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Webkinz. One of those things I heard about months ago and thought, “How dumb.” Those dumb Webkinz have saved my sanity these past couple weeks. Jamie sent them to the girls for Christmas, and they are in love. (Well, Nina doesn’t give two hoots about hers, but Gabe has taken over the love and care of Puter the Pig in her name.)

If you’re not familiar with the little characters, they’re basically stuffed animals with a special code. Livi has a horse named Kate, and Ava has a koala named Cole. You go to, type in the code, decide if your pet is a boy or a girl, name it, and there you go. You can play games, win money, buy rooms and clothes for your pet. You can even play with other Webkinz owners on-line. Livi and Ava (and Gabe) love it. It has provided hours of entertainment for them when the weather is nasty and we’re not feeling well enough to go out (and do whatever it is we’d do if we felt better). Hopefully, it will get old right about the time the weather gets nice, and we can all go get some fresh air.

My girlies are computer geniuses, really, and it’s cute to watch. I do miss my computer a little, but it’s good for me. I’ve been working on my book with good, old-fashioned paper and pen, and then typing up what I’ve written when they go to bed.

Sadly, we’ve been pretty boring around here lately, so not many funny stories to brighten your day. Yesterday, I took Ava and Nina to the library. Love the library. Love to borrow free things–especially books. Then, during Nina’s nap, I ran a few errands, so that was good.

I’m staying away from shopping places (namely Target) in my quest to get out of debt. Some of you mentioned Dave Ramsey. I got The Total Money Makeover from the library while I was sick and read it. Good stuff. So,  that’s my basic plan. We have an emergency fund in place. Now, it’s debt snowball time. Credit card first. Then Gabe’s school bill. Then car # 1. Then car #2. I think we could possibly be out from under all that by Christmas, but it depends on our discipline. Gabe didn’t read the book and isn’t completely sold on the “live like poor folks just so you can pay off car loans” idea. Also, he’s a guy and doesn’t crave the security and freedom of a debt-free life like I do. But he also doesn’t spend any money, so as long as I feed him decent meals, he won’t complain.

One of the gals I met at the MOPS group last week commented that she had done her homework–twice. Any time I speak on sex, I always have index cards and red crayons. At the end of my talk, I have the women write down one thing they will do that day or the next to increase intimacy with their husbands. I love it when I hear happy reports of women “doing their homework.” I love that God has allowed me the privilege of giving women a little nudge toward the kind of marriage God wants us to have. And a happy marriage tends to spill its happiness into other areas of life as well.
Speaking of, just want to give a little shout-out to Sara. She was so gracious and kind and sweet to invite me to speak and then to take care of me while I was there and make me feel welcome. I met Sara when I was a counselor at camp, and she was a high-schooler on the kitchen staff. She married a guy I went to high school with and now has two beautiful little girls. I love how God brings people into our lives. And then back into our lives at a later date. People are cool. I’m glad God thought of them.

Quick update on my funk. I’m snapping out of it! For real. I’m catching up on my Bible reading (I have so many questions about the first 11 chapters of Genesis alone.), I’m having fun writing this pregnancy book (and have no desire to ever be pregnant, ever, ever again), I’m cleaning out clutter (even selling some of it), making meals that don’t cost much, evaluating my life and what I want to accomplish, and trying to reach out and encourage some people.

I’m back and I like it. I like me. God is helping me accept the not-so-hot stuff (and change what I can). I like you too. And part of my life’s calling is to help you like who you are. If you need help liking yourself today, let me know. 🙂

Happy Trash Day! (well, for me anyway)

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  1. Anonymous

    What’s great about the whole “Dave Ramsey” thing is that it works. And the time that it takes to get through the debt payoff is going to go by whether you are paying your debt off or not.
    And as a man, I can say that what will convince your husband the most is when he sees all of the debt disappearing.

  2. YoGrandmaYo

         I’m SO glad you’re all feeling better!  I definitely could take some lessons from you in the “discipline” department!  You’re a blessing to me, honey!  Love you!:)

  3. ladyjabez

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out!  (I don’t know how I missed this post until now)…. it was fun to see you again… we will make the trip out to Columbus Zoo sometime this spring and I’ll give you a call to see if you want to meet or something…. cause I know my girls would love your girls

  4. M3mine

    Okay–I have to confess…I work one day a week for my sister who owns her own private toy store.  We SELL Webkinz, and although buying them does tend to drive parents totally insane (especially looking all over for certain ones), they are such kid motivators!  People come in and tell us all the time that they use them to motivate their children to do their chores —NO Webkinz on the computer until they have made their beds, cleaned up their rooms, including things like no toys pushed under the bed,  OR studied and done their homework, etc.  They are popular with all ages of children!!  It’s amazing!

