God says yes!

No matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. (2 Corinthians 1:20)
My last Bible study was A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place (Beth Moore), and I fell in love with Exodus and Numbers and the tabernacle–topics that never did much for me before. (you get out what you put in, eh?) After the study was over, I decided to go through it again (sans the DVD sessions)–read through the workbook, look up the Scripture, scribble additional insights into the margins. It’s been wonderful. I need to spend more time reviewing things God teaches me.

Today’s title was “The Right Hand of God” and talks about Christ as our Great High Priest. How the High Priests of old could never sit–their job was never finished. Christ finished the job and sat down at the right hand of His Father. The Bible has a lot to say about God’s right hand, and everything He promises to do with that right hand is fulfilled in Christ who sits there.

I love what she writes about God’s yes–“Every time the Israelites slaughtered another animal, God shook His head no. It was not enough. The offering was accepted only on the basis that a yes would finally come. That afternoon on Calvary God cried out with agony mingled with relief, ‘Yes!’ At that very moment, all of God’s promises found their fulfillment in Christ.”

She goes on to say that sometimes we might wonder why God seems so different in the Old Testament compared to the New. “He’s the same God. He simply has a different answer: yes!”

Then she says, “You may be asking yourself…” (and it’s exactly what I was asking myself!) “Is she saying that God never says no?”

Good question. Does God give me everything I ask for? If I really have faith, can I have all the health and wealth I want to claim? There are a couple things I really, really want right now. Do I have a guarantee that God will give them to me? Not exactly.

She says God certainly does say no, “but His no is given only so that He can say yes to something better. If He has been forced to say no to you lately, rejoice! He is directing you to a point at which He can extend you a resounding yes! Keep driving in His direction. A better yes is just around the corner.”

So, when I pleaded with God to let me marry my high school boyfriend and He said no, did He have a better yes around the corner? YES! GABE!

When I pleaded with God to give me a certain job or let us move to a certain place or have a baby at a certain time, and He said no, did He have a better yes around the corner? YES, YES, YES!

When I begged God for this and that and this and that, and He said no…? YES, YES, YES, YES!

So, those things I really want right now? Those things I really want a YES answer for? If God says no, I can rejoice! A bigger yes–God’s yes!–is just around the corner. I’m choosing to believe this, because God has already proved it to me a thousand times over. My wants and “needs” are so naive and narrowly-focused. God can say no to me all He wants (easy to say, harder to accept), because He WILL say yes–just to something I can’t even fathom right now.

This gets tough when the “yes” I want is bigger than a book idea or some paid-off debt. What if the “yes” I want is my child’s life? What if I have to pray someday, “God, my child is very sick. Please spare her life.” What if He says no? Do I believe there’s a better yes in store for me then? I can’t go there. God will give me the grace I need if that kind of tragedy ever comes. No grace is promised for my imagination.

Last thing–she says that people often look at Christians as a “squelched, restricted, mindless group of people who serve a God who only says no.”

Then, “May this be the generation that seizes every opportunity to attest to a God who says yes–yes to salvation, yes to forgiveness, yes to abundant life, and yes to a mansion in glory. Christ is God’s yes!”

I’d love to hear your No/Yes story. Care to share?
1. Tell about a time God said no in order to give you a better yes.
2. Or share some of God’s yeses in your life, i.e. count some blessings!
3. Or tell about a yes you’re waiting on–and tell God you’re trusting Him that a no will mean a better yes.

Have a great weekend, friends! STAY INSIDE! (unless you live near the Equator)

17 thoughts on “God says yes!

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    God said “no” to my hubby and my desire to have 4 children (He gave us 2 wonderful ones though!).  God has shown me that He has actually given me many more than 4 children…Through my daycare He has allowed me to be the “other mother” to many and now I am on my second generation.  He has blessed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

  2. YoYoYoder

    No to my high school boyfriend. YES to Stewart who is a strong spiritual leader, has a fabulous family, and is a MILLION times better for me than anyone out there!

    No to getting pregnant for 19 months. My husband was deathly ill for 5 of those months–I can’t imagine taking care of a newborn and bedridden husband. We also found a house and moved in less than a month before Isabelle was born! I’m so glad we moved BEFORE she came!

  3. M3mine

    Thank you for this Xanga today—we are in the midst of a huge “no, maybe, yes??” situation with our entire lives. It’s been going on since September. My sweet husband has been running a small business with about 9 employees since 2000. Financing has become a horrible problem—since August he’s had to lay off most of the employees, and we’re living on way, way reduced checks (if any) and the loving gifts of our church women’s Bible study, and that of our family members. This is a big 180 for us. Previous to this he was a vice president at a company where he had tons of people working for him and a budget in the millions. We did Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey which has been a life saver! Thru all this, I’ve been praying, but doors remain closed to investors to put the company back on a more even keel. In the meantime, God says “I’m providing your needs…It is enough. ” This is one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life! Christmas was hard but we made it. God is so good!

