2 more cool things

Another sweet Southern gal blogged about my books yesterday. Wow. I feel so honored. And I’m already getting lots of book orders from Texas, her home state. That’s cool thing #1, and I’ll share more about her tonight when I get home from cool thing #2.

But first, let me just say that I know God is up to something very cool (do people under 30 use this word? because I practically abuse it.) with these books and people’s marriages and families because mine got ATTACKED last night. Too personal to share, but man alive. Gabe and I fought through it, but without the power of the Holy Spirit, we would have been toast. It was crazy. I am praising God for His intervention, and I am a little more than ticked at Satan. Loser.

Gotta run, because cool thing #2 is that the girls and I are headed to Corn Town, OH to see one of my favorite sisterly duos in all the world. It’s little Lily’s 3rd birthday, and we’re going to go celebrate with Beki, Gail, and gang. Sooooo excited!

Don’t forget to comment on BooMama’s blog if you want entered in the book drawing.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

9 thoughts on “2 more cool things

  1. tonialynn59

    Loved the review she wrote about your books!  So right on and I say cool all the time but that probably doesn’t make me cool cause no one under 30 uses it anymore!  Have a blast with Gail and Beki today!!

  2. gsowell

    Aw, we were cool thing #2? That’s cool. I, too, abuse that word! It was very fun. I love you, dear friend! Prayed thanksgiving and blessings for you right now!

  3. filledeparis

    Prayed for you and Gabe just now–God IS indeed using you! My 2 friends who received Changing YOur World are both raving about how God is convicting and teaching them through it! Bises!

  4. jrfriend

    Hope your visit with Gail and her sister is a good one.  I miss seeing her. (Gail)  taking this from an old married person, “fighting together with God to help out, is the only way to do it”  HE is in charge and it is important that we remember that.  It is so easy to forget. 

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Maria!

    I just wrote this long comment and then I erased it somehow… so anyway the gist of it was that I read about you on Amanda’s blog! I am so thankful I did! I just poured over your website last night! You are so very gifted! God is going to do amazing things with your life! He has already used you to touch my heart and I just read a few excerpts from your webpage! You had me laughing so hard… then God would just speak to my heart through your words!

    I just wanted to thank you for letting God use you! You are right I think He is up to something big!

    May God bless you and your precious family!

    Emmy : )

    * I am going put in an order now (some to keep and some to give away!) : ) I wish I had had some of them when my kids were younger!

  6. ladymiss3739

    I hate have to fight the big things, but am so glad that God brought the two of you through it….and that things are smooth enough for you to head to Gails’ today for a good ol’ b-day party.  Enjoy! 

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