shoooooooooes {enough, day 15}

I feel like today’s post might step on a few toes (did I intend this pun or no? that is the question.).

(If you’re just joining us, we’re about halfway through a little thing called The Enough Experiment. You can find the rest of the posts here.)

Do you love shoes? Is this a primary way you express yourself and your creativity?

That’s okay.

All I’m suggesting is that maybe you get rid of some of the shoes you don’t love.

Old shoes, holey shoes, shoes from high school, boring shoes, outdated shoes (yes, they’ll probably be back in 20 years, but let’s just get new ones then).

I’d love to hear about the shoes you’re purging. And if anyone’s feeling extra-brave, tell us 1.) how many you got rid of, and 2.) how many you have left. 

27 thoughts on “shoooooooooes {enough, day 15}

  1. Jill Foley

    I would not classify myself as a shoe person, but when I counted how many pairs I had there were 17. I got rid of 3…but two of those are ones I’ll likely replace next fall/winter. I wish there was such a thing as the perfect, versatile shoe that you could run in, wear in all kinds of weather and dress up.

    I have 2 pair of running shoes right now…1 pair is almost worn through but is far more comfortable than the newer pair. I think I’ll got get rid of 2-3 more pairs.

  2. Jordan elizabeth

    I recently purged my extra shoes – does it still count if I didn’t do it today? I got rid of about five pairs, and have about ten pairs left. A few of those will either be tossed because if wear or given to my sister before I move next month – I’m just wearing them a few more times first 🙂
    I really wanted to be all simple and frugal and live with just a few pairs of shoes (I figured I could get away with three), but I realized that my feet wouldn’t handle that so well. Like Lisa, my feet and back have particular needs – especially considering the new job I’ll be starting (I’ve been used to going barefoot all day and now I’ll be in an environment where decent people wear shoes!). I need variation in footwear in order to keep walking 😛

  3. cyndee

    I love shoes so much!!! I think it’s because they are totally forgiving whether I’m at my heaviest or lightest. In winter, I can’t wait to switch to flip flops and sandals. In Fall I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to wear boots again. (I firmly believe that boots and the beauty of autumn are God’s way of apologizing for winter.) Last week when I was away my husband texted and said, “That bag of old shoes – is that for goodwill?” It was my bag of summer shoes that I’d just retrieved from the attic. Here is what I heard him saying, ” Honey, your summer shoes are beat. YOU SHOULD GO BUY NEW ONES!” 🙂 As always, I will go through my shoes and get rid of any I don’t want when I pack up the boots for the summer. But I’ll probably keep them all!

  4. jess

    just wanted to say that I’m enjoying this enough experiment. after reading tsh’s book a few years ago, and after selling everything we own (besides what is perfect or beautiful–we follow the same rule you do!), I STILL like to read about simplifying. 🙂 It was pure coincidence that when you started this, I was reading a book called “loose 200 lbs. in one weekend.”…. I love it all. I could devour books and blogs and experiements and all the things on simple living. it makes my heart sing. 🙂 so…just wanted to chime in & say I love that you’re doing this. 🙂

    1. jess

      (I should add that the 200 lbs. is junk in the house, not junk in the trunk (I don’t ever ever, ever, ever use that phrase in real life, but couldn’t resist.))

  5. Brooke

    i was ready to skip over this one. until i read it. i have a half dozen pair of old running shoes i don’t wear any more. i need to give them to the local homeless ministry. they are worn thing on the bottom, but they have no holes so that’s better that what some of the Lost Sheep recipients have.
    If i were brave, i’d take a picture of the shoe portion of my closet then purge about half of them. but alas, i’d probably just post the picture as a “how cool is this” then go buy more.
    you’ve found my weakness!

  6. Jen Hanson

    I know I have shoes that I never should have packed when we moved. The “leather” (har had!) is cracking, the soles are peeling up, they are dirty, and they are probably getting worse as they rot in storage in my in-laws shed. But I kept them because I felt guilty tossing and replacing something that TECHNICALLY was still functional (my ONE pair of white dress sandals for example).

