first come first served!

I’ve got a special offer for 3 people who want to help out with shipping costs to send Expecting books to pregnancy centers AND want to bless some young (or not) married gals this Christmas (and Valentine’s Day and the next three holidays after that…).

I have some lonely (and unopened) boxes of Blushing Bride books sitting up in my closet. There are 44 books to a box. For a donation of $60 toward the Expecting campaign, I’ll send you a box. Use them however you’d like. Bridal shower party favors. Donate them to your church’s pre-marital ministry. Hand them out to college students. Sell them at your next garage sale.

First 3 people to e-mail me or message me on facebook or twitter, they’re yours (free shipping). SO excited about what God is doing with these Expecting books! Thanks for being a part of it!

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