step away from the blog! {enough, day 28}

For real. Today’s post is interactive. You’re going to read for a few seconds, put down the phone (or step away from the computer), do something AWESOME, then come back. Repeat.

I have a little game for us to play. I thought of it 10 seconds ago, and I’m going to make it up as I go along. It’s called Purge As Fast As You Can! (if you don’t have time to play it today, no worries. save it for a day you do.)

Let the Games Begin!

Task #1: Go through your bedroom and find 5 things you can purge. Ready, Set, Go! (no, really–go! don’t read another word until you’ve purged 5 things. I’m going to do it too!)

Welcome back! So, what did you purge? I purged a basket I hate, 2 books, a pair of jeans, a set of 3lb weights, and I put the rest of Gabe’s “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” t-shirts in a bag to sell at The Never-Say-Never Yard Sale. Over-achieve much?

Task #2: Go through your kitchen and find 5 things you can purge. Ready, Set, Go! (no, really–go!)

So, what did you purge this time? I got rid of 5 plastic cups and 3 bowls. Over-achiever again! (or, rather, former hoarder of plasticware)

Task #3: Go through your bathroom/linen closet and find 5 things you can purge. Ready, Set, Go!

(You’re not cheating, are you? Are you reading this post all the way through without getting up off the couch??) What did you purge? I purged 5 old toothbrushes that I was saving to scrub something someday. I’ll just wait until our now-toothbrushes are ready to be discarded before I scrub anything.

Task #4: Go through your living room and find 5 things you can purge. Ready, Set, Go!

What’d you find? I got 2 books, 2 DVDs, and some stamps/stamp pads that The Dancing Elephant doesn’t use.

Task #5: Last one! Pick one remaining room in your home and find 5 things you can purge. Ready, Set, Go!

A game, a box of tea bags, 4 plastic bowls, and an almost-used-up candle.

Woohoo!! We did it! Do a little dance, you de-cluttering fool! xoxoxo

See you tomorrow!

23 thoughts on “step away from the blog! {enough, day 28}

  1. Allison

    I’ve been working on this off and on today. All the stuff got dumped into a single box, so I don’t know where it came from, but I’ll list what I have. Here goes. Sports bra, two pairs of socks, a hook that was hanging empty in the closet, a baby blanket, a random assortment of things from my jewelry box (including some necklaces and pendants and a bunch of junk), a skirt, a bottle of nail polish, a tube of diaper cream about 786 years expired, a box of allergy meds similarly expired, a pair of baby nail clippers, three used floss-on-a-sticks, two old medicine dispensing cups, a bag of babyproofing things, a pair of headphones, a box of coin collecting stuff, two year books, two photo albums, two wine bottles I’ve kept for sentimental reasons, a fake rose, an old cheap art supply set, a cardboard pirate ship (that you set up for kids to play in) and a toy mail truck.

  2. Lisa Basner

    I’m a day late, but better late than never, right? Here’s what I did:
    Bedroom – 4 pairs of earrings, 2 decorative vases, a potpourri bag thingy, a broken precious moments figurine, a broken necklase
    Kitchen – a cookbook, pie slicer/server, tongs, 2 pictures
    Bathroom – lotion I don’t like, 2 old nail polishes, 2 old toothbrushes
    Livingroom – 8 magazines, exercise DVD, a piece of sheet music
    Sunroom – a bunch of old pencils that no longer work or sharpen, a pencil case, waterbottle birdfeeder top, a broken clay snail, an old receipt, scissors case
    Phew! That was fun!!

      1. Lisa Basner

        …..and I’m finding more stuff!! Purged in my pantry (huge, beautiful pantry!) and got rid of a flour sifter, two plastic sieves, used tissue paper (why did I keep it in the first place?), putting a couple of things out in the garage (large stock pot, set of nesting tupperware bowls, large glass lid to my 12″ skillet) to see if I use them in the next few months. If not…..time to part with them!

