a heartfelt thank you

EDIT: Just got this e-mail from our realtor:

Marla & Gabe, just wanted you to know that the market has picked up considerably. There have been 5-7 showings in the last week and a half. There are already 2 scheduled for this coming Sat. I am hoping and praying that we will see an offer soon.

I have no further comment.

(Here’s Livi’s Wacky Hair Day photo, in case you missed my edit on my last post.)

You know the drill. I ask you guys to pray for me. You do. Plus you encourage me in a zillion other ways as well. If for no other reason, all my trials are worthwhile just to experience the love of my sisters in Christ. Thank you so, so much.

No money fell from the sky yesterday, but lots of cool blessings came my way–in addition to all your comments and prayers. Here’s a short list:

–My six-year-old (see above photo) has been uncharacteristically huggy and affectionate lately. Wrapping her arms around me and telling me she loves me. You know how sometimes you look at someone you love, and it just hits you. The enormity of your love for that person just smacks you in the face. You stare at them and think (and usually say out loud), “Do you know how much I love you?” That happens to me all the time with my hubby and girls–and to see it happen to my tall, gangly, growing-up-too-fast baby with me as the object of her affection–wow. I’m doing a lousy job of explaining what I mean, but I’m feeling too warm and fuzzy to make sense.

–Gabe took Ava on a date last night to Chuck E. Cheese and Barnes and Noble. She had a blast. She craves one-on-one time, and her daddy is so good at it. Livi and I ate chips and salsa, watched 4 episodes of Little House on the Prairie Season 5 (that show makes me cry!!), and tried to keep our Uno and Skip-Bo cards away from Nina.

–The UPS guy delivered a package yesterday evening. I was about to shoot one of you when I saw that it was The Nativity Story on DVD. Then Gabe read the letter that came with it. It’s not even released yet. He’s done work with the company who produced it, and they wanted him to spread the word about the film. He hadn’t seen it yet, so the four of us (minus Nina) watched it from 8:30-10:00. I loved it again, and my heart soared at all the insightful questions the girls asked about Jesus and His story. (As I was putting the movie in, Livi said, “I told Ava that King Herod is probably in hell.”)

— I got a very cool e-mail from a man named Gary Thomas. He’s the author of Sacred Marriage and quite a few other books. A couple weeks ago, I sent him copies of my books as a thank-you–I quoted some really good stuff of his in Blushing. Anyway, he really likes the books, is passing out the handful of postcards I sent him at his Sacred Marriage conference this weekend and asked me for more postcards. What a fun and unexpected blessing!

–Nina’s latest messy diaper was only half-runny, and the onesie was salvageable. I was actually singing a song and thinking of all of you with a smile as I rinsed it out.

That’s all for now! Oh, one more thing. Nina got up at 5:58 am, and as we were sitting watching on the Disney Channel, I decided to pray for all my xanga friends at once. I wrote your names one at a time in my journal with a short note or two beside it and asked God to work in your individual situation. A lot of you have needs (and such great attitudes!) that really put my meager troubles in perspective. 29 people later, the rest of my family was up asking for breakfast. I am honored to have the privilege of taking my dear friends and family before God’s throne.

I do have an unspoken prayer request for today–it’s not a pride thing, just personal. Thank you.

Happy Supposed-to-be-Sunny-and-Warm Day!

37 thoughts on “a heartfelt thank you

  1. Nixter77

    Just read the edit – that is such great great news – go God!! Will pray that one of those people looking might put in an offer. Keep us posted.

  2. ClutzyButtercup

    Thank you so much for your prayers!!!  Prayer is the only thing that keeps me going most days!  I will continue to pray about the house…Just remember that God is usually just in time!

  3. KmHunsberger

    That is so awesome to hear what your realtor said. Funny how if we do what God’s Word says, things usually fall into place… 🙂

    Did you catch Nina’s sickness? I sure hope not…I was praying you would come through unscathed… 🙂

  4. ch1pch0p

    Just tell Livi she won a big prize from me! I’m actually feeling much better today althoughI don’t think I’ll ever stop coughing or the phlegm (sp?) in my throat will go away!

  5. Abs7

    horray! i’m so glad you received some encouraging news relating to your house!

    this made me smile- –Nina’s latest messy diaper was only half-runny, and the onesie was salvageable. I was actually singing a song and thinking of all of you with a smile as I rinsed it out.

  6. rocknnell

    King Herod…. that was too funny…..When Marla Yoder…asked JESUS into her  heart… that faith….. in HIM….that faith …of all YOUR XANGA ” buddies” and YOU do have “buddies” smile….GOD will bless…. HE is so incredible… What is “over our head…is under HIS feet”…. ( Pastor said it sunday )  Peter on the water… so true, huh ? You have a “snowplow of pray -ers…and look at the snow moving ?  smile.

  7. jbnygaard

    I haven’t stopped praying for you since I read your blog about your house needing to sell. Last night my mom told me that the market for buying houses is really starting to pick up in our area, and I prayed that the same would be in your area where your house is! PTL!

