ready for the kitchen? {enough, day 12}

Hello, friends! How was your weekend? Welcome back to the Enough Experiment! Who’s ready to dive into the KITCHEN on a MONDAY??

Me! Me! I am! I am! (easy for me to say–my kitchen is pretty much as de-cluttered as it gets)

I’m going to be honest. I do not have a step-by-step formula for de-cluttering a kitchen. I purged mine over time, and the timing was perfect, because now I have a tiny kitchen with crappy cabinets and drawers (several of them are un-usable), and I have so little stuff that it works.

Here are some ideas that have worked for me (feel free to steal, tweak, or ignore):

1. No junk drawer. (I do have one in my desk.)

2. Nothing on the counters (except a one-cup coffee maker). (It just makes me feel better. I used to keep a ton of stuff on my kitchen counters. Heck, I even decorated them.)

3. No appliances/cool gadgets I never use. (Over the years, I’ve purged a wok, a cappuccino maker, an electric knife, an apple corer, a food chopper, a smoothie maker, and a hundred other things I’ve forgotten about.)

4. No fancy dinnerware/serving stuff. (If you have occasion to use nice stuff–and actually use it–great, but it’s not doing anyone any good if it sits in your cupboards for years at a time.)

5. I don’t need 10 of everything. (At the very least, get rid of 1 pot, 1 skillet, 1 glass pan, 1 cookie sheet, 1 mixing bowl, 1 pie pan, 1 mug, etc. Don’t keep more than you use.)

Other questions to ask yourself:
1. What can I toss from my fridge?
2. Are all these magnets on my fridge door really that special to me?
3. Do I use all these cookbooks?
4. Do I need this many thermal lunch totes?
5. Are there any pieces of silverware or other utensils I don’t like/use?
6. Are my spices/baking supplies old and yucky?
7. Can I make space for appliances in my cupboards so my counters are more spacious?
8. Do I need/love all these holiday dishes?
9. Could I use some natural cleaners and toss all these other ones?
10. Is it time for some new dishcloths?

Today’s Baby Step Challenge:
Purge 10 things from your kitchen.

Today’s Little-Bit-Bigger Challenge:
Purge 20 things and report back here. I want to hear all about it!

Today’s Big Daddy Challenge:
Empty every cupboard, drawer, fridge, etc. Clean them all out. Purge everything you don’t need/use. Put back the stuff you do. CLAIM YOUR ROCK STAR STATUS.

14 thoughts on “ready for the kitchen? {enough, day 12}

  1. Jill Foley

    After removing a few items from my kitchen, I think I can honestly say everything that remains is used regularly enough and earns a right to stay.

    I don’t keep much out on my counters – only the knife block and cutting boards and a bowl of fruit for easy snacking.

  2. allison

    I found about 25 things to purge from my drawers. My kitchen is one area where I’ve done a ton of purging already in the past few years. The goal for my kitchen is to have what I need to cook week, while minimizing uni – tasking items and not having extra shelves in the kitchen and aiming for mostly bare counters. I do have a microwave cart where I keep some things, but we no longer have the giant extra cabinet we had when we moved here. Progress 🙂

  3. Kim

    Couldn’t do much in the kitchen today due to son needing to be on the computer that’s in there. He stayed up all night to finish a college paper and then accidentally deleted it when he meant to save it. Yeah not good. So he had to rewrite and type it and needed quiet.

    I did empty the bread basket since stale hamburger rolls and english muffins don’t make much noise! Also purged 6 dish towels that had seen better days. Also 3 sets of cloth napkins went into yard sale pile along with 2 decorative jars.

    Both my sons will be off to college in the next 7 & 15 months so I’ve been making “move out” kitchen boxes so some of my excess is being set aside for them.

  4. cyndee

    I did a great kitchen purge once that was perfect for the reluctant purger. I took a box, emptied my utensil/gadget drawers into it, and then put it in a cabinet for one year. As I needed a gadget or utensil I would remove it from the box, use it, clean it, and then put it away in a drawer. After one year, I got rid of everything left in the box! (This turned out to be a double blessing because my son was moving into his first apartment and was more than happy to take my excess slotted spoons and salad servers!)

  5. Lisa Basner

    I did a ruthless purge before moving (or so I thought), as my new kitchen is a fraction of the size my previous one was (LOVE the smaller space!), but even with the all the stuff I got rid of, I was still tight on space. I recently purged again, and I put a few things in a cupboard out of the way that I wasn’t sure I needed, and low and behold, 3 months later, they are now in the yard sale pile! I now have space in my cupboards for my stand mixer and coffee maker! I have beautiful, open space on my counters, and uncluttered cupboards!

  6. Brooke

    when we moved, i purged dishes. we had gotten nice stoneware for our wedding and weren’t using it. i decided to move it to our everyday stuff and get rid of our cheapo stuff. excellent choice. the super fancy ice tea glasses? no so much. we’re more of a pint glass kinda family.

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