God shows Himself yet again

EDIT: (Friday, 9:37 am) Kristen is contraction-free (mostly) and on the road home. She’s going straight to her doctor–appt at 2:45 pm. Keep praying! I’m assuming Kimberly got home safely last night (10 minutes away) and to work safely this morning. Maybe we should pray for her, too–at least until she blogs.

EDIT: (6:55pm) Kristen (and Kimberly) are here safely. Kristen’s calling all her loved ones, and pizza is on the way. She’ll stay here tonight and head home tomorrow. Thanks for praying!

“I just feel like crawling in a hole. I know Satan is attacking. Lord, please give me the energy and courage to fight back–and win.” –an excerpt from my journal, yesterday at 4:04pm

So, we sold our house–awesome. Then Tuesday evening, things started getting stinky (beyond the bluh AI performances). Gabe and I got into it–my fault–and he went to bed without me. I stayed up late reading a book and feeling sorry for myself.

Wednesday morning was rushed. We had to drive across town for Ava’s appointment with the periodontal specialist concerning her tongue. And Gabe and I hadn’t resolved our issues, so that was hanging over my head–icky. The periodontal appt was productive–at the end anyway, after I had survived almost an hour in the waiting room with three young’uns. The place was completely opulent–like some luxury spa. Waterfall, fireplace, huge flat screen plasma tv, stainless steel coffee maker, ceramic mugs, platter of cookies. The bathroom had a huge basin of towels–no paper products here (well, the tp was, I guess) I couldn’t let Nina down, or she would have broken something worth hundreds of dollars.

Anyway, the good news? Ava is their youngest patient ever, but they’re doing a frenulectomy (clipping the “string” under her tongue so she can lift her tongue up and talk normally) in May. It’s a steal at $400, and the anesthesiologist is another $400, but they do it with a laser, it takes 5 minutes, and there will be no pain afterward. She’s so, so, so worth it. We’d spend $8000 on it if we had to.

Anyway, so that took the whole morning. Got lunch, Livi on the bus, was dead tired, found out some disappointing news about my latest book (but it’s okay). Way behind on stuff, overwhelmed by life, blah, blah. Decided that the one thing I had a measure of control over was apologizing to Gabe and getting our relationship back on track. Did that, he accepted, we made up (and really made up later).

Today–got everybody ready for Bible study, so excited to go, first time in 6 weeks or so. Took books for my group. The last time I’d gone I had done the whole “I’m Marla and I write books” confession. Then I didn’t come back for 6 weeks! It was soooo good to be there. Then when we broke up in groups, I found out that my group had combined with another one. I didn’t know most of the ladies and didn’t have enough books for everyone, so I just kept them in my bag and kept my mouth shut.

Here’s the “God” part. We’re doing Beth Moore’s Beloved Disciple. We’re on the next-to-last week and studying Revelation. One by one, the women start saying how they’ve never understood the book of Revelation, always ignored it, now it’s so exciting to them and they want to know more. I was bursting inside. The book of Revelation plays a huge, huge part in my next book. I felt like shouting. Didn’t.

Then the women start sharing very personal struggles, tears are shed. And the common theme? Marriages. Marriages that are hurting, not working out, very bad. I had copies of both my books burning a hole in my bag while God was poking me in the side so hard I could physically feel it. One woman has been married nearly a quarter of a century–and every bit of it has been miserable. Another woman–a younger bride–just broken about some things in her marriage right now.

So, with about 2 minutes to go in our time, I took a deep breath, opened my mouth, and gave these dear women my books. And then passed out the rest. And I am honored and humbled and praying my heart out that God might grant me the amazing privilege of taking part in at least two miracles this week. Two miracles in hurting marriages. Would you pray with me for my two new friends? That God would work a full-blown miracle in their marriages? Oh, I want that so badly for them!

No one is perfect. We all have so many struggles. It is such a blessing to be able to share those hurts, those failures, those incredible needs. And then to see God answer prayer. This is what I live for.

Satan can go to hell. Today Beth talked about how we, as Christians, do not ever, ever have to live in defeat. We’ll mess up, sure–every single day even–but consistent victory can still be ours. Christ didn’t die so that Satan could screw with us whenever he pleases. To hell with Satan. I’m claiming victory in Christ Jesus! Amen?!?

19 thoughts on “God shows Himself yet again

  1. rachmckinney

    in response to your comment, don’t forget it’s 80 degrees here!:) and hey, you can come anytime…we have plenty of space. i bet our kids would lvoe eachother!

  2. ladymiss3739

    So glad to hear that Kristen is safe and sound.  🙂 

    I will have to look at Beloved Disciple…never did any studies by Beth Moore. 

    And what about your proposal.  You said not so good news…is it a no-go?  Or are there just bumps on the way? 

  3. ClutzyButtercup

    We are always most vulnerable after a victory (like selling a house!  :))  So glad that God not only restored fellowship but also gave you the opportunity to minister to other wives…God is sooo good!

  4. Abs7

    isn’t it the absolute worst feeling when you get in a fight and go to bed angry? it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it sucks! and i am always too stubborn to do anything about it- definitely something i need to work on.

    i’m glad you guys made up, really made up 😉 although that might have been too much information for this xanga crowd.

  5. Nixter77

    Amen indeed, sorry to hear it was a bad start to your week but how awesome that it changed. Our vistory is IN Christ, thanks for the reminder lovely friend. Have missed you this week.

  6. hcole86

    Amen! You’re so brave. And so honest. Please give Kristen a hug for me. I’m praying for both of you.

    Wish I could meet you one day; you and Kristen…and Jessica. You all play such big roles in my life. I love our christian community, our sharing, praying, uplifting ways.

  7. tonialynn59

    Thanks for sharing that post!  I prayed for your two new friends right now.  We are just finishing up Jesus the one and only Beth Moore study and I’m amazed!  I thank God for her!  Again, thanks for sharing that with us!

  8. gsowell

    Beloved Disciple is awesome. I really enjoyed that study. God is awesome. He is using you and working in you and working through you. DeWayne is reading a book right now called Discipled Warriors. The premise is that, like it or not, we all will engage in spiritual warfare, and the best way to prepare for said warfare is not by studying everything we can about Satan, but by truly discipling ourselves and studying everything we can about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That makes a lot of sense to me. I see that in your life. And I’m praying for the marriages of your two new friends. Right now.

  9. kkakwright

    Amen Sista! 

    No one is perfect. We all have so many struggles. It is such a blessing to be able to share those hurts, those failures, those incredible needs. And then to see God answer prayer. This is what I live for.

    ^Couldn’t agree more with that statement.  You know me, I’ll share anything because I know God can use it.   😉 

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