walls & shelves {enough, day 17}

Today’s challenge will be short and sweet.

I’d love for you to just take a quick tour around your home and look at your decor. The stuff on your walls, your end tables, your bookshelves. Anything that isn’t functional, just decorative.

How long has it been there? Do you still love it?

That’s the million dollar question. Cause if we follow that rule–Only have stuff in your home that you know to be useful or believe to be beautiful–then your home decor should be beautiful/make you happy.

And if it doesn’t? Well.

It’s time for it to go.

Before we moved to our apartment, I took a look around our house at some of the stuff I had hanging on the walls and realized I had put it up seven years before (when we moved into the house) and there it had sat. (Some of it I’m pretty sure had never even been dusted. In seven years. Ew.)

I knew I wanted to be more intentional about what made it on our walls at our new place.

Pretty much just maps. And a few photos. And some words. And a “T.”

And don’t get me started on knickknacks. Tchotchkes. (yes, I had to google the spelling on that one) Whatever you want to call them. Oy. Very little made the cut in that department. Except globes. And a few more pictures. And my wooden giraffes from Kenya. (Don’t mess.)

Today’s challenge: take a tour of your home and note your decor. If it’s not really beautiful and not especially meaningful and has been there forever and just collects dust, well. You know the drill.

And I want to hear your success stories!

11 thoughts on “walls & shelves {enough, day 17}

  1. Beth

    My mother-in-law collects everything! She loves tchotckies. She loves them as much as I hate them. And she loves giving them to me. And because my mother raised me to be a polite gift-reciever, I always react with joy and gratefulness to a gift, even if inside I’m seething that she grabbed ANOTHER paperweight from Goodwill for me because it has my favorite flower on it. Grrrrr. So then I try to give it away, and my husband gets mad at me because it was a gift. I’ve even been talking to both of them about how much purging I’m doing and about the Enough Experiment, and my MIL STILL gave me another ugly thrift-store picture frame just last week. So I have tons of stuff from her that I don’t use and I don’t love (even though I love her), and I don’t know how to sneak them out of the house and off to a thrift store that she won’t shop at. HELP!

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      Oh, goodness. What a nightmare. I try not to make a habit of getting in the middle of other people’s family issues, so… keep talking to her? throw them away? cry?

  2. Brooke

    paintings are a weakness of Jay’s when it comes to silent auctions, so most of what we have on are walls are things he has picked out. bonus of moving frequently: the walls are always changing 😉

  3. Kim

    Posting this on Sunday since I was not home from Noon until 10. From 12-5 I was at church with 2 other women working on the dresses for my mission trip in July. My goal is to take 150- 58 are sewn and kits made up for 68. Gave out about 28 kits at church.

    Then in the evening was at dinner with some of my mission trip team and the director of the ministry we will be working with in Nicaragua. Had a fabulous time with him and his wife and 14 months son. 48 days till we leave. Can’t wait to get back there!

    So I’m afraid the only thing that left my house yesterday was a pie and pretzel cookies I made for the dinner!

  4. Sharon

    Not exactly on the specific topic of today. But, what do I do with Christmas cards/letters?? Especially the cards that have pictures of friends and their families? I hate to keep them (hello, clutter), but also hate to just toss them.

    1. Kim

      I remember a few years ago someone shared that they kept Christmas cards in a basket all year. At dinner they would select the front card from the basket and they would pray for that individual or family. If I remember correctly they prayed for the card sender for a week. That card would then go in the back and they would pray for the next sender the following week. I always thought that was such a cool idea.

  5. Lisa Basner

    I am SO glad I’ve recently moved! It forced me to deal with the stuff I’d had on the wall for years, that I didn’t really like. I now only have things up that I love.

  6. Allison

    I just did this a few weeks ago! I have very little decorative stuff that isn’t meaningful to me in some way, so what I do have is hard to get rid of because it’s more sentimental. I managed to declutter a bunch of stuff, most of which had been in storage anyway.

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