It’s hard to go about your daily stuff when right around the corner from you somebody’s baby girl is dying. Bless your precious hearts for all the beautiful comments you left for Faith and her family today (people praying in 26 states and 4 countries, I think). I printed them all out in two different colors and made kind of a booklet. I’m praying God uses your words to give them the hugest emotional hug.

If you missed yesterday’s post, Faith, a little 6-year-old girl at Ava’s school, has just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. It’s extremely aggressive, and while doctors originally (a couple days ago) gave her six months to live, now they’re saying she could stop breathing in as little as 6 weeks. And I heard from a teacher today that they’re thinking even sooner.

Basically, she needs a complete and total miraculous act of God to live. And that’s what I’m praying for. And will keep praying for until He heals her or takes her home.

Her mom’s faith in God is incredible. She said today that “I do not understand God’s purposes or plans, but nothing that could ever come about in this life will make me love him any less.” You can keep up with how Faith is doing on her Caring Bridge site. And if you didn’t get a chance to leave a comment yesterday, please sign her guestbook. I know she and her family will be so encouraged.

During radiation today, they asked Faith if she could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? Faith’s answer? “Jesus and God.”

Please pray especially for Faith’s sister, Trinity (9) and Faith’s first-grade teacher, Mrs. Taylor. They’re both having a really rough time.

And thank you so much for involving your kids in praying for Faith. We’ve had lots of powerful (and tearful) discussions these past two days. It’s hard to find that delicate balance between sharing stark reality and not scaring our girlies. This has definitely shaken them, but hopefully it will bring us even closer as a family, closer to God, and filled with empathy and compassion for those who are hurting.

Poor Nina. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but she’s been really curious about Heaven for the past couple months. She asks about it a lot and will often come to me with her lip quivering, saying something like, “When I go to heaven, can I come back here?” or “I don’t want to go to heaven! I love it here with you!”

Today in the car on the way to visit a friend, she said, “When you and Daddy go to heaven, who will be my Mommy?” She tried so hard not to cry but couldn’t help it. Nearly broke my heart in two. I kind of promised her that I would never leave her, not ever. Then I tried to fix it by saying that God will always be with her and will always love her and make sure she’s taken care of.


Leaning on Jesus hard tonight. Love you, friends!

p.s. Tomorrow’s the Big Launch of The Worlds Apart Project (where I sell my “novel” to raise $ for people in need). Exciting! A huge thank-you to my hubby for working his tail off tonight to get my new site ready.

12 thoughts on “faith

  1. Elisabeth

    Small world- my neice is in Faith’s class! We are all praying, and we serve a God whose name is ABOVE cancer! Oh, how I love Him!

  2. Elizabeth

    Faith is on my mind so much lately. And little Faith who is sick is on my heart tonight. Her struggle reminds me how my silly, little problems are so very insignificant in the long run.

  3. amber

    Oh, Marla, how my heart breaks. It breaks to think about earthly separation. And about this horrid world we live in where bad stuff happens. And about little angel babies who “get it” better than we grown-ups.

    Praying for sweet Faith.

  4. Lisa @ fulfilling my purpose

    Chelsea (my 4-year-old) and I said a prayer for Faith last night. Thank you for sharing what her mom said. I hope and pray that if I ever face something so devastating I will say the same thing.

    Chelsea is going through the same thing as Nina. I have to keep reassuring her that we will all be in Heaven together, and she will be fine.

    Yesterday at lunch she cried because I said her favorite stuffed lamb toy wouldn’t be able to go to Heaven with her. I told her God could give her a real lamb to play with in Heaven. I don’t know if there will be animals in Heaven, but I had to say something to calm her down.

    Chelsea has also been very concerned about all of us leaving our house when we go to Heaven. I told her we will have a new home in Heaven. She was still concerned about our house missing us, so I told her it won’t miss us because it won’t be here after we leave. God will make a new Heaven and a new Earth, so our current home will not longer exist. I was amazed that my answer actually comforted her instead of scaring her more!

  5. Denise

    Bless Nina’s heart. And great job of handling it. My heart just breaks for Faith and her family. I keep crying and hugging Parker a lot. I sit here and get on myself for stressing over his asthma when there is a little girl who is dying.

    It’s just so unthinkable and yet so common. I. Hate. Cancer

  6. Britt

    Bless Nina’s heart.
    Both of my little girls went through the same thing. Wanting to go to heaven, but fearful of leaving Mom and Dad here on Earth! 🙂

  7. Liz

    I can’t help but cry. I will be praying for sweet Faith and her family and teacher. I will also be praying for your family as you guide your girls through the questions and sadness.
    I have to confess that sometimes I feel like Nina. Heaven is so unfathomable that I get caught up in the unknown and freak out a little. It’s then that I realize what God has told us about Heaven and I start to calm down. I guess I’m saying I know how she feels.

  8. Holly V.

    What a small world we have! Faith’s mom went to school the same place as me! So there are lots and lots of people in my circle praying and encouraging this same family. I just love when the body of Christ is at work!!! Simply amazing.

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