burnin’ the midnight oil

Before I forget, I have a pre-interview via phone tomorrow at noon. It’s with a really neat ministry, and their show is broadcast on radio stations all over the country. They’ll talk to me for 20 minutes, and then if they deem me worthy, they’ll interview me for real for their show. I’d love to be on it, so please pray that God will give me wisdom and the perfect words to say–and that they’ll like me.

One of Livi’s friends (a neighbor girl) came over after school. It’s always an adventure when the three of them get together (my two and her). There were the usual squabbles. One of my daughters always ends up in tears. Today it was Livi’s turn. As the little girl was leaving…

Ava: Why don’t you celebrate holidays? We celebrate holidays because they’re about God.
Girl: I celebrate Thanksgiving and Unleavened Bread.
Livi: We don’t celebrate Love and Bread. We celebrate things like Christmas and Easter.
Girl: We celebrate a lot of other things.
Livi: My mom and I thought you didn’t love God, because you don’t celebrate the holidays about Him.
Ava: Do you celebrate Easter?
Girl: No
Ava: We do, because it’s about Jesus. He died on the cross for us that day.
Girl: (walks out without saying good-bye, slamming door)
Ava: (opens door and yells) Bye, _______! Tell your Mom we celebrate Easter!

Hmmm…my girls have turned into little zealots. Livi is much more sensitive and serious about her faith. Ava tends to rebel. (I don’t want to pray with Daddy before he leaves for work!) But Ava’s strong personality also makes her quite the unashamed little witness. I’m just praying God uses all three of them mightily–and their parents, too, while He’s at it.

I have an unspoken prayer request. Lots of tears earlier, but it’s going to be okay. God is faithful.

Happy Friday the 13th!

13 thoughts on “burnin’ the midnight oil

  1. gsowell

    Prayed for you just now: for today’s interview, for your kids’ faithfulness and obedience as they grow in stature and spirit, for your unspoken request. Have a blessed Friday!

  2. Nixter77

    That made me laugh out loud – good on the girls, I could just see it now.. Tee Hee. Little warriors for Christ. I just rea the story out to a girl in the office – she laughed out loud too.

    I will most certainly be praying for you my beautiful friend.

    nixie = tell your Mum we celebrate Easter – ROFL

  3. YoYoYoder

    Tell Livi and especially Ava that I am SO PROUD of them! Sharing their faith so boldly at such a young age! I hope and pray that they will continue to have that unashamed attitude as they grow into their teens and adulthood.

    I was talking to Cherith last night and she was saying how she loved listening to you speak! Another gal that was there said your book was just what she needed (she had been looking for a sex book and couldn’t find ones that were recommended for her. She started reading yours and said she knew God was saving your book for her.) I’m so glad you came! You were awesome!

    I was especially challenged again to pray instead of nag. That is so hard for me (and I’m sure most women). But God does honor our prayers because marriage is so important to Him. I know He listens and answers! I love you sis!

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