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Disclaimer: I’ve been writing (okay, revising) a lot tonight, and I’m all out of good words. But this topic is burning a hole in my blog-pocket and must be addressed.

No, it’s not the modesty thing. Although I’ve been thinking about that a lot. And as soon as I can compile my thoughts and compose them in a way that truly reflects my love for all of God’s girls and my desire for them to see themselves as beautiful…I’ll write more on the subject. I’m not interested in preaching a sermon. I have no desire to demand that you cover yourself from neck to knees. I just want each of you to feel so stinking confident in yourselves and how much you’re loved by your Father. What you wear is secondary.

Oh my goodness. I couldn’t stay on task if my life depended on it.

Last week I asked you what you’re passionate about and what your “dream job” would be. (Here’s the post–there are some great comments, if you missed it!) Today’s question is somewhat related.

First of all, this concept of Believing Bigger has been on my mind and heart for quite awhile now. Of course, there’s the whole Zoo Thing. But it’s even bigger than that. After going through Believing God in 2007 (then making my way through the workbook 2 more times since then), I’ve been inspired to trade in my puny, wimpy faith for some good old-fashioned Believing-God-is-Who-He-Says-He-is-and-Can-Do-What-He-Says-He-Can-Do!

Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)

Without weakening in his faith, he [Abraham] faced the fact that he was as good as dead… Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised. (Romans 4:19-21)

“According to your faith it will be done to you.” (Matthew 9:29)

His incomparably great power for us who believe…is like the working of his mighty strength. (Ephesians 1:19)

You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. (Psalm 77:14)

LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known. (Habakkuk 3:2)

That kind of faith.

Now that we’re done with all those zoos, I’ve been challenged to keep up that Believing Big thing. And believe me, there is MUCH in my life right now that requires some Big Faith. (sometimes I just long for a day or two when I don’t need God desperately)

Here’s my challenge to you on this lovely Thursday morn (afternoon/evening/whatever). Believe God for something so BIG this week (month, year) that you couldn’t possibly do it on your own. Got that? Then there will be no question as to who gets the glory.

Now, don’t go and do something stupid. Like say, go to 61 zoos in 61 weeks. But I want you to think of something big–HUGE–and pray that God will make it happen. And I will guarantee you this: He’s going to blow you away. Either you’re going to get what you prayed for, or He’s going to do something bigger and better than you could have ever imagined.

He loves you. He created you. He knows you.

Did I mention that He loves you?

Are you ready to do something really uncomfortable? I want you to tell me one thing you’re going to believe God BIG for in the days and weeks ahead. Don’t worry about looking stupid, don’t worry about getting a “no” answer and being disappointed. Ask God to help your unbelief (can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this in the past year), but BELIEVE.

And I hate to add this disclaimer (I’m a big disclaimer fan–nothing like a good disclaimer to cover your hide), but–this is not a name-it-and-claim-it deal. This isn’t about saying to God, “Give me tons of money and all new stuff and make me the prettiest, coolest, most popular kid on the Blog Block.” This is about believing what the Bible says–that we can’t please God without FAITH, that according to my faith it will be done to me, that there is power in believing God.

Anyway. Here’s a story you might like–one of my friends has decided to Believe Big. She put it out there. You can do it too.

Some old wise guy once said (something along the lines of), “You can’t cross a chasm in two small steps.”

Leap, my friend.

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  2. Stonefox

    Marla, I absolutely LOVE faith posts and faith challenges!! This is so encouraging!!!!

    I am believing BIG for my family right now. Our adoptive daughter has major emotional handicaps and life with 4 kids (three of them 2 and under) is a challenge. I am believing God for my sanity, humor, energy, and fruits of the Spirit, as well as the spiritual and emotional health of each of my children. Praise GOD!

  3. Shannon

    I’m a little late in responding but oh well. Better late than never.

    I’m believing that God will bless me and my husband with a child. He is bigger than our infertility challenges and the percentages the doctors like to throw around. He has given me hope and a peace and I am trusting in His timing. I can’t wait to praise His name for blessing us with a miracle.

  4. Joslyn

    Praying for my husband to get the raise that he deserves and that it will put us in the position we need to be in to buy a home to raise our children in.