    Thanks for praying for me. I was touched that you set aside a specific time and prayed for each of us, individually. You are truly special Marla! I love ya!

  8. gsowell

    So glad about the showings. God is … I’m speechless…amazing is not a big enough word.

    I met Gary Thomas in January. What a great guy! What a great speaker! We brought home 3 books, Sacred Parenting, Sacred Marriage, and Authenitc Faith. He spoke at the conference that I said you should speak at (and I recommended you for 😉 ). So neat that he is helping promote your work.

  9. tonialynn59

    Thanks, Marla!  I’m really looking forward to SS now.  I’m excited for the youth group too.  On Wed nights we have a huge group of unsaved kids come because of playing on our basketball teams.  We had so many kids that wanted to play and not enough teams and so our youth pastor started an extra team and I posted earlier 14 kids so far this season have gotten saved.  2 were girls from the girls team.  The cool thing is he is really following up with these kids and it has lit a fire under our kids!  Now to let that fire spread through the entire church!  Basketball season will be over soon and we’re praying these kids continue on.  Pastor Adam said “it’s amazing what God can do with a nerdy kid (himself) and a basketball!”

  10. angntug

     LOL! That’s awesome….of course the market picked up with Christ behind it! Hope your book sales pick up this weekend, how cool! Just a little thank you to you and Gabe for the “Dr” in Bellefontaine. He has really blessed us in his price, compared to Dr’s here…thanks to the reference, we’ll be able to pay him cash and not make payments….so you’ve blessed us, too….in a weird way, lol!

  11. tonialynn59

    Love the edit and we keep on praying!!!

    Hey, I’m posting this on your site because I know you have so many others from  Cedarville that read your site.  Is the re:view series the one that Dr. Brown is involved in?  I found out that starting this Sunday in SS our youth pastor is teaching our adult class and doing that series with us because our kids will be doing it on Wed nights.  I’m so excited!  I am almost certain it is the one but not postive.  Can anyone tell me?

  12. faithchick

    God’s so good…He gives us so many blessings…undeserving, that’s what we aa-are…we ought to thank him, love & praise hi-im, a little bit today and a whole lot more tomorrow…. 😉

    YES!!!! 😀

  13. KmHunsberger

    I can’t believe you got a personal email from THE Gary Thomas! Then again, I can’t believe that I know THE Marla Taviano! I love Gary Thomas…I read a lot of his stuff during my undergrad in marriage and family. Good stuff.

    Thank you for your prayers. This xanga thing was a great thing to stumble upon last year! I really felt everyone’s prayers yesterday and I sure appreciate any more that ever go up!

    Ok, I need to get to the store bf nap time! Talk to you soon!

  14. tonialynn59

    Thanks for this encouraging post!  Thanks for praying for me!  I loved the story about your hubby and the date with Ava.  My girls have always loved their time with dad and they both have the greatest relationship with him now!   The King Herod comment made me laugh out loud.  I haven’t seen the Nativity story and it sounds like I need to.

  15. lendy_p

    I wanted to see The Nativity Story and wondered if it was well-done. Now that I know it is, I can get it with peace of mind!

    p.s. Livi is adorable (like you didn’t know that already!)

  16. ch1pch0p

    I love that picture. She looks so much like her daddy.

    Where do you get that fresh salsa you had at your house when Kerri and I came over? I asked the girls, and they named EVERY grocery store you’ve ever been to…

    Thanks for the prayers!

  17. YoYoYoder

    I love how incredibly different Ava and Livi are! Your daughters are SOOOOO precious and I miss them so much!

    Update on your quilts: I finally finished the tops of all the girls’ quilts and I just went to Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday to pick out the appropriate material for the back of each one. Wow, was that difficult! I finally found the perfect ones! Nina’s is a pink gingham, Ava’s has little princess fairies on it, and Livi’s is a more grown-up floral design. I’m so excited! They definitely aren’t professional, but they were made with love! I love your girls SOOOOO much! And I love YOU, too!! I am so blessed!

  18. stephaniedawnbasham

    I get that love feeling you’re talking about even when I’m only looking at pictures of Livi, Ava, and Nina. And they’re not even my kids! I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when I have my own. 🙂

    I love Livi’s hair! She looks so cute. I miss fun days like that at school….dressing up and stuff. I guess that’s what kids bring…the reliving of school all over again (the good and the bad). 🙂

    That’s fun that you stay home with Livi and Nina when Gabe takes Ava out. I hope Daniel and I do stuff like that when we have kids. And I hope I’m always the one who gets to stay at home. I just hate going out. For our dates we just rent a movie and get food to take back (if it’s completely up to me).

  19. Marketer319

    Thank you for praying for us!  I find that I get a special sense of fuzziness when I pray for my xanga friends, probably because I know that God brought us together as friends despite the obstacles of time and distance, just so that we could encourage and lift each other up before Him.  How awesome!

  20. ladymiss3739

    ^ditto on the King Herod comment…sad though, too.

    I get what you mean about the loving people so much thing…and thank you for praying for all of us.  What a blessing!  Praying for you too!

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