we did it!! {enough, day 31}

It’s May 31st! We made it! We did it! Of course, we all accomplished varying levels of purging, but today I’M CELEBRATING YOU (no matter how much you did or didn’t purge).


If you have a minute, I’d love to hear ONE THING you learned, did, loved, threw out, gave away, whatever this month. Your proudest achievement, a lightbulb moment, a small-but-thrilling de-cluttering victory.

Then we can all celebrate together!! Woooohooooo!!

(And don’t forget–we’re going to continue the Enough series (with a twist) into June (and maybe beyond?). See you soon!)

9 thoughts on “we did it!! {enough, day 31}

  1. Lisa Basner

    I think what I’ve learned the most is to not buy something because I like it or think I need it. I’m waiting until I really love something, or REALLY need it before I buy it. I am a sucker for yard sales and clearance racks, but I’ve learned that just because something is an incredible deal, and I like it, doesn’t mean it needs to come home with me. Even if I really, really, really like it, I’m learning to leave it on the shelf. Even a few things I’ve loved, I’ve left because I didn’t have the space – that’s the beauty of downsizing!!! This has been such an inspiration for me! Thanks, Roomie!

  2. Sharon

    One thing I learned is that it’s much more efficient for me and much more likely that I will actually let go of things if I don’t think it through too much. My specific example is one I already left as a comment on the day we were to declutter our music collection. In a nut shell, I pretty much never listen to the CD’s that are in my house (the ones in the car, sometimes). At first, I was a bit ruthless as far as getting rid of a bunch. Then, I started listening to some of the CD’s again and thinking, “Oh, but yeah, this one actually has several songs that I like. Maybe I should keep it….” Thankfully, I ended up deciding that if I hadn’t even remembered I owned the thing and/or hadn’t used it in 5-6 years, there was no point in keeping it. As for the songs I liked that I’d be getting rid of? I can always listen to them online.

  3. Krysten

    Even though this isn’t my first purge, it was my first purge attached to an upcoming move, and packing every single thing I own made me realize how much more I could still get rid of! I feel like I looked at everything differently because I knew I would have to pack it, carry it, load it, unload it, carry it again, and find a place for it in my new home that is about 2/3 the size of my current one. I had fun giving more stuff away and knowing I won’t need to rent a giant truck to move my stuff now!

  4. Bethany

    I didn’t join you here on your blog but I’ve been purging since I moved 4 years ago. Went from a three bedroom house fully furnished to a little Cracker Jack box of an apartment. It has felt so good to let go of so much stuff! What I didn’t know was going to hit me was the guilt and shame of the over-indulgence. Still getting rid of stuff, still working through the emotions that come up as a result. Looking forward to reading what you have in store for June.

  5. cyndee

    Didn’t make much progress at all (I bought photo albums but that’s as far as I got. ). But I’m planning on going back and starting from May 1st on June 1st. (All while working on those albums cause GO BIG OR GO HOME!) I’ll let you know how it goes. I love your encouragement – NEED it! Thanks for doing this!

  6. jess

    i’v been working on purging for the past couple years…but I realized there’s ALWAYS something more to get rid of or something that we just don’t need. my favorite part was cleaning out the garage!

    And my favorite part of purging and simplifying in general is that I’ve learned to detach my emotions from the stuff. There’s not one single thing in my house that I would just DIE if I lost–except my engagement ring–but, really, I’d be able to come to terms with that eventually.) they are JUST THINGS. I love not feeling bound by them. (i do have unnecessary things that i love and have a place for. but, i could easily live without them)

  7. Allison

    I’m going to take a picture of what’s in my garage–boxes and bags of the junk I purged this month (most of it… some went in the trash). I’ll tag you on FB, since I can’t (or can I?) post it here.

    I’m continually amazed by how much STUFF I can still get rid of. I think the thing I loved the most about this month was digging deeper and purging things I never thought I’d be able to. I also love that when I am feeling like I my house is a mess, I can step back and look at it and realize that “messy” now is so much *less* than it used to be.

  8. Kerry

    Wardrobes, toys, kitchen and garage done! Craft stuff… One day soon. Books? Erm… Vindicated in my resistance to declutter book shelves of academic stuff, as this week I “needed” the first philosophy book I bought, not having touched it in 18 years.

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