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I like to read Proverbs 3:28 when I speak to groups of married women about sex. “Do not say to your neighbor, ‘Come back later; I’ll give it tomorrow’–when you now have it with you.”

Fun verse, huh. So, maybe that wasn’t the intent of the original Hebrew. I don’t think God minds.

I had the BEST time tonight. I spoke to the super-cool, way-awesome MOPS group of First Baptist Church in Kettering, OH, and they blew me away. So sweet, so kind, so fun. They just really made me feel all loved and cozy. THANK YOU, girls. What a great night!!

And I can’t wait for you to start leaving comments about getting your homework done! Who’s going to be first??

I got to see Beth and Gwen–two gals I met at church camp when we were in high school. And Holly, a gal who has heard The Sex Talk before at another MOPS group and came to hear it again. Ha! I love it!

I’m so thankful that God has given me such neat opportunities to do what I love and bring Him glory at the same time. Praying He touched your hearts, ladies! And I prayed through your requests and will again. Thanks for sharing them with me.

In other news, I have more Expecting books signed and ready to send! Woohoo! If you’d like to sponsor the shipping costs for either a box of 16 ($11) or an envelope of 5 ($4), please let me know! I need 3 sponsors at $11 and 4 at $4. EDIT (4:30pm): We’re all set! THANK YOU!

If you’re new here and aren’t sure what I’m talking about, check out this post.

Some of you asked if I’m accepting donations for more books. Not yet. I need to get the difference made up (between the $5 donated and the $8.25 cost of the book) first. Does that make sense? I’m hoping in a few weeks!

Short and sweet today! Speaking of short, I’d love to know how tall you are. I’ll start. I used to think I was 5’10”, but I think I’ve shrunk to 5’9″.

How about you? How short are you?

33 thoughts on “taken out of context

  1. Gaylene

    I’m the same as Shannah. My kids, nieces and nephews always were excited when they grew taller than me, and yes, they are all taller. My hubby, though, is 6′ so he does all my high reaching.

  2. Ali

    You failed to blog about the sex talk you gave three immature women in the middle of a baby shower.

    Just sayin’.

    Oh, and to answer your question. 5’3″. Don’t you dare ask for my weight tomorrow.

  3. Jen your cousin

    I’m 5 foot 8.5 inches without shoes and when I stand up straight. I had a doctor’s assistant measure me once and tell me I was 5’6″. I told her she should probably try again. Regardless, I think I’ll start shrinking soon because of bad posture.

  4. Rachele

    Marla, can you pray for me and my search for a child care situation that I feel is safe for my son? I’m under pressure and it’s so scary. thanks.

  5. Tiffani

    Good Grief at the tall girls over here!!

    Hmm. I like to think I’m 5’4″ however, I think it’s less. Not by much, of course, but still..I always pray that I’ll still grow, just TWO more inches. 😉

    I think you should just come on down to Atlanta for The Sex Talk. I’m here and I’m waiting 😉 OH and I’ll bring a lot of girls with me!!

    Ok, I’d love to send an envelopes of books for you. Let me know what I need to do!

  6. Sarah Montanye

    I used to be 5’11”, but shrunk to 5’10 1/2″ after my 2 back surgeries. and at this height I’m still the shortest one in my family!!!

  7. Elizabeth

    I’m sitting here wondering when I’m going to get to hear your sex talk. I think it’s about time!

    I’ve always said I was 5’6″, but a doctor recently said I’m 5’5″. I was very disappointed b/c I want to be 5’10”. I still use 5’6″ when I calculate my BMI!

    Hey, how close are you to Cincinnati?

  8. Shelly

    Hahaha, I’m with Shannah. I vigorously defend all of my 5’0″……..even if they’re not really there.

    Was it Gwen E. that you saw?

  9. Shannah

    At last check, I’m still technically 4’11 3/4″. But my driver’s license says 5′ because the only other option is 4’11”, and that 3/4″ is VERY important! 😀

  10. amber

    I’m 5’5.5″ I dig all the 5s. But I think I’m shrinking. And that depresses me. Because being 5’5″ is not near as romantic as throwing in the extra 5.

    P.S. I’m loving getting to know you and learning all about your ministry! 🙂

  11. Stephanie your sister

    5′ 9″ without heels. That’s why I don’t wear them. That and the fact that I have balance issues and would kill myself if I wore heels.

  12. Lee Detrick

    Oh, good grief! I used to be 5’4″, but for some reason, and I think part of it is due to scoliosis, I am now 5″1-1/2; you should see me try to get into the neighbor’s van…….

  13. Betsy

    Mom was right! Drink your milk and you don’t shrink! 56 years old and still 5′ 3 and 3/4″. Yippee!! (I made my hubby measure me!)

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