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No, not collecting money yet–just ideas! And information! My b-day is 9 days away, but since it’s on a Sunday, I’ll probably do the Expecting Campaign on Thursday or Friday of next week.

A little background (here we go…) if you’re new here. Last year on my birthday, I asked my sweet friends, family and blog readers to pretty please, if they felt so inclined, to donate a copy of my book Expecting to a crisis pregnancy center to be given to a mama-to-be that could use some hope and encouragement.

As of my last count, you crazy givers have donated 405 books to 31 pregnancy centers in 11 states and 4 foreign countries.

Wowzers, people.

Things will be a little different this year. I hate to do this, but instead of $5 a book, it’s going to be $10 (there, Amy, I did it–are you happy?). I set the cost at $5 last time, thinking it would encourage more people to give. I didn’t realize what an amazing response we’d get, and since the books cost me about $8.50 each + paypal fees + shipping, I ended up spending waaaay more out of my pocket than we could afford.

But God is faithful, and we got caught up (and several of you helped out–bless you!), and we’re ready to roll again.

A couple weeks ago, I asked for contact information for pregnancy centers in your hometown (or that you have some sort of personal connection to). Praise the Lord, I now have names and addresses for centers in Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, New Mexico, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky–all new states we haven’t sent any books to yet!

I’d love to collect more centers and then just pray for book donations to fill up a box to send to each of them!

And several of you have e-mailed me with some really cool ideas. One gal wants to get her Sunday School class on board and see if they can donate some books to a pregnancy center they already support. One gal wants to get her MOPS group to donate books as part of their Valentine’s Day project in February. One church already bought a box of 40 books to share with two pregnancy centers near them. One friend suggested sharing some with the pregnant women at the YWCA Homeless Shelter where she and her Life Group serve breakfast once a month.

I can’t tell you how exciting this brainstorming is to me!

And I thought of something else for those of you who are interested. Expecting is only $10.19 on Amazon right now, so let’s say you bought three. You’d qualify for free shipping, and you could take them to your local pregnancy center yourself and cut out the middle woman (me). That would save all kinds of time and hassle of getting them shipped from the publisher to me to the pregnancy center.

Just make sure you let me know if you decide to do that, so I can add the books (and your center) to our Look-What-God-Did total.

Speaking of Look What God Did, THANK YOU a million bazillions for praying for my Sexual Purity Talk at a local Christian high school chapel today. Oh. My. Word. I prayed my eyeballs out over this one (and apparently, so did a bunch of you), and GOD did something REALLY, REALLY cool. I do want to blog about it, but honestly, it wiped me out and I need some recovery time.

It was just really, really special, and the kids (young adults) were great–all 350 of them + a bunch of teachers/staff. I didn’t tell them this, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never spoken to that many people before in my life.

So, thank you.

And please, any ideas you have for next week’s Expecting Campaign Take Two would be greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend!

I leave you with this:

I’m growing my hair out for the first time in forever, and I’m thinking of revisiting this look. What say you? (I apologize for the photo quality, but more clarity would just mean more embarrassment.)

9 thoughts on “collecting for expecting

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  2. Elisabeth

    I am amazed at your CURLY hair; I was under the impression that you have very STRAIGHT hair?! Anyway, I would UPDATE your look with long/ straightened/ layered around the face style! Why not? Good luck with that growing-out-the-hair thing!

  3. Jen Hanson

    You know, when you posted that photo on my fb wall, the first thing I noticed was your gorgeous long blond hair (shortly followed by my drugged-out baby look). I think the last time I remember you having long hair was your prom (with the black and silver (white?) ruffle dress). THAT is the photo you should post!


    1. Marla Taviano

      Next time I’m at Mom’s, I’ll take a picture of that picture. I will not, however, take a picture of my prom dress the next year. It was so scandalously short that I am plagued with regret over it to this day.

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