why I do what I do

I just got a sweet card from the director of one of the pregnancy clinics that got 16 of the Expecting books y’all donated. Here’s part of what she said:

Just yesterday I was able to give one of the books to a gal with a positive pregnancy test and say, “each week changes are happening in you and your baby. This is a great tool to help you know how to pray specifically for your baby as you walk through this pregnancy.”

The conversation took off from there and we were able to share the Gospel with this precious client. Please pray for her salvation.

Oh, this thrills my heart. Praise you, Jesus!

If you’re interested in donating an Expecting book to a pregnancy clinic for $8, let me know. And a HUGE thank-you to the sweet gals in Jersey last weekend who donated 23 more books! I love watching God work!

5 thoughts on “why I do what I do

  1. Kay

    Isn’t that such a blessing – to get a little glimpse into how God is using you? You do realize of course that you can take that one reported incident and multiply it by who knows what, don’t you Marla? There are bound to be so many others who have been touched in similar ways. God doesn’t make us privy to all of them, I’m sure, in an effort to keep us humble and dependent on Him, but I know there are others! Blessings, sweet girl!

  2. Christy

    Wow! What a HUGE blessing. Even if this book (gasp) goes out of print some day, it’ll never be viewed as a failure in God’s eyes.

  3. Jen Arnold

    Marla, it’s incredible to see God blessing this ministry of yours. What a special follower you are, and an obedient one at that. I LOVE hearing this story of God using your book to open the door to His Good News. Incredible!!

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