know I’ve said this before, but it BEARS REPEATING), if we’d had our way, we would’ve come back from Cambodia in January 2012, put our house on the market (so we could move to Cambodia), and we’d STILL be paying it off.

Instead, Gabe started suffering from anxiety/panic and lost his job, and the medical bills piled up, and we went through the two hardest years of our life and we’ve been down to zero money a zillion times and God always makes a way and because of all that we qualified for the short sale and not only do we owe nothing on our house but 1.) the $ we got from Uncle Sam for not making much $ and having a ton of medical expenses to deduct and 2.) the $ we got from our mortgage company for not foreclosing?


And Gabe is working, I’m working (God just keeps plopping writing/editing jobs in my lap), and our apartment is cheap, and all we have left is a few thousand dollars on a school bill, and we’ll be DEBT-FREE and SAVING FOR CAMBODIA.

I can’t even. CANNOT. EVEN.

43 thoughts on “i can’t process this much good news.

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  2. Christy

    This is SO VERY AWESOME! Thank you Jesus for providing for Marla & Gabe and their family. Please give us the faith to trust you in the bleakest circumstances.

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  4. Karen

    Amazing!!! So happy for you guys … I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living … time to celebrate!!

  5. katie

    Praising the LORD right here with ya. Ohmygoodness. God is good. Amazing how he works it all out.

    Annnd, this is just what I needed to read as I’ve been scheming ways to convince hubby to go into more debt just so I can make my house look nicer when I knoooooow the best thing we can do is minimize debt and save, save, save/ wait, wait, wait for what we want in the future. More debt is never a good idea. And I know I don’t want more debt should anything ever happen to Dave or our business etc. and take all our income away. Thx for the reminder that God is in control and we need to make wise decisions and not take too much risk.

  6. Jennifer

    hahahahahahahhahhaahhahahahhahahaa I am joy-laughing right now! This is AWESOME! 😀 😀 😀 😀



  7. brooke

    sooooooooo happy for you.
    He is good. Even when things don’t seem to go our way.
    He is good. Even when things DON’T go our way.
    He is good.
    Love it how He’s used all of this to remind you. B-)

  8. Sue

    Isn’t it amazing that we plead and beg and “in the fullness of ‘His’ time” the blessings come. God is never late! I see Cambodia in your future! Your family is an inspiration and encouragement to many and many prayers are reaching the throne on your behalf. Blessings to the Tavianos.

  9. Hannah

    This just made me cry. Oh how good our God is!! That is the most amazing thing I have read – Praise Jesus!! I’m seriously crying and feeling your immense relief and thanksgiving. Woo hoo!!

    Just amazing.

  10. Charise

    Wooohooooey!!! So happy for you all and the relief and joy. This so blessed me as we are in waiting waiting waiting mode on some big news and I am struggling with God’s (terrible) PERFECT timing. This boost-reminder-praise is just what I needed.

  11. Tiffany

    WOW! I seriously cannot believe this. What ah-mazing news. I’m so so so excited to hear this!!!! Jesus is AWESOME!

  12. Kathryn

    I know you don’t know me from Adam, but I’ve followed your story/life for the past few years. Reading this tonight just brought me to tears for you and your family. Praise God for His faithfulness and blessings! I can’t wait to see what else He has up his sleeves for you!

  13. Bethany

    This is the best blog post ever!!! SOOOO excited for you guys!! And how incredible that you can see God’s hand and purpose in Gabe’s anxiety and the past 2 years. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  14. Rachelle

    God’s faithfulness trumps it ALL! This is a big answer to a 2 year prayer I’fe prayed over ya’ll; for a tidal wave of blessing! Thank you for sharing your joy!!

  15. Lori

    How can I donate? You’ve been on my heart for weeks. Please email me. I’m supposed to start a missions base some day and I would love to sew a small seed into your family.

  16. Marcy

    I just did a loud girly scream in my head (because kids are asleep) for you!!!!! Yay God 🙂 So happy to hear this!!!

  17. Stacy C.

    PTL!! I have tears of joy for you all!!! There are people you don’t even KNOW praying for you, your family and the situations you share with us (but, you know that now don’t you!). Many blessings more, to you!

  18. Nancy

    Ok, that was totally worth waiting for. YAY!! Will you be calling Dave Ramsey when you’re debt free so you can scream? I don’t want to hear any more complaining when things get hard. We’ll all know that God is up to something better!!

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