    This is were the “love the poor” and frugal sides of me cringe – How can I justify tossing something that – while starting to fall apart, or is out of date – is still so much better than what a lot of people have, and still has a little functionality left in it??

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      If you’re planning on spending money to replace something still functional, that’s one thing (don’t do it). But if you’re simplifying and not buying more, I’m all for getting rid of stuff. Does that make sense?

      In other words, can you live without white sandals? Then get rid of them. If you need white sandals, keep the ones you have.

  7. carey

    I don’t have many shoes to purge today. Last year I purged a ton of flip flops. Mortifying to realize you have a pair in almost every color, even if they were only $1-3 each. Then you learn about fair trade & look at your shoes…

  8. Allison

    I might get kicked out of the Women’s Guild, but I’m not a shoe girl. I have a pair of everyday sneakers, a pair of running shoes, a pair of heavier hiking shoes, and two pairs of sandal/flip flops. That’s it. I’ve thought i should get a nice pair of dressier shoes for the rare dress up function, but that happens so infrequently, it never seems worth the money (plus i can borrow from my sister, so….).

  9. Lisa Basner

    I love shoes! I’ll be the first to admit it; especially sandals. But shoes don’t always love me – I have flat feet and lower back issues (sometimes), so it makes finding the right shoes difficult. As a result, I end up with quite a few shoes that I love in the store that don’t love me once I start wearing them. I finally got fed up a couple of weeks ago with the space my shoes were taking in my closet, and I got rid of THIRTEEN pairs of shoes!! THIRTEEN!!! That’s obscene that I would keep so many that I didn’t wear. Some of them were old and nasty and got thrown away, some were adorable, so those are going in the yard sale on Saturday, and they can make someone else feet happy! And now I am enjoying the extra space in my closet!!

    1. Brooke

      i’ve been told this day is coming for me, and i fear it. good for you purging that many shoes!!! 🙂 my mom is there too, only certain brands/styles. if you blog, have you considered doing a post about where to find cute shoes that also work with foot/back problems?

      1. Lisa Basner

        I don’t blog, but finding cute shoes that also work with my feet and back can be challenging. At this point in my life I have to REALLY love them to buy them because most of the time they are expensive to have good support. Once in a while I can find something at payless, but that is rare. I order my running shoes from, and sometimes I can find decent shoes at kohls. I have a pair of keens, and while they are not terribly cute, they are VERY comfortable and functional when the weather is warm enough. I try on endless pairs of shoes at various stores, bring some home, wear them around the house for a while, and if I still don’t love them, they go back. Merrills has some cute shoes right now, and they have great support, but they are pricey, which is a huge drawback for me. Right now I am on the hunt for a good supportive pair of flip flops that I can lifeguard in at an indoor pool (lots of standing and slow walking on tile/cement), and I’ve already exhausted all the possibilities locally. I’m checking LLBean tomorrow. Good luck, Brooke!

        1. Ruth C

          Lisa, have you ever tried Crocs brand flip flops? I don’t like regular crocs shoes, but my feet are wide and don’t fit into the cheap uncomfortable ones at most stores. I tried crocs brand flip flops 3 years ago & even though I live in them during the spring, summer, & fall, they are still comfy & not worn out after 3 years! They have small bumps on the part of the shoe where your foot goes so it’s like a mini massage when you walk. Thought I would mention these in case it would help you!

  10. Beth

    I got rid of all the shoes that HURT! Super cute, but super painful. I wanted to like and wear them, but I never did because I knew they’d hurt.

    1. Jen Hanson

      YES! I have a pair of amazingly cute black, peep-toe high heels that I LOVE the look of (seriously – they are so fantastic on), but they kill my feet after about 30 minutes. Plus, when I wear them I’m taller than my husband (and most everyone else in the room)- and I feel awkward with that. WHY am I keeping these heels??? Darn it…

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