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As of 11:30 a.m. today, we’ve had 49 Expecting books donated (454 total)! Woo to the hoo hoo hoo! (Click here for details of how to get involved.)

I just wanted to share a cool idea with y’all. Many of you have heard me talk about my friend Miss Margaret (and some of you knew her too). She was 84 when she went to be with Jesus last month and is one of my all-time favorite people. She was darling and petite with the hugest heart you can imagine. She loved Jesus with everything in her and loved people like nobody’s business. Margaret was one of my biggest cheerleaders. If I wrote something or was selling something or donating something or hoping to spread the word about something, she was all over it.

Last year she donated some Expecting books and then delivered a box to her local pregnancy center for me.

Yesterday, her son Scott sent me a tweet about his mama that made me cry. Expecting Campaign Take Two just isn’t the same without her.

But then Scott and his sister Gail did something that made my heart sing. They’re each donating 10 Expecting books to pregnancy centers in memory of their mom. I’m going to write a little note in the books, and 20 precious women somewhere are going to be blessed by Miss Margaret even after she’s gone to live with Jesus.

I’ll tell you right now she’s beaming so big that her eyes are all crinkly. You should have seen her smile.

And then my sweet friend Christina (she and Margaret were super-tight) donated a book and is going to make up a beautiful care package in Margaret’s memory and deliver it to the pregnancy center that meant so much to her.

I just feel so blessed I could burst.

I don’t think I mentioned that there’s a To/From page in the book. I usually write “To: A special mama-to-be” and then the donor’s name on the From line. Then I sign my own name at the bottom with a Scripture reference.

If you’d like to donate the book in honor/memory of someone special, I can absolutely write that in the book for you. Last year my friends Amy and Billy donated books in memory of their sweet baby girl Abigail who went to be with Jesus before she was born. Another friend donated books in honor of her little (now big) boy who could’ve very easily been aborted, but she chose life. Another friend donated books in memory of the baby she did abort, and is sooooo thankful for God’s forgiveness and grace in her life.

And I just have to share an excerpt from a message Christina sent me tonight after she donated a book via paypal. “Ok, so I paid $10 on paypal but it sure looked like I was buying Gabe and naming my own price. I sure hope I did it right.”

Yes, it will look like you’re purchasing my husband. But I promise the moolah will go toward an Expecting book.

And I wrote this post last night and never posted it (did I mention my hot 27-hour birthday date with my husband? thanks, Mom and Dad!). I know now why I waited until this morning, because I just saw this comment from Christina that makes me want to jump up and down praising Jesus:

I’m going to put together a whole basket of goodies that a pregnant mommy would want and donate it in memory of Margaret. This is a wonderful idea. You know, my mom was 14 when she got pregnant for me, my grandma scheduled an appointment to “take care of it” and my mom refused. Praise the Lord for that! Now, at 50 years old she has 3 daughters and 11 grandchildren, 14 gifts from above that may never had happened had she been abortion minded! God is amazing, thank you for being so willing to do His work!

Praise the Lord indeed. Wowzers.

Let’s help some other young and/or hurting mamas make the hard choice to give their babies life. Click here to donate $10 for a book. Or contact me if you’d rather write a check. THANK YOU, friends!!

4 thoughts on “giving with a twist

  1. Anne F.

    Hey! I have a paypal balance. I will donate 2 books! Hooray! We are joyful beneficiaries of 2 babies that were given life and a mom and dad to love them! Adoption rocks!

  2. LaRonda

    God is amazing!!! I love this idea. I would like to donate a book. I will get a check to you next time I see you. I won’t be at church tomorrow, but I will be there the next Sunday. Happy Birthday!!!!

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