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I might have mentioned a time or more that there are a handful of perks involved with being married to Mr. God’s Mac. For one thing, he interviews some sweet musicians (like Mr. Travis Cottrell) and often gets their music sent to him (for free!) before it releases to the general public (i.e., Mrs. God’s Mac).

We got a pre-release copy of Travis’s Christmas album, Ring the Bells, last September-ish, and it was pretty much the only CD we listened to all season. Love, love, loved it. When Gabe was getting ready to interview Travis on his podcast, he asked me if I wanted to talk to him, so I could tell him personally how much I adored the CD. My goodness, no, I said. My courageousness is mostly a farce. I’m a chicken in wolf’s clothing (it’s late–please forgive the heinous metaphors).

Anyway. Gabe told Travis that in our family’s book, his Christmas album ranked right up there with Sandi Patty’s The Gift Goes On, which, oh my goodness, fills me with immense joy and cheer.

So, yesterday I handed Gabe a package that came in the mail. He opened it up and immediately handed me the contents. Travis Cottrell Live: Jesus Saves! Ooooooh!

If you’re not familiar with Travis and his music, let me give you a little background. He’s married to Angela, and they have three kiddos–Jack, Lily Kate and Levi. He’s the worship leader for Beth Moore’s Living Proof Live conferences. (It takes a special guy to travel with a bunch of women and lead worship for thousands of women.) He also does lots and lots of stuff on his own. Check out his blog to keep up with him and his fam.

I’ve loved watching him on some of Beth’s Bible study DVDs and seeing him live at one of her conferences last summer in Louisville. I love how he’s so amazingly talented, yet has this uncanny way of making you forget that, because he leads you straight to Jesus. I’ve never met him personally (bock, bock! says the chicken), but Gabe thinks he’s great–down-to-earth, a true heart for Christ. And Miss Amanda (who I think the world of) and her family just love him and his fam to bits. And some of my bloggy friends have gotten to know him (and got to be at the recording of his CD-woohoo!) and think he’s all kinds of wonderful.

And my goodness, would you tell us about the CD already??

It’s fabulous. I love that the CD is 100% completely all about Jesus. It’s an upbeat, cross-centered, awesome hour of worship. It starts off with To the King. Love this song. To the King. Eternal. Immortal. Invisible. To the King. Eternal. To the only wise God.

Song #3, Our God Saves, is one of my favorite songs. I find it physically impossible to keep my hands at my side–especially during the refrain (is that what it’s called?). Hear the joyful sound of our offering. As your saints bow down, as your people sing… Our God saaaaaaves! Our God saaaaaves!

Love the rousing rendition of Victory in Jesus. Woooohooooo!

And the last song–In Christ Alone–there are no words. Well, the song has words. You know what I mean.

And the other 10 songs are wonderful too. I need to get to bed before 1 a.m. though, if at all possible.

The CD releases June 2. If you love music and love Jesus and have $12 you can spare, you don’t want to miss this CD. For real.

And I’m going to ask you a favor. Would you take a moment to pray for Travis and Angela (and Jack, Lily Kate and Levi)? When you pour out your life to bring glory to Christ, the enemy doesn’t take it lying down. Pray that God protects Travis and his family. Pray that He brings them a joy and peace that comes only from Him. Pray that their highest aim will always be to bring God fame. That Travis’s incredible talent and awesome heart will pale in comparison to the glory God gets through his life and music. And anything else you felt led to pray.

God answers prayer, friends. And I’m not sure we realize what kind of impact we can have on individuals (and ultimately for God’s kingdom) when we take the time to lift people up in prayer.

Thanks so much, Travis and company, for giving your all to this project. It’s a phenomenal piece of work–a real credit to the One who gave you so many gifts. To God be all the glory!

If you want to leave a comment telling Trav you prayed for him, feel free. I personally won’t have the guts to tell him about this post, but I’m sure Gabe or somebody will.

Have a great week, friends!

9 thoughts on “all Jesus, all cd long

  1. Kelli

    Will be praying for Travis and his family. I have SUCH a soft spot in my heart for his rendition of In Christ Alone. I listened to it some many times leading up and and the day of Caroline’s birth. Praying that the enemy be SLAYED anytime he even tries to get near that family!

  2. Elizabeth

    I loved Travis when I heard him at a LPM Event years ago. That was back when Mandisa was with him and she was incredible. I have a few of his CDs and love them. I never bought the Christmas one, but this one looks great. So good for having on while I’m working around the house.

    You guys have the coolest friends!

  3. jess

    okay, then. that cd is high on my list now. im soooooooooo behind on current music, so im gla dto hear of something new & fresh!

  4. Gail

    This is soooooo on my list to get upon release. His music is EXCELLENT. Was Louisville the first time you got to see him do his thing live? Really? I feel honored that we stood together and worshiped God under his direction that weekend!

  5. Amy

    LOVE his music and heart for leading believers into worship! Yes, praying for his entire family to be covered in God’s protection and comfort. I can’t wait to buy this CD!

  6. Missy

    I’d heard of him, but never heard him! Thanks for the review…I’ll have to check out his music. 🙂

  7. Allison

    Thanks! i am so out of the loop when it comes to good music, it’s nice to get some suggestions!
    Thanks for the link to the site…he’s got clips of the CD and i like it already 🙂

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