I don’t even know how it is POSSIBLE that I filled two whole bags (+ a stack of school books) for our Big Cambodia Yard Sale today. It felt SO GOOD.

What did I get rid of?

A pair of soccer cleats Livi had passed to Ava and Ava outgrew (Nina has retired from soccer).

A pair of Converse All-Stars (same story–minus the part about Nina’s retirement).

9 school books (I finally got rid of all of our math books. Like I said on Facebook today, “Would a REAL minimalist un-schooler have these silly things in her home??” We now officially have ZERO school books. Woot!)

3 “fancy” coloring art books.

2 extension cords. We had 3 (2 were in our van). For our little apartment. Hello?

A kite. (our neighbor snagged it before we got it to the car)

3 flower pots. (not practical at this stage of the game)

2 DVDs.

1 book.

1 picture frame.

1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of capris (I bought them at the thrift store, and they didn’t fit.)

1 wipe-off Car Fun book.

I think that’s it. ISN’T THAT CRAZY??

And guess what? I’m going to do it one more time tomorrow!! This is SO MUCH FUN!!

And I just have to give a shout-out to some awesome friends who have donated some sweet stuff for our Cambodia Sale. Ali, Allison, Amanda, Another Amanda, Beth, Josh & Laura, Kate, and Sharon–THANK YOU!!

And our friend Pam (who is hosting the sale and going to Cambodia with us for part of the time) is AMAZING. You should see all the stuff she’s purging! So great!

Last thing: be watching Facebook/Instagram/Twitter for some fun Yard Sale posts on Saturday! I’m going to feature some stuff we’re selling and give you a chance to buy it (even if you’re not local).

What have you purged lately?? (if nothing, quick! go purge something and come back and report!)