baby fever

It’s not what you think. I do NOT want another baby. At least not one for ME. I do, however, have very strong feelings about people I love who want babies having their prayers (and mine for them) answered. (run-on much?) So, it is with great excitement and pleasure that I announce that…

My sister Bethany and her hubby Stew are expecting Baby #2!! Woooooohoooooo!! If you know Bethy, you know that 18-month-old Isabelle Kate was a long time coming. We prayed for over 2 years for that little doll, and I’m so glad God chose to bring her little brother or sister along more quickly. Now we just pray for His protection for this little one in the womb.

Because of the nature of what I do (talk/write about sex & pregnancy), I get the honor of praying for lots of women who desperately want a baby. And it is such a thrill to hear from one of them that she’s finally pregnant!! (Sometimes I even get to keep secrets for a bit which is super fun.) And I love to share in their joy when they tell the world their amazing news.

If you and your hubby are trying to have a baby, I’d love to pray for you (you can e-mail me here). I don’t have some secret line to God, but I do have a real heart for women who want to be mamas.

And for women who are going to be mamas and aren’t equipped/prepared/excited to be. So many of you have given so generously to bless women in need at pregnancy centers around the world with a copy of this book. You can read more about The Expecting Campaign here. After Cambodia, I hope to get back in the swing of blessing some more mamas-to-be in that way.

Have a beautiful day, friends!

15 thoughts on “baby fever

  1. Elizabeth

    That is so exciting for your sister and her family! And Auntie Marla, who I know loves her nieces and nephews a lot!

    There was a couple visiting our Sunday School class this week who asked for prayer b/c they have been trying for a baby for SIX years. They have an appt. with a fertility specialist on Friday. It was so sad, esp. because there are three pregnant ladies and one new baby in the class. We prayed over them, and everyone was crying. I’m praying they get some answers on Friday.

  2. Southern Cheesehead

    We’re excpecting through the wonderful miracle of international adoption!!! Hubs and I have 2 boys biologically and now very early in the process of adopting from Mexico…la chica!!! I will finally have another girl in the house to try and even out some of the testosterone. We’re excited and scared all at the same time….please pray with us!!

  3. Sarah M.

    YAY! So excited for your sister. What great news!
    If you think of it please pray for my BFF Casey. She’s in the midst of fertility treatments and lots of disappointments. She’s actually having another procedure this week. It’s so hard to watch her go through this. thanks! I’ll def. be giving her a copy of Expecting when she’s ready 🙂

  4. Zoo Kelly #2

    VERY exciting.
    I, of course, am not trying to get pregnant, but one of my best friends has been trying for years (lots of fertility drugs, a round of IVF, talks with a surrogate, now trying adoption) and could use more prayers. At this point, my prayer is that she is blessed with children in any form, and that she can be patient and way on the Lord…

  5. Carrie

    Aw, how exciting! I’m so glad it was easier for them this time! 🙂 We’re not trying or anything, though we hope to have at least one more baby sometime in the not-so-distant future. 🙂

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