i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recited that verse today. That and “Help me, God. Help me, God. Help me, God.” (which is probably also a verse, just don’t know where) Funny, those are the 2 things I kept saying while I was pushing Nina out 2 years ago. That might have hurt more, but it lasted just a few minutes, and this has been 48 hours now. At least I don’t have cancer or something with no end in sight.

I hit a low point this morning where I just didn’t know how we were going to make it. I haven’t been this sick since 2003 (I don’t think), which was way worse, but I only had 2 kids, and my SIL, Jess, came and helped take care of them while I writhed in bed, hallucinating from a high fever.

Here’s our current status. Gabe got hit with it this morning, so he’s going to be behind us in recovery. He’s feeling awful. Ava felt much better today, so hopefully ours doesn’t last any longer than 72 hours either. She still has a low fever and yucky cough. Nina’s cough is barky (croup?) and awfully scary in the middle of the night. I was up with her several times last night, trying everything I could think of. Livi felt a little better this afternoon, and so did I, but we both have a fever now and feel pretty miserable.

Gabe’s lying on the couch, Nina just went to bed, the other 2 are going to bed with me here in a couple minutes, then we’ll move them to their own beds when Gabe comes to bed.

Our 10th anniversary is tomorrow. Woohoo. Livi asked me today where we were going tomorrow for our anniversary. Uh, nowhere. Except maybe Kroger if we run out of medicine.

Trying not to get discouraged that we’re starting the new year so far behind already. Livi and I printed out charts and are reading through the Bible together this year. She’s bummed that we’ve already missed 2 days. I have a book manuscript due in one month, and sadly, haven’t written but a few sentences.

God will get us through though, eh? And we have a warm house and medicine and running water and each other. Thank you, Lord. And thank YOU friends for your faithful prayers.

Good night! (maybe this is just God’s way of getting me to bed earlier–7:15 sure is a big jump from 2:00 a.m.)

17 thoughts on “i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

  1. ladymiss3739

    Still praying!  I agree with filledeparis on the wedding pic thing, and as for the vicks on the feet thing…well, I’ll just keep my silly comments to myself.    Rest up, friend!

  2. M3mine

    Praying you are all better this morning (Thurs.) and also wanted to send a hint to you. Replace everyone’s toothbrushes when you are not contagious.  Our doctor told us to do that one time.  The germs were staying on the toothbrushes and we kept getting the germs over and over.  So even now, if we are sick, EVEN if it is a brand new toothbrush, out it goes!

  3. jessyomama

    ethan gets that barky cough sometimes… and our pediatrician told us to open a window (or go outside) and let him breathe in cold air… it takes the swelling out of the bronchioles and helps them breathe and cough a little easier fora  few hours… it works. A few times last year, Josh had to bundle them up and walk around outside for 5 minutes in the middle of the night… it works.

  4. tonialynn59

    I have a friend right now, sick and she’s been using the vicks on the feet with sox and swears by it.  Worth a try.  Happy Anniversary to you and Gabe!  I would also love to see a wedding picture!  Praying for you.  I didn’t sleep well last night and just laid there praying for so many right now and you were among them!

  5. rachmckinney

    i woke up this morning just really praying foryou. hope it’s a better day for you. j. gets croup every year and we run a humidifier at night/nap times fo rhim and it does wonders. just a small suggestion. i’ll keep praying for you. happy anniversary ! ( i know it doesn’t feel too happy, but….hope it’s a better day for you and you can really celebrate soon.

  6. Anonymous


    I haven’t tried this myself, but heard it works wonders for a bad cough.  Generously apply Vics vapor rub to the soles of the cougher’s feet and cover with socks (in the night).  I know it sounds weird but I’ve heard it really works. 

    Best of luck!

  7. ClutzyButtercup

    Your post reminds me of the times that I have watched my daycare children from the couch with my eyes closed most of the time.  So often, I would open my eyes and there would be a couple of sets of eyes looking at me as if they wondered if I was still alive!  Hasn’t happened in a awhile (knock on wood) but the memory is vivid.  Still praying!

  8. luvmynoah

    Hey Marla…we just had croup at our house last week.  Let her breath cold air.  Bundle her up and let her breath in some outside air…or just even the freezer air.  We had to take Titus in in the middle of the night.  they gave him a breathing treatment and a shot of some kind.  You all sound so miserable.  I’m sure you are wishing doctor’s still made house calls! 

  9. angntug

    praying for the whole fam….happy anniversary an hour early! i’m sorry you feel so crappy right before your anniversary 🙁 i enjoyed spending time with everyone for christmas and just the 4 of us running to ollie’s etc..we don’t do that often but i enjoyed spending time with you two!

  10. KmHunsberger

    Praying you are sound asleep at this moment. It is so overwhelming to know that you have to care for three sick children when you yourself are so sick. I feel totally overwhelmed for you. I wish I lived nearby, I really do…I wish I could take this from you. Thankfully in 48 hours from now you should all be on the mend. Until then…we will be praying you through. Love to you my friend!

  11. gsowell

    Praying. I could spit advice at you, but you already know everything I could tell you. So just praying. Get better, dear friend! If I were closer I’d be there to help! Since I’m not, I’ll pray, pray, pray!

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