the gift of life

It all started on my 34th birthday. I asked my blog readers to donate a copy of my book, Expecting, to a crisis pregnancy center “in lieu of getting me a gift.” And I begged God for a response from at least a handful of people so I would feel loved.

God honored my self-centered request.

In the almost-two years since, y’all have donated 562 books to pregnancy centers around the world. Holy cow.

Aside from the occasional note or e-mail I get from one of the centers, I have no idea how God is using those 562 books to bless some mamas who find themselves in a world of hurt, confusion, and just plain hard knocks.

But I’m going to keep planting seeds and trusting him to grow whatever he likes however he sees fit.

The director of this pregnancy center in Chicago e-mailed me a couple months ago. A kind and generous donor gave them 40 copies of Expecting, and they were so grateful, but they help over 400 women each year at their 3 centers. “I would love to be able to give one to each precious woman who walks through our doors.”

And I also have an ongoing list of other centers around the country who would love some books.

Will you help me get these books in the hands of pregnant, hurting women? Would you think about donating a book ($10) or co-donating one with someone ($5–I’ll pair you with someone else who gives $5)? You can paypal me the money instantly or e-mail me about writing a check.

The dedication page inside the book will read, “To: a special mama-to-be, with love from Nancy.” (or Nancy and Sharon, if you co-donate) And then I’ll sign it and write a verse.

I would love to ramp up our total to 1000 books. And then keep going.

If you’re not in a position to give (or feel God tugging your giving in a different direction), here’s something tangible you can do instead:

Read Heather’s post about the maternity center Heartline wants to build for the precious women of Haiti. And vote for Heartline to receive a really big grant that will help make it a reality.

I’m hoping to start up our Prayer Doulas ministry again in the fall. Last time we had 60-70 women praying for pregnant mamas in Haiti. So powerful. And such an honor to pray for them and their babies.

Thank you so much, friends. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to be surrounded by a community of givers. I love you like nuts.

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