discouraged but not despairing

EDIT: My knowledgeable friends have given me good news–that pink eye is not as bad as I originally thought. Lord willing, this weekend will be lush after all.

No self-pity. No self-pity. No self-pity.
Oh, hi. Sorry. Don’t mind me. Just a little thing I do when I’m on the verge of feeling sorry for myself…

The couple who loved our house the first time took their parents with them the second time. Mom and Pop weren’t as impressed. This exact scenario has taken place at least five other times. Grrrr… Yes, our house is old. No, it has no central air or dishwasher. Yes, our garage is now an office. Yes, the furnace needs replaced in the next few years. But it’s a solid house–and cheap. With a nice, fenced-in backyard…blah, blah, blah. Our realtor said not to count them out yet. They may decide to go for it anyway.

Okay, 2 weekends ago, we were going to spend all day Saturday with Gabe’s family, but Nina was sick. Then last Saturday, we were going to go to a surprise party for a friend while my parents watched the girls, but that didn’t work out.

So, my fabulous mother-in-law has offered to take all three of our girls from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. I haven’t had a break in ages. She is an angel sent from heaven. I am so excited. The girls are all healthy, no blizzards in the forecast. This is really truly going to work out. Oh, but wait. Why is Livi’s eye red? What’s that stuff coming out of it? No, no, no, no, no. She can’t have pink eye. I’m 92% sure she has pink eye. The bright side? She already has a dr. appt. scheduled for her urinary tract infection. Two for the price of one. Poor girl.

And Gabe’s car that needed a new transmission? Well, we finally got it back after being without it for 2 weeks. They ended up having to change the battery, too. When they were messing around with that, they broke some clips off the panel that covers the sunroof wires (or something–i’m automobile illiterate). It’s dangling from the ceiling. Neither the sunroof nor the radio work. It has been back in the shop since Monday.

And my Beth Moore Bible study that I LOVED for the first three weeks? Well, I’ve missed the last five. My grandma died, Nina was sick, everyone was sick, can’t remember what else, and now Livi has pink eye. Well, I’m still enjoying doing the workbook on my own. And I listen to my Daniel CDs in the van when I want to hear Beth’s voice.

Allow me to count a few blessings before I go…
–our bills are always paid on time
–i like teaching cubbies
–i love my hubby and daughters
–i love to write
–only 31 days until I can have pop, chocolate and candy again
–Jessica had her baby!!
–i should know something soon about book #3
–my wonderful agent is finding other opportunities for me
–i’m reading some very fun books
–i have wonderful people praying for me
–daylight savings time begins sunday

Okay, I meant to end on a happy note, but the disappointment about this weekend is really getting to me. I just want to cry…


EDIT: 10:37 pm–My mom-in-law said she would still take the girls this weekend. Their cousins just wouldn’t be able to spend the night with them as planned. 🙁 Please pray that 1.) I can get Livi in to the doctor tomorrow instead of Friday, that 2.) pink eye is only contagious for like 4 hours or something, and 3.) that this weekend would be wonderful for everyone involved. THANK YOU, Janelle!

13 thoughts on “discouraged but not despairing

  1. mrsnorthern8605

    It’s interesting, your situation with your house…it sounds like what I deal with when couples are registering and bring mom, they just must listen to mom, no matter what…which stinks, because we are there as a consultant, we are taught the proper things to get, how much ect. And Mom is always like “you don’t need that, you don’t want that.” Parents can be a blessing, but I think in both cases (registering and your house situation) they are more of a curse. I will pray that everything works out! I can’t imagine how hard it is!


  2. Abs7

    wait… why are you counting day light saving day as a blessing? don’t we lose an hour of sleep in the spring? that is no blessing in my eyes!

  3. jennikim

    im so sorry for your disappointment. but i really appreciate your positive thinking as well. i needed a reminded to think about the many things i am thankful for. it is so hard when im feeling so discouraged.

    ill pray that things work out for you guys!

  4. ctorlone

    Marla,  once it’s diagnosed as pink eye, she’ll be on the antibiotics for her eye and she’s shouldn’t be contagious anymore…in fact, the symptoms should go away almost immediately.  Hang in there.  I hope you get this much needed break and that the girls have fun!  How about April?…maybe we could find a day in April…it will be warmer, everyone is bound to be healthy and we could maybe even go to a park or something?  thinking of you:)

  5. tonialynn59

    And here it is…..
    Coming Events for Ladies:  “Le Chocolat” Luncheon…April 21 at 1 P.M.
    Marla Taviano, Author will be the special speaker (Cedarville Graduate)
    All Women 18 years and older are invited to attend…please invite your friends
    See Tonia Thane for tickets April 1

  6. tonialynn59

    I feel so bad for you!  How long is pink eye contaigous?  I’ve forgotten.  You are so in my prayers!  I just wanted to tell you that they finally have started announcing the luncheon and I got our church’s email ememo today and it has all about it and your name and all on it!  I’ve already had someone email me and ask about it.  Mary titled it le chocolate or something like that.

  7. YoYoYoder

    I love you Marsy! I’m praying for you my dear wonderful sister! Good job with the blessings list. It’s okay to cry. You are being very strong. I love you!

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