bless a pregnant mama?

Friends. I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about all the Expecting books you’ve donated to crisis pregnancy centers over the years. THANK YOU.

expecting cover

She’s my last book in print, and she’s special to me, because I get to share her in such a cool way. So, thanks for being a part of that.

I just got my semi-annual (bi-annual? I never can remember–2x a year) royalty check today, and I like to use a little bit of it each time to donate some more books. But I have to buy 40 at a time, so I need your help.

Would you consider donating a book to a pregnancy center for $8?

It can be one that’s local for you, or you can donate to one that’s already on my list. I don’t care where it goes. I just want to get the book into the hands of women who might be blessed by it. And I’m so grateful for the people who work/volunteer at these centers and have shared stories with me. Priceless.

We’ve been able to share over 1,000 (woot!!) books in the past five years, and here’s where they’ve gone (in truly random order):

Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, Texas, Illinois, California, New Jersey, Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, New Mexico, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Minnesota, Kansas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

Isn’t that amazing?? Wait! There’s more!

Canada (British Columbia), Australia, Estonia, India, Philippines, and Cambodia!

Speaking of Cambodia, when we move there, I probably won’t be able to do these little campaigns anymore (sad face), so this is kind of like a last hurrah. I would loooooove to donate lots (40? 80? 400??) if we can.

So, do you have a pregnancy center you’d like to share some with (even if you’re unable to donate, I’d love to hear about them)? Do you know someone who might want to donate some books? Are we missing your home state (or country)?

There’s a to/from page in the front of the book where I write “To: a special mama-to-be, From: [first name of person who donated the book]” to make it personal. (You can also donate it in honor/memory of someone you love.)

Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail, and I’ll let you know how to donate. THANKS SO MUCH, friends!

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