9 hours to save a life

Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying for L in Estonia. PLEASE DON’T STOP.

You can read the whole story here, but basically, L is a gal I found out about a few days ago through an amazing series of events, and she’s heading to an abortion clinic in 9 hours (1am EST, 8am her time) to take her first abortion pill.

We’re praying God will change her heart.

I just got this message from Janice, the director of Light in the City in Estonia:

It is 10:48 pm and L just said she is going tomorrow (to take her first abortion pill) at 8am. Just asked if I could go with her . . . but no answer yet.

And then this:

She wrote back and wants to go alone. She knows that we are caring and loving, but is going ahead . . . .BUT WE HAVE A GREAT GOD . . . and we have 10 hours. PRAY!!!!

And this:

I just told her that she can call me anytime and that she can change her decision at anytime.

Please join me in praying for L and for Janice. Our God can move mountains, friends. And no matter what happens, he is at work in a big way. Let’s be a part of it with our prayers!

9 thoughts on “9 hours to save a life

  1. Nadine

    Still praying…Lord Jesus, please protect this tiny life, and the life of L. as well. Put your arms around her and give her the strength and courage to do what’s right for her baby. Let her conscience be pricked and may it keep her from ending her baby’s life..whether by a picture or something she will hear or see in print…send something that she cannot ignore that will make it obvious to her that there is only one right decision, and will compel her to cancel the abortion. Amen.

  2. Kendra

    Praying. We are not able to have children – We adopted 2 beautiful boys and would adopt more if God opens the door. Has anyone talked to her about other options? There are such things as open adoption, semi-open adoption or closed. Praying for her to see the light.

  3. Denise


    Jesus, be with L as she is making this life-changing decision. Be with her & hold her hand. We pray she would feel your overwhelming love for her & for the life of her unborn child. Change her heart & mind, dear Jesus.

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