Abraham was pretty old

I’m so glad God nudged me to pull out my old Believing God workbook. Wowzers. That Abraham was something else. Nearly a century of life behind him, he knew his body was as good as dead, Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he promised. This is why “it was credited to him as righteousness.” (Romans 4:20-22)

Didn’t waver, strengthened in his faith, gave glory to God, fully persuaded that God could do what he said. I love it.

And, just so you know, I’m not ignoring yesterday’s melee. Just trying to give it to God and let Him use it for His purposes. And I think I might do best to stay out of His way. Let’s just say those 60-ish comments opened my eyes, knocked some wind out of my sails, and sent me to my knees. I’m plumb tuckered out. A big thank-you to those of you who challenged me to keep my motives pure. And a HUGE thank-you to everyone who went out of her way to encourage me and show me some lovin’. You blessed me more than you know.

So, faith. It pleases God. All the “stuff” I do, thinking I’m pleasing Him, and what’s the one thing that really pleases Him? When I believe Him! When I take Him at His Word. FAITH. My righteous acts are like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6), yet my faith is worth more than gold (1 Peter 1:7). Wow. Does that hit anyone else between the eyeballs?

This paragraph on “spiritual laziness” hit me where it hurts too. “Believing God can really be work at times. When external evidences scream to the contrary, we have to exert volitional muscle. Deciding to believe God’s Word over our circumstances can be a tremendous exercise of the will at times.” (BG, 18)

I love the “incomparably great power” in Ephesians 1:19 available to “us who believe.” The same power God “exerted in Christ when he raised him from the dead.” Do I really believe that? Do I really, really believe it? That’s what faith is. Reading God’s Word, knowing what it says, believing it was true then and it’s true now and it’s always going to be true. God is who He says He is. God can do what He says He can do. When I believe, his unfathomably great power is at work in my heart and life and circumstances.

No, I won’t get everything I want. I’ll get more. I’ll get everything HE wants for my life. Wow, wow, wow. I want that.

So, part of my Believing-God-Played-Out-In-Real-Life involves the Zoo Trip. Just got an e-mail from the fine folks at the Oklahoma City Zoo who offered us well wishes and free tickets. One zoo down, eight to go. To help you Oklahomans/Texans who’d like to be part of our Zoo Story, here’s the Beginnings of our Tentative Plan. Leave Ohio early Monday morning, April 13th, drive many, many hours to OK, crash at someone’s house. Do the Tulsa Zoo Tuesday, the OKC Zoo Wednesday (or switch them), and that’s all I know. We’re planning on taking the girls out of school for 3 days the following week to give us enough time to fit in the massiveness that is Texas.

Have I mentioned that we’ve never been to Texas? (or OK for that matter) How exciting! Speaking of, Nina tripped over my documents again today. She tried to act nonchalant. “It’s okay if I step on your Texas.” Hey, Cowgirls, that’s our new motto: Can’t wait to step on your Texas!

Gabe and I were invited to come to a Fireproof marriage seminar this weekend at a church near Dayton. An old college buddy is on staff at the church, and we’re staying with her family Friday night. We meet at 5:30pm for free Chipotle–scrummy! Then watch Fireproof (tons of couples all together). Then eat wedding cake for dessert. Fun! Saturday morning breakfast, a couple sessions on marriage, Chick-Fil-A lunch (!!!), then I’m chatting about intimacy for about 15 minutes, then another session maybe. I’m not sure. The girlies will be taken care of by youth group kids–playing games, watching a movie, making crafts, hanging out on a fire truck. We’re really looking forward to it. Please pray God does cool things in lots of marriages.

Not sure what the weather’s like in your neck of the woods, but it’s cooled down some 30 degrees here. I’m actually okay with that. On Monday, I played wiffle ball with the neighbor kids. Tuesday–soccer. Wednesday–kickball. I’m sore as all get out and my muscles need a rest.

Have a thrilling Thursday, friends!

12 thoughts on “Abraham was pretty old

  1. Tarah

    The Hofflands did our first family TX trip 2 years ago. Take it from us…..it’s a whole, different world. In a big, cool way. Prepare for more TX stars than you’ve ever seen in your life….adorning every house, every living room, every shopping mall, every restaurant. My kids now call any type of food that is larger than normal “Texas-food” As in Texas toast, Texas pancakes, Texas grilled cheese, and it goes on. Everything is bigger in TX. 🙂

  2. Laurie

    YES, it hit me – my works are as filthy rags, but my faith is worth more than gold! I MUST believe He can do what He says He can do. I think that’s another reason why it’s so important to memorize scripture to reaffirm those truths.

    I, too, think that is neat to have wedding cake after watching Fireproof! I’ll be praying that God would strengthen many marriages during the retreat. I’ve seen the movie so many times and still love it!

  3. Baby Mama

    Ok….I think we have had enough of the VS drama…..and its time to move on.

    I cant wait to hear about your Zoo experience….I hope that you and the family have a great time.

    May God be with you as you learn to move past the hurt and get on with a new experience.

  4. Betsy

    Thanks for the reminder about faith. We’re in the fire right now and have been with hubby’s work for 8 mths. But God has been so good to us. I loved today’s reminder about what’s really important—my faith, not my works.

  5. Missy

    I’m looking forward to going through Believing God after I finish Esther and Breaking Free. 🙂 Thanks for sharing such great thoughts!

    Have you ever done the Fireproof book? Ed and I got it and plan to start it now that his class has finished…you know, give us at least a fighting chance of sticking with it for the 40 days. 🙂

  6. janelle taviano

    Believe….you only live what you believe….exert volitional muscle….in what is in front of each of us…is our faith flexed….or just in our mind…thanx ! I too, can not see how…but GOD already sees what is after that…” the next zoo’s – beyond Taxes….

  7. Joyce

    Wishing you a great day today and an awesome weekend. So cute to have wedding cake at a marriage retreat. I still haven’t seen the film-it’s not in the UK yet. Ever?

    Love your blog, your writing, and your honesty…hoping no athletic pursuits are required of you today : )

  8. Jamie Nygaard

    I went to bed feeling so frustrated and annoyed after reading yesterdays blog. I was curious to what todays blog would be about. And lo and behold, the Marla that I love went to her knees like I knew she would.

    Marla, I love the insight God gave you. Love it! Love Him! Oh, and love that Texas stompin’ girl of yours!

  9. kimberly

    I considered buying a house really quick so I could invite you to stay! But alas, there’s no way I could do that in a few weeks! Are you visiting the San antonio zoo?

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