God loves you.

Valentine’s Day is great and all, if you’re into that sort of thing (which I’m not). It’s also pretty painful and all, if you’re longing for a special someone to spend it with, and (s)he hasn’t exactly shown up yet. Or (s)he used to be here but isn’t anymore.

But there’s one thing we can all celebrate today. TOGETHER.

God. Loves. Us.

I’ll be honest. I don’t really get it. I don’t know WHY or HOW or any of that. I just know he does. And I know that I reeeeeeeeally take it for granted most of the time.

And I know that we don’t need proof, that even if we can’t see it/feel it/touch it right now, he really, truly STILL loves us. Our circumstances may suggest differently, but the fact remains:

God loves us.

I want that to be all that matters. I don’t want to worry about who else loves me and who doesn’t. I want to know God loves me, and I want to know it so deeply that I can’t help but ooze love for others out of my pores.

Goodness knows I’m not a naturally loving person. All the love that comes from me originated with him. And I want to fill up on his love so that what comes out of my mouth and hands and feet is love, nothing but love.

Let me ask you this:

1. How do you know God loves you today?

2. How can you show someone else God loves him/her?

p.s. If you’re hurting today, please let me know. I want to pray for you.

p.p.s. My friend Megan is making these ADORABLE little ornaments to raise money for their adoption. I bought one and think you need one too!

p.p.p.s. Happy, Happy 90th Birthday to my beautiful grandma!! I love you!! (surprise party pics coming soon!)

16 thoughts on “God loves you.

  1. Tarah

    Hey Marla, next time you change “Beth Moore” to “Mama Beth” on your blog roll……give us a shout, OK? Don’t you realize that I have none of these links on my favorites because I’m lazy and just click on them from your blog? Imagine my panic when I suddenly didn’t have the Beth Moore link to click on!! I was about to send a comment of protest and checked one more time (after checking like a dozen times) and saw “Mama Beth”.

    ‘whew’ Crisis averted.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Oh goodness. I had no idea anyone even paid a lick of attention to those links! I was “cleaning” them out this weekend and just felt like changing hers to something more informal. My sincere apologies!! 🙂

      1. Tarah

        You are sincerely forgiven. 🙂 I’m surprised noone else noticed. I supposed I really could put them on my OWN favorites. But, just think of all the credit you’re getting for sending me from here!!

  2. Rachelle

    I know God loves me because He chose to give me life knowing His holiness would require everything of Him and that nothing I could ever feebly give in return could compare.

  3. erin

    I personally love Valentine’s Day and mostly cause my kids are so cute and fun!! We’re making chocolate strawberries together tonight. AND, I guess I know God loves me cause of my family/kids.

  4. Missy June

    This is my first Valentine’s Day post divorce and I’m still loving the day. For some reason, I have always enjoyed the fun and whimsy that the day seems to foster. I connect it with friendshp and family love as much as the romantic kind, so I suppose that helps.

    What I did to demonstrate love was to encourage two of my friends, who are also experiencing their first single Valntine’s Days. I wanted to remind them they are very loved and very precious to me and to God.

    I’m also splurging on a heart-shaped pizza for the kiddos and we’ll dine by candlelight and drink red strawberry soda!

    I choose to look at this as a fun day!

  5. kendal

    god reminded me today of my many many blessings as i read with my students about afghanistan under the taliban.

    continue to pray for the girl i mentor as she battles anorexia at a treatment center.

  6. Claudia Porpiglia

    I struggled with accepting God’s unconditional love for so long that it is hard for me to explain why I know that God loves me. He changed something on the inside of me and that coupled with faith has convinced me. I could list things that support the fact that He loves me but in reality only allowing Him to change my stinkin’ thinkin’ made the difference.

    As for showing His love to others, that is often harder. Christians in America have struggled with loving the sinner and hating the sin. We tend to condemn people before we ever convince them that they are loved. I believe that showing people that God loves them starts with seeing them as God sees them. His heart is broken over their sin and pain. He is waiting with open arms to love them in their imperfection (just like us!) He wants the best for them, not condemnation or judgment (although He will judge if they reject Him).

    1. Missy June

      I admire your commnents regarding loving sinners, it is a difficult balance for me when I am offended, hurt by or want nothing to do with certain sins, to still demonstrate love to the person. This is a struggle.

      1. Claudia Porpiglia

        I understand where you are coming from on that. God began a major change in this area of my life 10 years ago. A single mother of two who was heading to a church social was abducted (along with her two little girls) by two teens. They took them to a remote area, killed the little girls, assaulted the mother, shot her and left her for dead. She crawled over a mile to a house to get help. They found the young men a couple of days later and I saw the video of them being marched into the police station. I was so angry and grieved and then God let me see their eyes…the emptiness and blank look. No remorse or fear. At that moment He broke my heart for them. It was the strangest experience but it was the beginning of God opening my eyes to His perspective cc. others.

        The process has been harder for me when it is a redeemed person and yet God has shown me that even us redeemed people need grace and mercy. I am not saying He wants us to ignore sin…it has more to do with the attitude we have towards others.

  7. sandee

    I have started my 1000 gifts list (from Ann Voskamp’s book) and am seeing His love all around. Some days (like today) it is much harder than others…..but it is because of me…either not choosing to see, or not slowing down enough to see.

  8. ali

    Love this, Marla. I’m with ya on V-Day. I just don’t understand the holiday.

    And like you, I really don’t understand how God can love me so stinkin’ much when I’m such a stinkin’ mess. It’s the best deal ever, and I so don’t deserve it.

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Something worth celebrating every darn day of the year.

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