bluejays and yellowjackets

EDIT #4: Date night has been officially postponed. 🙁

EDIT #3: Tug just called. If Tanner throws up again, they’re going to keep him in the hospital another night. Please pray for the little guy! Thank you.

EDIT #2: Gabe’s got a little braggadocio going on over at his blog. He posted his latest scores for both States Games. You might want to see if you can beat him.

EDIT: Please pray for my nephew Tanner (20 months old). He spent the night in the hospital, dehydrated. (throwing up for a couple days) He’s going to be fine, but how scary for Mommy and Daddy. Pray he gets back to his crazy, cute self soon! Thank you!

And thank all of YOU for praying for me this week. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made.

And Maren has a link to another fun States Game on her blog. 🙂 We’re all going to be so smart. (if anyone finds a World one, let me know!)

So, I usually read to Livi and Ava for awhile (on my bed) before they go to bed. Sometimes a devotional, sometimes a chapter book. We’ve been reading a Mandie book lately (did anyone read those when they were younger?) and the girls just aren’t getting into it. I used to love them, but yeah, I’m kind of bored too.

Last night I felt God prompting me to start reading through the New Testament with them. I have an International Children’s Version NT that my mom and dad gave me for my 8th birthday. Very easy to understand, yet not a paraphrase (taken from the original Greek). I decided to give it a whirl.

The first thing Ava (oh, Ava) said when I told them what I was reading. (with a huge groan) “I don’t want to read the Bible!” And it got worse from there. After explaining that the Bible is how we hear what God has to say to us, since we don’t have Jesus here on earth anymore to tell us, “I don’t believe Jesus lived on the earth. I don’t believe God could do that–come down from heaven.”

At one point, I was in tears, but it all turned out okay. (and I take comfort from other moms who’ve told me that their “Avas” turned out to be the most on-fire for Christ of all their kiddos)

We read through the genealogy of Jesus. I assumed Ava would die of boredom, but she followed along as I pointed to each name. “I love this part!” Livi said. “I read it twice in my Bible!” (she’s my little nerd)

Okay, so we get to the part about Mary being pregnant and why this is disgraceful. One thing led to another. Ava had many, many questions. And I felt compelled to answer honestly. And it was good, very good. A very special time with my girlies. And they now know waaaaaay more than I knew when I was 5 or 7. They know about sex. And not a vague description either.

I explained that talking about sex is something very special that girls do with their mommies. And they promised not to tell their friends about it, because they would be stealing something precious that their mommies want to be the first to share with them. “Don’t worry,” Ava told me. “I’ll probably just forget about it anyway.”

We prayed for godly husbands for them, young men who love Jesus with all their hearts, who don’t believe in getting divorced (had a big talk about this too. Matthew 1 is a doozy.), men who know that sex is a gift from God and they will wait for it until after they’re married.

As they climbed into bed, Ava said, “I do believe about God. It’s just that when there’s things that I can’t do, I can’t believe how God could do them.”

We talked about how we can never fully understand all the things God can do–we have to have faith. And we can see evidence of His miracles (baby turning into a 5-year-old, etc) even if we don’t understand it.

I relayed our conversation to Gabe, and he wants to join us tonight.

I got Treasuring God in Our Traditions (Noel Piper) from the library. Someone on xanga was reading it, I think. I want to be more purposeful in growing my girls up in Christ. I’ve been kind of off and on, and I’m ready to stay on.

Speaking of libraries, our library didn’t have the book, so I requested it and they bought it. I also requested that they buy Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time. They did. I know I asked some of you to request my last book at your library. If that’s something your library does, that’d be cool if you all could request it. Thanks!

Mom and Dad are still planning on coming this afternoon to watch the girls in spite of the forecast calling for 4-18 inches of snow. Dad has a CR-V and likes adventure. They’re coming a bit earlier, leaving a bit earlier. I told Gabe yesterday, “I don’t think there’s anything worse than thinking you’re going to get a date with your husband, then not getting to go.” He said there are worse things (but not many).

Mmmm…I smell someone’s diaper. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. ClutzyButtercup

    My son started asking questions about babies and other related topics at about 3 yrs old (we had a lot of friends having babies).  We always answered very honestly and made sure he knew that it wasn’t something he should discuss with other children.  I truly believe that our willingness to answer his questions and treat sex as something special between a man and a woman who are married has helped him make wise choices throughout his teens and now as he starts his 20s. 

  2. jbnygaard

    Thank you Marla I NEEDED to hear that story.  Eden has been my “Ava” lately. He doesn’t want to go to church. He doesn’t want to learn about God. At times, I feel like I’m raising an atheist….and I get discouraged. I have cried many times about what he says. Last night…we did have a turn around…I’ll have to blog about it.

    Thank you for sharing with us that intimate moment with your girls!! That is so awesome there were a lot of questions to be asked and that you were so open with them. Any advice for a mom of boys???  🙂

  3. bensmomshelly

    Sounds like you guys got to have a great conversation!   I love when kids open up opportunities ripe for teaching. 