  3. Aimee

    1) a heap of old business cards and addresses (can always contact via facebook now anyway!), magazine, a couple of books, some cards and envelopes, some red packet (Chinese new year) envelopes.
    2) old cleaning clothes/brushes, a mop I don’t use, plastic lids, tupperware cleaning mit I’ve never used, lemon juicer, teatowels
    3) a stack of small body lotion containers, bath wash I can’t use with kids with sensitive skin, hairclips, bathplugs that don’t fit (why have I kept them???), hooks and pegs
    4) US adapter plug for keyboard (haven’t lived in the US for 3 years!), some books, some lecture notes, articles, an old diary
    5) memory card set, baby toys, a couple of bags, some finger puppets and toy bits and pieces.
    I think I might need to go back and do some of your other days given how much stuff I easily found to purge!
    PS. waiting until your new-toothbrushes are ready to be discarded before you scrub anything – haha!

  4. Kim

    On to Task #3- small mirror and new bottle of B&BW lotion into bag for my Nicaragua friends; old bar of Christmas soap to trash; assorted scraps of paper, lint roller handle and empty foundation bottle to recycle.

  5. Brooke

    reading this blog from work is the easy way out 😛 although this is seriously something i need to do. next time i’m home for 30 minutes.

  6. Jill Foley

    Task 1 – 1 t-shirt, 9 pieces of jewelry
    Task 2 – 4 tubes of cake frosting that was gross the first time we used and 1 frosting spray
    Task 3 – 2 empty bottles?!?!, 1 travel make-up bag, 3 half-empty bottles of products i no longer use
    Task 5 – a scrub brush, an old cup, shelf liner stuff, miscellaneous paper, basket

    Nothing jumped out at me for task 4 so I’ll have to give this some extra time.

  7. Jillian

    Task#1:ski pants,strapless bra,sandals,two shirts
    Task #2:picture frame, heating pad,kids toothbrush ,washcloth, scarf
    storage holders, can opener, magazine holder,electric knife
    Task 4: 4 dvds and one empty case
    Task 5: favorite cleaned out cabinet in laundry room, got rid of 2 packs of shoe cleaners, 2 baskets, and a sewing kit
    Thank you for such a fun challenge!! It will hopefully keep me cleaning and purging today!! Task 4:

  8. Kim

    Task #2- From the kitchen- an empty pill bottle to recycle; a knife sharpener, pasta grabber, scoops and measuring spoons to “move out boxes” for both sons, to the yard sale pile went a vase, apple slicer and a silicone gadget to cook fried eggs. Really what was I thinking? It was bought at the thrift store and never used. Now it’s gone and so is the guilt!

  9. Kim

    Okay Task #1- pile of expired coupons, 23 magazines and the Ikea catalog all to recycle. Really cute candle holder, 2 books and a cross stitch pattern to the yard sale pile.

  10. Amy J. Bennett

    My bedroom is pretty purged. I’ve been protecting it since we put on the addition, but I did clean out some trash in my drawer, put back some of the kids toys in there and put a few cups back in the kitchen.

    In the bathroom, I got some trash out of one of the drawers, threw away a very old sample bottle of shampoo and got some overstock of Mary Kay out so I can sell it.

    In my living room, I took out some magazines and a coffee table book I don’t think anyone has ever read. I would get rid of more DVDs, games if the family would let me. I don’t use ANY of it.

    In my kitchen, I got rid of 5 plastic cups.

    In my office, I cleaned out a drawer of trash and got rid of some magazines and also plan to get rid of some fan paraphernalia stuff I’ve had since my One Tree Hill days.

    Thanks for the challenge!

  11. jess

    I cheated. I read the whole thing and didn’t do any of it–you caught me!! BUT–let’s not talk about today. Let’s talk about Monday–do you KNOW what we did Monday? We cleaned. out. the. garage. FOR REAL. I told Matt I would help him and he took me up on it. It’s so fresh & happy in there. Our two garbage cans are FULL (hopefully we don’t make any trash this week b/c there won’t be anywhere to put it.), and a bunch of stuff we put out at the curb has been taken. I never thought I’d see the day.

    (I told him about the garage=holy scriptures thing. and he would like all the credit for the analogy since, you know, he made the rule and all ;-))

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