God keeps getting bigger.

Well, not exactly. God is unchanging, so the fact that He seems to be getting so much bigger these days must have more to do with the fact that He’s opening my eyes wider, so that I can see more and more of Him. And I like what I see (although some of it is a bit frightening, in a roaring-Aslan sort of way).

I know you don’t need me to unload a million of my thoughts on you for your life to be complete. But I sort of need to unload them, because I am busting at the seams keeping it all in. (or maybe my pants are just tight because of all the Lima pizza I ate tonight. if you haven’t eaten pizza from Lima, OH, you’re missing out!)

I won’t use bullets, but to fit everything in, this will probably turn into bullet-like points without the little black dot.

So today was Livi’s 7th birthday. Happy Birthday, beautiful Livi! I’m just really not sure how I happen to have a seven-year-old already. I guess I am 32. We had a family day yesterday. She opened all her presents–pens, journal, 4 chapter books (from Once Upon a Child for 80 cents each–woohoo!), a shirt, a jewelry box to paint, Sorry! (the game) and Cranium Cadoo (she looooooooooves this game). We got Chinese for supper–her choice. Then after church today, we went up to Lima and had a party for her with Gabe’s parents and Grandpa, Tug, Angie and the kids.

Tonight we all went to Tug and Angie’s church for a Comedy Concert. Tug brought in Joby Saad (the Village Idiot) to raise money for his (Tug’s) youth group. We’ve watched him on DVD a few times. Funny stuff. We got to meet him backstage, and then he did a 90-minute concert. I laughed a lot. He was great at interacting with the audience. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comedian live before.

So I’m reading Kay Warren’s book, Dangerous Surrender. Lots to process. I want so badly to be fully surrendered to Christ. Many times I think I just about am. Other times I know I have so far to go. I’m getting more and more uncomfortable, and it feels strangely good.

So I’m reading today’s entry in Walter Wangerin’s book, Preparing for Jesus (meditations on the Advent) this morning. It’s really helping me make the events surrounding Christ’s birth more personal. Then I just decide to read the first seven verses of Isaiah 9. (to us a Child is born) I underline the first part of v.2 “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.” Then I turn to Luke 1 and slowly read the whole chapter. Lots already underlined, but v.3-4 stand out to me. “Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.”
It seems good to me to write as well.

Go to church. Sing and praise. My heart was craving all of worship–singing, the message, everything. Thanks to sick babies and being out of town, I haven’t been to church (on Sunday morning) in 4 weeks. The kids’ choir sings a song based on Isaiah 9:2. A young girl reads the verse. I turn in my Bible to where I had underlined that exact verse just an hour before. Then the pastor starts his message. His text? Luke 1:1-4. Are you kidding me? My heart just felt all swelled up with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Then the pastor starts saying things that blew me away–because they had already blown me away yesterday while reading Dangerous Surrender. Uncanny.

I haven’t figured out all that He’s saying to me yet, but I’m in no hurry. Just trying to listen. Listening = one of the pastor’s main points. Luke uses the word a lot. Not in a hurry, yet sensing the urgency as well. Quite a paradox.

I sent my galley to the publisher yesterday morning. I actually went through the whole thing in one day. I liked it. I think it’s going to be fun. And again, thank you to all of you who helped me. You can’t imagine what you added to the book. You get to see in three short months. And that excites me most of all.

I’ve been scribbling down funny things the girls have said lately, but I can’t find any of them. They’re all buried in various places on my desk. Wait–here’s one.

Ava: Livi and I know that Ms. Calhoun (her teacher) has eyes in the back of her head.
Me: Oh yeah?
Ava: Yeah. Right here. (pulling up hair to show me)
Ava: (matter-of-factly) You have to get ’em put in.

I’ll have to look into that. Wonder how much it would cost. Might be worth it.

Many more thoughts to come this week. I’m also going to do a little give-away. Some of the blogs I visit periodically in the outside-of-xanga world are always doing fun give-aways. You just have to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. Fun way to get people to actually comment on your blog, eh?

Blessings to you, friends! Have a beautiful week!

16 thoughts on “God keeps getting bigger.

  1. terriwright

    The problem with those back-of-the-head eyes is that eventually even THEY need bifocals. My grandbabies are amazed that I know when they’re being sneaky or bad….then Hannah will say, “Well, she WAS a teacher!”

    Remind me not to scrape my knee. AAAARRGGGHHHHHH!

  2. amweaks

    I am 32 as well and it cracks me up how all of the moms of newborns seem so young – and how that moms of middle schoolers look so much younger than they use to – but in reality, I am just plain getting older! – You know when your doctor is younger than you that you have really arrived!

    Thanks for the encouragement to listen to God – not just with our ears, but with our hearts and responding with our actions…

    I just blogged about some of the things my kids have said too – the latest…For all of you who want to know how babies are made, my five year old was playing with her dollhouse yesterday and I overheard her little mommy say to her little doctor that “While I was playing today, I fell and scraped my knee and that is how the baby got in my tummy.” 🙂 IF only it was that easy:)

  3. tonialynn59

    As always I loved this post!  Loved the conversation with the girls about the teacher and eyes in the back of her head.    snap to it girl, and get another pair!  Loved how your devos coincided with those different situations.  Isn’t it like God to keep things interesting?

  4. kkakwright

    I was going to write a blog about how I used to think that my mom was so incredibly smart (not that she isn’t) because she always knew when we were up to no good (eyes in the back of her head).  And now that I am a mother, it isn’t that I have eyes in the back of my head, it is just that they are so stinking obvious in their disobedience.  It kinda makes me laugh. 

  5. Anonymous

    I LOVE when God shows His persistent “woo-ing” of us in giving us the same verse(s) or messages through different channels all in one short period of time.  You get them enough different ways to blow the theory of coincidence out of the water!  I LOVE it!  Talked about feeling special in Him!

    I’ve praying for you much!  I love to hear what God is saying to others when they just spending time ‘listening’ to God!  It’s an amazing experience!  He’s talking!  We just have to stop to listen in!  Oh, enjoy it!

    Seven years old?  Wow.  I remember our first visit to your one house just west of our house now, when she was a baby.  Time truly can fly, huh?  Happy Birthday beautiful Livi!

  6. gsowell

    I comment even without the carrot of a give-away. Happy birthday to Livi. Sounds like you all had a lovely celebration! So happy to hear about the lessons God is teaching. When He allows you to hear enough to put it all together, do share. I’ll be waiting.

  7. stephaniedawnbasham

    How is Livi already 7 years old?? I love and miss her soooo much! I can’t even tell you how much I can’t wait to be there in two and a half weeks!

    I love when my own devotions coincide with a sermon or something like that. When God wants to get something into my head, He really goes all out for it. 🙂 And I think that’s awesome.

    I love you!!

  8. filledeparis

    It is amazing when God allows us to glimpse a bit more of Him, isn’t it? So glad that your Sunday was refreshing! Too funny about Mrs. Calhoun–hope that she was able to have the procedure done before she started teaching!

  9. faithchick

    hilarious conversation.  i really loled.

    Not in a hurry, yet sensing the urgency as well.=wow!!  what a way, a way to put it into words.  I totally understand that feeling.

    I like drawings.

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