    So sorry that date night was off………….stinky to have plans get changed!

  4. OkinawaAna

    You know, Ava’s observations about Jesus sound discouraging, but the fact that she’s thinking through the reality of the Bible stories she’s been hearing (ie, that Jesus did actually live in the real world) shows some real depth and comprehension, especially for a five year old.  You’re doing a fabulous job!  I hope I will be as faithful when mine are that age.  (And I was the one reading the Traditions book.  We’ve got big plans to implement some of those ideas for this Easter season!)

  5. Nixter77

    what a conversation – well done. I will continue to pray for you and your family, I can’t wait to meet them all.

    Sorry date night got canceled 🙁

    Excited about flight prices though – yipee! Have a smashing weekend lovely one.

  6. rachmckinney

    we are trying to read a mandie book now, too! e. is bored, too. i also love dthem growing up. we’re going to give it a few more pages and see…. awesome about your talk! that’s neat. we’ve been having a lot of heaven conv. lately. i think e. is closer and closer to accepting. all in His timing though…. so hard to wait.

  7. YoYoYoder

    What a great idea to start reading THE BIBLE with your girls! I have been struggling a lot lately (I might blog about it later) with filling my mind with worldly viewpoints and ideas (TV, books, magazines, music, movies, etc.) and how much it truly affects you more than you realize until you’re in so deep that it’s hard to get out. I want to read the Bible to my children at night before bed, too!

  8. luvmynoah

    What a great testimony Marla.  I’m sure last night will be in your mind and heart forever.  I’ve heard great things about the book you got. I’ve not read it yet but I need too. 

    Books Noah loves:  Ralph and the Motorcycle, Ribsy (any Ribsy books by Cleary), James and the Giant Peach, and now the Hardy Boys…..

    My least favorite….How to Eat Fried Worms….I literaly felt nausiated reading the whole book…He was cracking up though. 

    Did you yell out Gabe Bloggy today when he was bloggin?

  9. GooberandDicky

    I love that you are steps ahead of me with raising daughters.  I am learning soo much from your experiences it’s really nice how honest you are with sharing these teachable moments.

  10. terriwright

    Your girls are so lucky!! My Mom left her obstetrics textbook on my bedside table. Need I say I didn’t grow up in a Christian home?

    Oh…so…question: How DO babies get made??????(the textbook was fuzzy on that…)

  11. tonialynn59

    ^^ I loved Ava’s reply too.  I love that you shared this story with us.  What a precious time with your girls!! Love it!

    Oh and I played your sisters state game from a comment she left on your site.  I did amazing.  I mostly had them all in the right place except a couple of the NE states.  Why are they so stinkin hard?

    Enjoy your date tonight.  Yeah for mom and dad!

  12. jessyomama

    that’s really neat! i had a great talk with anna about Jesus being Lord and Savior (and anna decided she wasn’t ready to make Jesus her Lord yet – hahaha) we are so blessed that anna loves talking about God and asks lots and lots of questions. i just started reading with her, but we’ve moved from proverbs and are starting at genesis.

  13. ladymiss3739

    “Mmmm…I smell someone’s diaper. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!”  Time to go change your world…  

    Thanks for sharing about last night…it kinda reminded me of what Gail brought up yesterday, how as parents we long for our kids to be one way, and it hurts when they’re not.  I always assumed (before Leah) that if I was just the perfect parent (and I SOOOO am not!?!) that all my kids would love the Lord and just be…”perfect.”  I’m sure Ava’s words weren’t what your heart longed to hear from her.  But sometimes, those that begin by challenging things and needing something to be convinced of, end up having a reason to be the strongest believers.  Did that make any sense?  Prayed for Ava just now and for her mommy and daddy as they work to show her little heart the wonder of Christ!   

  14. shannahhogue

    Was the diaper Gabe’s?

    My mom bought a book when my sister and I were about 6/8 or 7/9 and had that talk with us. It was weird at the time, but I’ve always been grateful for that kind of honesty early. As a result, sex was never a taboo topic in our house, which made the teen years much easier! We knew we could ask my mom anything, and we’d get a real answer.

  15. filledeparis

    What intense, but vital conversations!I too prayed for you and your girls just now. Very cool that Gabe is joining you. God can do amazing things despite phrases that may scare you initially. Keep up the good mothering!

  16. Marketer319

    I ready the Mandy books as a kid and loved them.  In fact they are one of the things that actually made the cut to come back over to the States with us when we moved back.  Haven’t touched them in 15 years now….wonder if I’d be bored too?  Probably.

    Wonderful job taking advantage of all those conversation starters!  I’m sure it woudl have been easier to gloss over and just tuck them in, but you didn’t.  And your kids are closer to an intimate relationship with God today, because of it. 

  17. gsowell

    Oh, Marla. The weight of those conversations. How awesome! Prayed for the girlies right now. Prayed for your parenting wisdom.

    I might need to check out that book, too.

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