a photo shoot with faith

Girls (and guys), you don’t want to miss this. If you’ve heard me talk about little Faith (6 years old, goes to school w/my Ava, just diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor), if you’ve been praying for her–and even if you haven’t!–you’ve got to take a look at this AMAZING photo shoot. An incredible photographer, along with a team of people, captured what Faith’s life is like right now. It will absolutely break your heart.

I can’t even imagine what sweet, darling Faith is going through, what her mama is going through, the whole family, and everyone who loves her.

Please pray with me that God will heal this beautiful little girl.

7 thoughts on “a photo shoot with faith

  1. Carla Burke

    I’m so deeply moved as I remember that this could have easily been my own daughter. In January I was scared to death as my 10 year old daughter told me her neck hurt when she moved it. A lump on her lymph node was infected and was really swollen. These thoughts went through my mind. Cancer. Prayers, tests, treatment and 2 months later my daughter is fine. But this just resonates with me that this could have been her. My heart goes out to this family. My prayers are with them as they comfort their precious child from God.

  2. Lauryn Byrdy

    Thank you, Marla for sharing her story on your blog too. And thank you for the kind post on mine. It makes me happy to know the word is getting out about Faith and her family is being supported by so many. I pray that the next 6 months (or longer we pray!) are the best months of her life filled with love and fun:)

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