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EDIT: Please pray for Shelly right now. Her hubby came home from work this morning saying he had lost his job. It’s a complex situation and a frightening one for Shelly and her family. Pray for her, and then let her know you did. Thanks! Our God is BIG.

Just got home from Ava’s school orientation. Sigh. I might have the words later to describe “Emerson World Languages and Cultures Magnet Elementary School” (yes, the actual full name of her school–?!?!), but for now…just sigh. It’s much like the first time I went snorkeling off the coast of Okinawa in the East China Sea. I was blown away–BLOWN AWAY–that something like that has existed my whole life and I never knew it. A whole underwater world of stunning beauty and awesome creatures. A taste of heaven for sure.

Ava’s Hogwarts is like that for me. Really. Everything I love in life–words, photos, maps, globes, books, colors, old things, history, all things foreign and ethnic–is right there in one place. I could just plop myself down in the hallway, sit criss-cross-applesauce, close my eyes, lightly touch my index fingers to my thumbs, and say “mmmmmmmmm….” for a good half hour. But since I’d like Ava to claim me as her mother (and the school to keep her enrolled), I’ll fight the urge.

But wow.

EDIT #2: Okay, so Kelly gently asked me what Ava thought about EWLCMES (Hogwarts), since she’s the one who will actually be attending, not her wanna-be mother. Ava LOVES it (probably as much as I do, if for different reasons). We were eating lunch today and Gabe said to her, “You really love your new school, don’t you?” She just grinned. “You know how I know?” he said. “Because you haven’t stopped smiling since you got home.” Thank you, Lord.

Hogwarts aside, I’m falling in love with God. I’ve been praying for quite awhile that it would happen. It’s happened before. Many times. But I never stay completely in love. I let my fire slooooooowly burn out. And I know I can’t base it all on my emotions, but emotions are definitely involved when it comes to your relationship with the Lord. And I’m just really feeling His love right now. Not based on things He’s doing or giving me (in fact, there is much I feel He’s saying “wait” for.). I’m just itching to read His Word, I’m loving our talks when I run in the morning (even if I HATE getting up that early), and I just really, really want to be close to Him.

Psalm 63:1-5 really spoke to me this morning. It’s one of those passages that doesn’t do a whole lot for me when I’m not feeling close to God. Praise Him that it means so much right now.

O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water. I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.

If you’re feeling it right now, praise the Lord! If not, and you feel comfortable telling me (a message maybe), I’d love to pray for you. I know what it’s like to just feel blah with God (kind of like when your marriage is in a crappy slump). I’m praying for one special person in particular right now, and I’d love to pray for you too. Then the next time I’m in a slump (which I hope won’t happen, but I’m fairly certain will), you can pray for me!

I’ve got more but not more time. At least I paused the swirl for a bit and blogged about a couple things in particular. Sort of.

Happy Huggy Tuesday!

26 thoughts on “hogwarts heaven

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    I am so thrilled for Ava (and you!) and will be praying for a very smooth transition to the new school.

    I love the verses you shared and they were such an encouragement.  I wouldn’t say I am in a total slump but I am not in love with God the way I want to be or shouold be.  I have shed a few tears about this lately.

  2. filledeparis

    Thanks for sharing those verses = refreshment and satisfaction just waiting for us in our God! Please do pray for my faithfulness in intimacy with Him. Thanks, awfully, friend!

  3. mrsnorthern8605

    Thank you for the gift 🙂 Did Gabe tell you how excited I was to have the scrabble letters for the fridge? Oh man, best part of the gift I think. Not sure what we need right now, but may need some rides (not allowed to drive for a few weeks). We will make sure you are in the loop and know what we need! 🙂

  4. ergirl053

    I love hearing about Hogwarts! This is going to be such a grand adventure, I just know it!!

    Most of the time, when things in my life are going well, it is easy to be completely in love and on fire for Him. But I struggle when things get a little tough, and I think I can do it all by myself- even though He is still there, never changing. Can you pray that even in the midst of the not-so-comfortable, that I will be head over heels?

  5. tonialynn59

    I love those verses!  I love that you love Ava’s school so much and that she does too!  I love that you are such an encourager!!  And I love that God brought you into my life!  Thanks for your encouragement, friend!

  6. FlyingCAB

    Love this post and that you get such joy out of Ava’s Hogwarts. And even more that she does!  And that her daddy pointed it out…so cute!

    I think the way Kelly described it is exactly where I am.  Being in that place is so wonderful and content, and having been there before, I know I want to be there now, but something is holding me back.  Probably my own selfishness and laziness!  If it comes to mind, the prayers are always appreciated!  One thing that I think is cool about God is that I can pray for it myself and He’ll help.  Odd huh?!  We can’t even draw near to Him without Him playing the master role….

    Thanks!  (@kellycohan – and thanks for being brave and saying it first!)

  7. Anonymous

    God’s word is so amazing.  I love how visiting a passage over again is fresh and new and applies to a new season in life… and I love hearing about it through someone elses eyes too.  I love how the more you get into His word, it starts to spring up with legs of it’s own and walk with you.  It’s amazing.  It is alive!  And God is love… He is so worth falling in love with!!  Thanks for sharing, that picked me right up today!!  🙂

  8. jessyomama

    I LOVE that verse. Somehow I love it even when I’m in a funk. Hm.

    I think you’re going to hate me for Nina’s birthday present. It’s a bubble gun (the battery operated kinds) and a bubble SWORD! I couldn’t resist. Out of all your girls, I thought Nine would most appreciate a bubble sword.

    If you hate me, I’ll go buy her some swirly purple fake crocs. 🙂

  9. mtaviano

    @KmHunsberger – I can’t find where I blogged about magnet schools. Maybe I didn’t?? (I will soon.) Livi got into a different magnet school actually. Crazy, but I think God is up to something very cool. Love ya!

  10. kellycohan

    Okay, so now we know you love EWLCMES (?!?!), but does Ava? What was her reaction?

    That is the best thing in the world, being in love with God. Makes everything else richer, sweeter, brigher. So glad you’re there. I’d appreciate some prayers for action – I’m sorta there – I get glimpses regularly, but something’s keeping me back. I think I’m not getting enough time in the Bible. Can you pray for me to take the initiative to dive in?

  11. luvmynoah

    I love your description of how the school makes you feel….It cracked me up.  I’m glad for Ava’s sake that you could fight the urge!

    Praying for Shelly!!

  12. terriwright

    We’ll need some castle pictures. What a fantastic learning environment.

    I’m with you….in and out with God. He never falls out of love with us….right now I’m in…and it IS marvelous.

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