  4. rocknnell

    I too, needed this today…. my “no – wait” what ever….is the desire to “proclaim” the Word of God….yet is His Word…I would be pretty picky too…yet that is my only desire…all else seems like ” dry cereal / ok / a piece of gum that has already been chewed for hours.” that is just being honest.  ” be still and know that I AM GOD “

  5. Hoffmom

    That’s my favorite of Beth’s studies!  It made the tabernacle an ongoing source of study and fascination for me.  The symbolism and pictures and how it all fits together….whew, I need to review that study again too!  There were so many cool moments when I saw a picture in Scripture that I’d never seen before!

    My ‘no’ times?  I feel like I’ve been in one for at least 8 yrs!  Our oldest son has alot of struggles, and this is a constant source of prayer for me.  I battle against fear for his future (and ours), and pray that God would lessen the burden all the time.  He has chosen not too, and I can’t help but uncomfortably feel that it’s for my growth and to keep me close to Him.  I still pray that some day things will be easier for D, but I can still be thankful every day for the lessons in dependence that God is teaching me.  And I trust that if things will be perpetually difficult….my deeper relationship with God is enough “yes” for me.

  6. Anonymous

    We recently moved from northeast OH to northwest OH (in the sticks, kind of near Lima, OH).  We had been praying about leaving Cleveladn for awhile, but weren’t sure where to go.  After 3 years of prayer God finally led us here.  The Bible Study I was attending in Cleveland was led by someone on the board of directors for Community Bible Study.  When I told her we were moving to “the sticks” she asked me specifically where, I told her, and she had this really odd look on her face.  She was trying to get a Community Bible Study program started in this town I’m in for a few years and it was finally in the early stages.  She got me in touch with the group and I’ve been attending for a couple of months now.  I was approached last week about being on the leadership board and becoming an assistant teacher for the group.  I’m still praying about the position, but it’s become very clear that we wre supposed to move here at this exact time.  I’m still working on making friends and fitting into this new town, but for now, I’ve found a great “home” in the new Bible Study I’m participating in.

  7. mrshart03

    God said no to so MANY relationships before He gave me Joel.  Then he said no to a baby for a few months in a row…then I found out I needed my gallbladder removed and had I been pregnant, the surgery I needed could’ve endangered my baby’s life.  Then 4 months after the surgery, He said yes & gave us Zachary!

  8. adamslady

    I’m still working on turning my wants into God’s wants. If only I could be perfect in this area! Can you imagine never receiving a no from God???!!! When we pray according to His Will, it IS always a yes! 🙂 No?

    Of course, the completion of the Yes-through-Christ will not come to us until we reach glory (in other words, we might not ever *feel* a yes from God in our lifetime, in this world that is still under the effects of the fall): the fullness of our salvation, perfect heart and perfect relationships, eternal life, wealth and health and happiness, security, etc. And aren’t those the things we truly want that drive all our other wants?

    Oh, dear, just my thoughts and ramblings as I think about this stuff – thank you for the encouragement to not lose heart and trust God in all things!

  9. YoGrandmaYo

    Thanks for sharing!  I was reminded of what I tell my Good News Club kids, when I’m talking to them about prayer.  God answers prayer in 3 ways:  Yes, No, or Wait, because I have something better!:)  We serve a faithful, totally trustworthy God, and HIS yes will be better than anything we could ever imagine! 

  10. OkinawaAna

    I wanted to be pregnant with Ana a lot sooner than I was.  Every month was a huge “NO” from God.  At the time, Wes was finishing up seminary, we were both working full-time, and finances were tight.  If I had gotten pregnant during those months that I was begging God for a baby, I would have had to go right back to work as soon as she had been born.  And while there would have been absolutely nothing wrong with that, God’s “yes” came at just the right time, and I was able to be a stay-at-home mom.  (Wes had graduated by the time she was born, and we moved to our first church just as soon as we had a passport for her.)  Much better than I would have planned it!

  11. ladymiss3739

    Ed and I wanted to move to a certian area in PA and we tried for three years (and many applications and interviews later) to get a job there.  We kept doing things to make it easier for God to say “Yes.” He didn’t. 

    Ed brought up OH.  We decided to pray about it for 6 months and if God opened a door in that time period, we’d move here.  Two weeks later, Ed applied for a job.  A week later he had an interview and less than a week later, interview #2.  The following week: job offer and our house went on the market.   

    God has blessed us in OH like no other time in our marriage.  Everything we wanted and were trying to self-creat in PA, has been given to us here.  God is certainly good!

  12. jbnygaard

    Oh I soooooo needed to hear this today!!!!

    So far I feel as though God has said ‘no’ to my weekend away with Christian this weekend…..but I keep thinking, God has something much better planned for us. So I am still waiting for that ‘yes’….but I KNOW and TRUST that it is coming!

  13. filledeparis

    There was once a guy that I really, really wanted to marry(despite a troubled relationship). I was sure that God would say yes (after I returned from 2 years of serving as a missionary in France). But God said no.
    Later, during my time away, the guy revealed some serious sin issues that he was stuck in, yet had never shared with me. Then, I met an amazing guy who loves God with all that he is (in his words and actions). Hmmm. Change of plans. We married. I stayed in France. God said yes! I’m SO grateful that He did!

  14. ilovemy2babyboys

    A friend of mine from church is about to start a bible study on that same book by Beth Moore.  I was asked to participate but I hadn’t decided yet.  Based on what you’ve said it sounds like something I should do.

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