  5. Nixter77

    Glad to hear you are feeling more like you!! I am so excited for your new book to come out!!

    You are an inspiration you know! Hope the financial planning stuff works out gorgeous.

    nixie = likes you and wants a webkinz!

  6. tonialynn59

    Would you believe Adam is into Dave Ramsey?  Probably the only book he’s ever truly read!  Well other than your sex book!haha  Glad to hear you are doing better and feeling refreshed.  Never heard of or seen Webkinz but they sound really cool and I will have to check them out.

  7. Anonymous

    Mmmm.  Girl, good to hear the quip in your type!  Very nice!

    As for Dave Ramsey, LOVE IT.  We’re on that “plan”, and I’ll agree with ladymiss3739.  If you can get Gabe to read the book, it’ll make the process all the better, possibly even fun.  We have CD’s from his class we took through church, if you’d be interested in borrowing them, they’re yours.  Dave is great to listen to!  I know books aren’t always the easiest format for the technically driven minds!!! (As I have one of those hubbies too!!)  It’s just good stuff, and we’ve been on that path for just over a year now.  You could always drop that knowledge too, that Neal’s doing it… if you think it would bear any weight!!?  I mean, it takes a boulder to move my husband into action, but when it’s a go… landslide baby, landslide!  And I think your hubby knows that about my hubby.  Anywho… Best wishes on that journey!

    Happy to hear your weekend went well too!!  Love to yas.

  8. jbnygaard

    I’m glad to know the girls’ (and Gabe) are enjoying their Webkinz! 🙂 I take care of Erik’s (PETER PANda) for him.

    I must agree with bekisue…It’s very nice to read your smile again!

  9. bekisue

    I’m glad you are back. It’s nice to read your smile again! Today is my trash day too. I love trash day! All the cans are empty. No weird smell anywhere! Very nice.

  10. Anonymous

    I wasn’t crazy about webkniz either… but we bought the kids a cat and a monkey for Christmas and they are loving them. Computer time has been more enjoyable with less arguing! Glad to hear things are looking up and you’re feeling more like yourself… it must feel good to know the impact you are having on marriages.

  11. gsowell

    I have not had a webkinz experience. I am selfish with my computer and seldom let my girls near it. I am pondering how to make this mortgage shrink faster than 30 years. I am still a little funkified myself, but coming along. Glad things are looking up in your world.

  12. jennikim

    thank you for your prayers. i really appreciate you!

    i was very encouraged by your post, so thanks for sharing!! maybe i will have to check that book out of the library. one of the churches we visited encouraged going to his seminar, but phil’s thought on that was, if i dont have enough money to stay out of debt, is it really wise to spend money on going to his seminar, therefore we did not go.

  13. ch1pch0p

    You know what I just realized this week?? I don’t have a trash day!! And haven’t for more than four years! That means my trash doesn’t get taken out on a regular basis. I can’t decide if that’s good or bad. I mean, I don’t waste trash bags, but it also means that trash builds up for a while sometimes….

    So…when am I getting my crock pot back?

  14. kkakwright

    you got to see sara???  i’m a little envious, okay maybe a lot.

    we have been debt free (with the exception of our house) for almost a year.  it was hard, we lived like we had nothing, but now it feels so good.  Christmas this year felt so much better knowing that we paid for everything ourselves and didn’t have the doom and gloom feeling of debt.  i don’t know how to explain it. 

    kerry is way into dave ramsey and i’m glad becaue i’m the spender in our family.

    funny you mentioned self-acceptance.  my milk ran out (i quit letting down when he would nurse – it was sad – i cried)) so i’m done nursing.  i’m having a little trouble with the way everything has settled (read: shrunk).  but, i’m praying for contentment. 🙂

    hugs and kisses!

  15. ladymiss3739

    I can see your next book already….$$$ in marriage.   Even if Gabe isn’t a big spender, get him as involved as you can in what your trying to do with the debt stuff.  It will make a difference and you can  both encourage each other in it!

    SO glad you’re feeling better today! 

    And for the record, I think I’ll stay in the “webkinz are dumb” camp until they bless my life in the same way they have your family.   

  16. terriwright

    You have to say WHY you would vote for Kirby……..

    Webkinz rock!!!!!!

    Good for you with Dave Ramsey!!! He’s on the Fox Business Channel every night at 8……..if you ever have time….

    You sound more like you!

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