a day of rest

I’ve never been good at taking a true day of rest at the end of each week. Sunday always turns into a catch-up day for me. No wonder I get so run-down so often.

I was sitting in Barnes and Noble in the kiddies’ section with my kiddos on Saturday morning, flipping through a book. The author was talking about his type A, go-get ’em personality and how he decided one day to start observing the Sabbath–truly resting on Sunday (or Saturday, whichever). No work, no e-mails, no business, no nothing. Just relaxation. I could feel God whispering in my ear, “There’s a reason you came to this bookstore this morning and picked up this book and flipped to this page… You need to rest. R-E-S-T. Rest.”

I told Gabe my plan. From now on, Sunday would be a day of rest. No work. No writing. Just resting and enjoying God and my family. He smirked and said, “That’s a good idea. You need to rest.” His smirk actually said more than that, something like, “I’ve been telling you this for years. You work too much, too hard. Maybe the reason you feel like you’re constantly behind on everything is because you’re not following God’s formula: on six days, off one.”

Or maybe he wasn’t really smirking. Or thinking any of that. I read into things a lot. 🙂

Got up for church Sunday morning. Realized that a mother of three little ones cannot TRULY rest every moment of the Sabbath. They are not all able to feed and dress themselves or turn bedheads into beautiful do’s. Got to church right on time, heated up Friday’s taco pie for lunch, cleaned up lunch dishes (couldn’t just let them sit all crusty), put girls down for a nap, TOOK A NAP (slept some when I wasn’t itching my stupid rash that is not poison ivy after all but something mysterious and horrid), went to the ZOO for Fall Fest, enjoyed some delicious grilled-in-the-husk corn, carousel ride, boat ride, watched some 8-year-old cloggers, ate at Chili’s, went to B&N again, home, girls in bed, relaxed with Gabe. It was wonderful. Good idea, God.

Got #5 of 6 McGraw-Hill units finished up and e-mailed to my editor this morning. Livi is at school, Ava is napping, Nina is babbling and getting into everything.

Beth Moore says she gets up every morning and says to whoever will listen, “This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” I told the girls that’s my other new plan. And it’s a good one as well.

Have an awesome week enjoying the heavenly weather!

19 thoughts on “a day of rest

  1. ch1pch0p

    I wondered when Gail (gsowell) would “meet” you. She’s another townie from Cedarville who I’ve known my whole life.

    There really isn’t any food you don’t like?!?!

  2. kkakwright

    ^I’m with her.  Just one more thing I didn’t think would be so hard before we started a church from scratch.  Sundays are a lot of work.  We currently meet in a middle school which means we have to set up our “sanctuary” before our service just to tear it down 2 hours later.  But, the afternoon and evening are definitely for resting (and football) around here!

  3. gsowell

    I’m a pastor’s wife, and Sundays are very hectic at our house. But aside from the must-do work (read: get 3 kids ready for church, prepare meals, teach Sunday School, etc.), we try to do nothing else. I have banished guilt from the house on Sunday. There may be piles of laundry to do or toys to pick up or newsletters to write, but I will allow myself to ignore it all until Monday. You are right, God wants us to take the down time.

  4. KmHunsberger

    You were a Halloween baby?!?!?!

    I was due on Nov.11 and prayed he would not come Oct. 31 🙂 I don’t really know why I cared….Halloween is a very fun holiday! 🙂 Anyway, he was two weeks early and I WASN’T complaining 🙂

  5. rachmckinney

    just wanted to say thanks this morning for your thoughts on rejoicing in the day that the Lord has made. my daughter woke up VERY grumpy and it’s been a rough morning to keep things in perspective of rejoicing today …already…it’s only 8! buti thought of this post and told myself to rejoice in the day that the Lord has made. i even said a little prayer with my daughter about it. so just wanted to say thanks!

  6. biblestorebrowser

    Hmm. Started to post something, but you’ll just have to look for my answer in the form of a blog entry. . .starting at my website. There’ll be at least two entries there and one here, but waiting to hear from God on others. Thanks (er, thanks, God!) for the inspiration!

  7. amber_nicole86

    Thanks for the congrats on the book, Marla! As soon  as I get all of this homework for Moody squared away, I’ll start working on the manuscript again! My goal is to have it to Winepress by the end of October..we shall see! That would put me at a March/April book release! How exciting! 🙂

  8. Loves_To_Daydream_In_Purple

    ***Hugs***  I’m sorry I haven’t been by to comment much lately…  things have been beyond hectic!!!  Somehow I thought that Joey getting involved in MDO would give me more “me” time… however, I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had any “me” time at all…  which also means no commenting on Xanga!! *sighs*  Hopefully soon!!!  Hoep all is well there!!  **hugs**  Jami

  9. waterbrine

    I’m glad you’re getting rest. When I got home from work on Saturday night, I collapsed. I had a migraine from sheer exhaustion. By 8:30, I was done for the night. Don’t get that bad, listen to Gabe and get rest!

  10. SuperGirlAmelia

    Listened to a FABULOUS sermon series on this topic by a pastor we love in Michigan (used to attend their church). We’ve been practicing sabbath for several months now and it’s made a huge difference in our lives. You would enjoy the lessons, and he quite frequently addressed young mothers! Go to: Ada Bible Sermons

  11. Nixter77

    Three weeks and it is a ‘routine’, that’s what I have heard.  Been praying for you and I am so glad that you had a enjoyable Sunday – God is awesome..

    Have a truly amazing week beauitful friend 🙂

  12. rachmckinney

    that sounds like a great plan….good for you. isn’t it great when God whispers those little things when we’re not expecting them? sounds like your day today has been nice as well. i am so glad for you!

  13. rocknnell

    This is just affirmation to a quote I heard this week….

    ” God’s Plan…..Done God’s Way…..Gets God’s Results “

    ” God’s Plan ….Done Our Way…..Gets Our Results”……

    ( wouldn’t really be God’s plan…but sometimes as Christians…we translate the Bible…to Gospel by____________so we think we are doing what GOD wants us to..when all the time..it is what we want.  Looks like YOU got a handle on it ! 

  14. jbnygaard

    Most of my days I enjoy living in a town of 4500 people. Then there are other days when I hear of people going to Barnes and Nobles and then off to the zoo and then going out to eat….I think, boy it would be nice to live in a more populated area! 🙂

    I’m glad you had a great day! You deserved a fun day with the fam!

  15. ch1pch0p

    It does sound fun! It still sounds somewhat busy, though!

    I try to do the same…only I allow laundry and vacuuming because if I don’t do it when I know Kevin’s working, it won’t get done!

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