    Last year God provided us the discipline to pay off all our CC debits (still working on the school loans!). Now this. I have faith!

  5. Valerie

    I believe that when the time is right God will allow me to get pregnant again and carry to term…. at least that’s what we’re hoping for. I know that trusting in Him that we will at least have the peace and the strength we need to keep going.

  6. Kelly, the zoo girl

    I’m believing in God that he will provide the finances we need either by Jon getting another job or in some other way. I’m also believing that he will make it clear to me whether I should continue teaching at a Christian school or if there’s something else out there for me instead. It takes so much trust and a step out of my comfort zone to even think about it.

  7. Megan

    I believe that my daddy is not a lost cause. He CAN know what it is like to be in an intimate relationship with God and he CAN have a full and healthy life.

    Last week, he survived a massive cardiac event that should have killed him. It wasn’t a coincidence that he was in a room full of fellow pediatricians who began CPR immediately, or that the ambulance arrived in 3 minutes or that all the right doctors were in place at the right time in his small town. He is only 58, and he has a LOT more life to live and give.

    If God can soften my daddy’s heart, he can do anything!

  8. CAF

    My big thing – I believe God has opened the door and given me the desire to become certified as a yoga trainer, including certification to teach a christian yoga program. My “believe big” leap of faith is that I will have the determination and discipline to complete the 250 hours of training and bring it home and work with at least one church in my area to minister to women on being both spiritually and physically healthy within a year. I’m excited to see it happen!

  9. Kelsie

    As I read through these comments, my first thought was, “For God to heal me of my headaches.” I almost don’t want to say that because I feel like they’ll always be a part of me; I’m so accustomed to them. But that’s my biggie…Thanks for the challenge, Marla.

  10. Jenny

    Great post Marla,
    My something BIG is – not being bound by fear. Those fears are all over the board for me; fear of what people think of me, fear of failing, fear so crippling that it has held me back in lots of areas. Over the years, I’ve set goals for myself – kind of like “new years resolutions” – praying that God would somehow let me overcome my fear of ____ by the time my first child was born, or the second, or by the time I turned 30. He has helped me make some baby steps, but at this point in my life, I would LOVE to be free from all those fears. God has blessed me with some wonderful opportunities to serve him over the past year and those opportunities are becoming more frequent. I love serving Him and I know that being free from fear would make me a more effective for Him! Praying Big!

  11. Donita

    On a lighter note:
    I’m believing God to help my 10 month old sleep through the night. From this vantage point it sure seems like it will take a miracle!

  12. Donita

    Thank you for linking to your friend’s blog. What resonated with me is “big things for little me”.

    That’s how I feel…so busy with little things that I just don’t know what kind of big believing I am supposed to do!?!

    Perhaps my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is a start. Because it contains quite a few things that I don’t think I can/will do. But having a deadline and a list is surprisingly motivating for this melancholy soul.

    One big thing for me is that I took a leap of faith and asked someone to be my mentor…talk about putting youself out there for rejection. It was very difficult for me, but God kept putting someone on my mind and (glory to God) we are meeting today for the first time to pray together. (Now, “praying together” is a whole different kind of uncomfortable for me! )

    “Ibelieve. Help me overcome my unbelief.”

  13. O

    I’ve been trying to think about this. I wish I would have just wrote the first thing that came to my mind, now I can’t even remember what that was….I feel like I have so many
    My husband would find work
    Our bills/debt would be paid
    My daughter’s reading ability would improve
    We would receive health insurance
    We would be able to keep/afford my car
    My kid’s books would get published

    These all seem so important yet so unimportant. So Big yet so Small.

    We’re talking Big, right?

    That my husband would become the man of God that I know is in there. On fire, sold out, consumed with Jesus. We’re talking sell everything become missionaries, spend every moment at church, read, live, breathe God’s word…..

    Thank you for making me look at my faith this morning.
    Sorry this was so long.

  14. Emily

    God will guide me into a new and exciting job (that pays enough) once my current one is over.

    God will get my life in order to where I am sleeping at night, getting to work on time, and making time for the most important thing – Him.

