the linen closet {enough, day 13}

I’ve got a sick little girl curled up beside me, lots of unexpected stuff came up today, and I’m not sure I’ve got a whole post in me before I fall into bed.

So. Your towels and sheets and what not. Do you need them all? Could you go through them and purge?

Is there a place you could donate them that would put them to good use? (I know one or two of you mentioned donating old towels to your local animal shelter.)

Our fam has 7 towels for the 5 of us (+ 5 beach towels). That might be extreme (or it might not). And we don’t really have spare sheets. We do have a lot of washcloths.

What else do people store in linen closets that we don’t need? (My brain is so fried.)

You can make up your own challenges today, and I’ll be back tomorrow with some brilliance or something. 

13 thoughts on “the linen closet {enough, day 13}

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  2. Jill Foley

    I have gotten rid of so many linens over the years. Right now I have an extra set of sheets for each bed – my daughters like flannel sheets in cooler weather and it eliminates the need for a blanket so those are the extra sheets. I have 3 quilts my grandma made that I just don’t know what to do with. She made them…for me as wedding gifts. They are double size and up until recently my daughters were using them on their twin beds. I doubt we will ever have a double bed in the house, but I just can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them. I guess I’ll get rid of other blankets and use the quilts as blankets when we have guests.

  3. Gloria

    I’m still along with you on the journey, just haven’t been reporting in. I know it’s not what the challenge was for today, but I purged enough stuff out of my bedroom that I feel taller in there! There used to be a mound of stuff on my dresser and nightstand, which sort of hovered over me and threatened to fall on me in an avalanche while I slept. 🙂 Amazing how freeing it is. Sorry to hear your little one is sick. Praying she’s on the mend soon!

  4. Kim

    I actually worked on our linen closet last week in anticipation of our church carwash. Gave about 12 dish towels to the cause. A couple of holiday towels went into the yard sale pile.

    I also keep my “gift closet” on the top shelf so I’ll go through that tomorrow since work got in the way today! LOL!

  5. allison

    I also keep light bulbs, cleaning supplies, rags, and extra shampoo/toothpaste type things. The extra shampoo etc could probably go under the sink in the bathroom. Overall though my linen closet is pretty well streamlines. I haven’t counted our towels but we might have 5 plus a couple baby ones for A, a few hand towels, and a couple wash cloths. We have several extra sheets for the kids because of pee, but only two sets for J&I. There’s not much I can purge, though I might move the extra stuff into the bathroom.

  6. brooke

    I don’t have a linen closet, but I do have oodles of cabinet space and a basket for my clean towels. I currently use old/thin towels for my gym travels just in case I lose one or something. only I haven’t and I don’t. and I shower at the gym half the week. so I need to just toss those puppies (sneak them out w/o Jay seeing? :P) and start using my good towels at the gym.

  7. Sharon

    I have some birthday party decor in my linen closet. Crepe paper, a “Happy Birthday” sign, Easter Grass (I haven’t done the holiday decor decluttering challenge yet) a box of new (mostly stuff I got free) school supplies type stuff. Toilet paper. A random Halloween bucket. Plus all the usual stuff. I have at least 3 sets of sheets for my 4 yr old because her diaper leaks at night on a regular basis 🙁 I’ll have to go through everything in there a little later, but just wanted to throw out ideas of what I have in my linen closet. Oh, I know my Mom keeps some toiletries in her linen closet like shampoo and soap. Maybe others do that, too.

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