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I’m so honored and humbled to be surrounded by givers. I’m always so amazed (but not shocked!) at how willing you are to give in such tangible ways. You continue to blow me away with the Expecting Campaign. A special thank-you to those of you–T, K, A–who gave $ to ship boxes of books this week.

And I’m so excited to start doing some Fund-raising in Faith for some precious, exploited children in Cambodia. (We took our Coins 4 Cambodia to Coinstar today–$24.90! Not a ton, but hoping it buys lots of snacks.)

And I know so many of you have already given to help the hurting in Haiti. We gave here.

I wanted you to know where the Expecting books have gone. I’m so thrilled that so many of you are a part of this, and I hope and pray we’ll get to see some fruit. Until then, we’ll just trust and pray that God gets all kinds of glory.

Light in the City (Estonia)

Missionaries in India

Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic (Severna Park, Maryland)

Compassion Pregnancy Center (Clinton Twp, Michigan)

Flint Crisis Pregnancy Center (Flint, Michigan)

Pregnancy Care Center of Union County (Marysville, Ohio)

Elizabeth’s Hope (Waverly, Ohio)

Crossroads Crisis Pregnancy Center of Nanaimo Society (Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada)

Pregnancy Decision Health Center (Columbus, Ohio)

Hi-Point Women’s Center (Bellefontaine, Ohio)

Miami Valley Women’s Center (Xenia, Ohio)

Miami Valley Women’s Center (Kettering, Ohio)

Promise House (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Ark-La-Tex Crisis Pregnancy Center (Shreveport, Louisiana)

Liberty Godparent Home (Lynchburg, Virginia)

Teen MOPS, Easthaven Baptist Church (Kalispell, Montana)

Pregnancy Help Center (Katy, Texas)

Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center (Dallas, Texas)

You’ve donated a total of 279 books (!!!), and 224 have been delivered so far. That’s amazing. When I think of how many women’s lives are going to be touched, I get all choked up.

Yet, when I think of how much hurt and need is out there, it makes my heart ache. I’m trusting God to take our small offering and multiply it as only He can.

And on an unrelated, personal note, I’ve had a hard time trusting God this week in a certain area of my life. Even after all that Zoo Provision, I still have this horrid habit of thinking that if I don’t see a way, there must not be one. Please pray that my faith will be strengthened, and that I’ll trust my loving, knowing God absolutely and completely.

Can I pray for you this weekend?

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  2. Ali

    Love you. Praying, and praying, and praying. And trying to find a WAY but I wonder if all my trying is not helping the trust-on-God spirit that you so often inspire in me.

    Love you.

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