    God will give me the ability to love people like I have never loved them before.

    I have faith that He will follow through with these things. My God is a BIG God and there is NOTHING He cannot do.

  15. Emily Kay

    Oh wow, this is great, Marla! Everything I think of has to do with effort on my part too though…is that okay?

    I have faith that God will allow us to pay off our credit card debt by year end. I have faith that He will give me the courage and determination to stop frivilous spending and DETERMINE to pay off that debt!

  16. Denise

    I have a few:

    1) That God will help me get even more motivated to work out and eat healthier.
    2) That He will help me move past this latest round of PPD. I have been an awful mess, sad, frustrated, worried, yadda yadda and I am believing that He is bigger and that I will be fine!
    3) That he will get us to NY and back safely.
    And finally
    4) That he will help everything fall into place so that I can go to Cambodia.

    Thanks for kicking me in the bottom on this one! Love you

  17. krisco

    Right now I’m believing God for HUGE relationship restoration. It’s gonna take a miracle, nothing less.
    I’m also believing in Him for exponentional church growth and that many, many to come to know Him. I’ve been highly convicted over the past few months (in the midst of Beth Moore – Believing God) about my lack of faith regarding the church plant. It’s like I’m waiting for it to fail. Terrible – I know.
    I’m also believing that He will sustain our marriage and family life through this season of Kerry working ALL THE TIME. I often wonder if we will come out of this alive. 😉
    I love you, Marlavous!

  18. Risha

    I’m going to pray that my husband gets a new job that will take some of the financial strain from us. I’m also going to pray that a family member sees God and the Christian life in a new dynamic way as a result of an upcoming missions trip.

  19. Sarah M

    I am praying that God will help me overcome an OCD compulsion that I’ve been struggling with for years. He’s bigger than this problem. I know He is!!

  20. Lindsey

    Andy Stanley is one of the best communicators of all time, and I had the opportunity to see him speak live weekly when I was living in Atlanta. Now, I watch him live online. 🙂

    There are countless messages and things he has said that changed the way I though…but one of my favorites was a message called Asking Big.

    “The size of your prayers communicates the size of your God.”

    He challenges you to Ask Big. Each week, I ask myself…what are you asking for big?

  21. Gail

    I am believing God that He wants me to be a healthy weight and will equip me to do the work to get there. I quit praying about this for a while because when I failed to lose pounds, I quit trusting God, like He wasn’t faithful. I believe He can change me.

    I am also praying today for my eyes to be opened to His big plans for my life. I’ve been a victim of small thinking for a long time, so I don’t even know how to ask for a His BIG work. Sad, isn’t it.

  22. Crissy

    Love this!

    I am believing God that my husband will have a job within the next week.

    I am also believing God for big things in several other areas of my life. He is capable to do more than I can ask or imagine!!

  23. Laura

    I am struggling with honesty. For some reason, I think I need to sugar-coat things to make them go down easier. It is manipulative on my part and dishonest. Now I have recognized that I do this, I need to conquer it!! It is huge in my life so I am going to pray for it BIGTIME! Blow me away God or sweep me away, I need to leave this behind!

  24. Charity

    My husband keeps praying that God will heal our daughter’s heart. I usually don’t. I guess because we know it has a defect and the doctors are planning on another surgery. But maybe it’s because deep down I don’t expect him to, or because my faith isn’t strong enough. She has an appointment with the surgeon in 2 weeks and I am going to pray that God blows us away. Whether or not He heals her, I will pray that He makes Himself so evident we will praise His name right there in the doctor’s office.

  25. Bethany

    I have 2 things I want to believe God BIG for:

    1) That He can help me conquer my chronic lateness
    2) That my “chronic” easily frustrated, fly-off the handle, bad attitude will be replaced with a patient, positive, prayerful, slow to speak, slow to react, pleasant, godly persona.

    I am sick of the person I’ve become!

    Are those even possible? I know I will not be perfect in this lifetime, but these 2 things are habits that I need to break in the most desperate way! And I know God’s desire (i.e. will) for me is to change the above things and He promised that if we ask anything according to His will, we have it. (1 John 5:13-15)

    So what are my next steps?

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