i cannot be silent

I know that’s a line from a David Crowder song…or something. But can I just tell you how awesome God is? I know you already know it, but I just got a little re-affirmation. Woohoo!

God has provided for us every step of the way on this crazy 10-year journey of marriage, kids, job change (after job change after job change). And sometimes He has done it in a pretty stinkin’ cool way. The wacky thing about Gabe (and me) working from home is we don’t always know when checks will come.

So, we needed a new dryer, right? Well, we felt strongly that we needed to pay cash. Had just enough to buy a decent one. Praise the Lord. However, we hadn’t planned on such a big expense, so we prayed that God would send a check super-fast. No check. No check. No check. By this time, I’m starting to panic a bit. (shouldn’t I know better by now?!?!) Then Saturday I open an envelope from our church. A check. Our check. My handwriting. What?! Oh… They returned our latest tithe, because there was no signature on the check. (I’ve never done that before.) Ha! Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. “Here, have your tithe back for a bit,” He said.

This afternoon in the mail–2 checks. Just in time. Our washer breathed its last this morning. Gabe went to the bank straightaway and is at Lowe’s right now ordering the washer that matches our dryer. And tomorrow I’ll go raid the local grocery shelves for yummy foodstuffs to make for all our joyous family gatherings. And mail a slew of packages that have been piling up on my kitchen stool.

I’ve just been jumping up and down and praising God. Which is doubly cool, because I’ve been sick the past 3 days or so and just started feeling much better a few hours ago. We’re all fairly healthy at the moment–praise the Lord!

He is good even when things are not. But when He clearly shows His hand of Almighty provision, I can’t keep it to myself. Thank You, Father! Woohoohoo!

10 thoughts on “i cannot be silent

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    God is so good…it would be nice if we as His children could remember this even when we don’t think we see it!  I have seen God move so many times and yet I still seem to struggle with this…oh well, hopefully I will have a few more years to figure it out!

  2. KmHunsberger

    Yeah for God acting tangibly in your life…I LOVE when that happens! And yeah for feeling better…and new washer and dryer. And yeah for you!!!

    Love ya friend! Oh by the way…Nina’s hair is getting long! She is adorable! It has been forever since I saw a picture of her…I think we need a few more!

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