purging inspiration {enough, day 10}

I think reaching Double-Digit Days in our Enough Experiment calls for a chance to catch up if you’re lagging behind (and wish you weren’t).

(If you’re an overachiever, you can skip ahead to toys, kitchen stuff, and outerwear.)

I actually took a small load of stuff to the thrift store this morning and have two more bags ready as of tonight. The paring down and weeding out and creating space? Is filling my heart with joy.


Instead of giving you a small, big, or huge challenge today, I’m just going to link to some helpful posts on de-cluttering. Some are mine from purging challenges past and some are from people who really know what they’re doing.

Purge Who You’re Not (Let’s not kid ourselves. Fancy kitchen gadgets we don’t use do not make us chefs. Etcetera.)

The Unwanted Gifts Dilemma (What on earth do we do with all the feelings we’d hurt if we got rid of things we’ve been given??)

Curbing Consumption (Purging doesn’t do any good if we go right back to our buying/collecting/hoarding habits.)

Choosing Freedom  (I really want to read The Suitcase Entrepreneur but my library doesn’t have it.)

The Powerful Difference Between Organizing and Decluttering (Did I link to this already this week?)

Purpose-Filled Purging (This post includes a rare video of our little fam. So embarrassing.)

Go and purge, friends! Or take a well-deserved rest!

p.s. Feel free to share your favorite de-cluttering resources/links!

14 thoughts on “purging inspiration {enough, day 10}

  1. Brooke

    unwanted gifts are a huge problem for me. as are hand-me-downs which have been in the family for ages.
    potential top – sentimental family stuff. how to know what to keep to remember a loved one by?

  2. Allison

    Yay! Day off! I am nearly done with the craft things downstairs. Love the chance to “catch up” 😉 While I was going through things this morning, I crystallized a vision for my crafting. One, I am keeping things that can be used by the kids for creating things (so paints of all kinds, felt, and random creative things that fit in a certain container. Second, 75% or more of my personal crafting efforts will be devoted to two things from now on — knitting prayer shawls for the ministry at our church and sewing burial gowns for a nonprofit that gives these gowns to families who have lost babies. I signed up four years ago to sew for this group and then got pregnant, and haven’t touched the materials they sent me. It’s time to fix that.

    So I am getting rid of nearly all of my fabric stash, and my scrapbooking things (cue mama guilt for not doing scrapbooks for the younger two kiddos, but what can you do. Time to move on.) I purged my yarn stash last month of everything except yarn for shawls.

    Thanks for the links in this post. I love the post about the difference between organizing and decluttering. I hadn’t thought about it like that, but that is SO spot on. Since I’ve gotten some serious purging done in the last couple of years, I haven’t needed to do nearly as much organizing…. there truly is a correlation there.

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      I love, love, love your new crafting vision!! And I love those two ministries–so awesome! And nooooo scrapbooking guilt! Ain’t nobody got time for that. xoxoxo

  3. Teresa Henry

    I haven’t been able to join in each of the challenges but I am working at it when I can. My work schedule and other things have been draining my mental capacity….also my tendency to allow the enemy to steal my day by buying in to his lies has not helped. Yesterday was not good…I cried (even at work in the back room!) and gave up a million times and hate telling people what is going on because I am suppose to encourage others. Hopefully today is better and I can immediately fight back with God’s Word. I am confessing all of this here so that I can get it out of my system and not dwell on it in my over dramatic mind! Thank you very much!

    I did throw away a rusty old 9 X 13 pan yesterday though!! And I added another 10 books to my give away pile.

    1. Lisa Basner

      I don’t know you, so please don’t be offended that I’m sticking my nose in! 🙂 You should never feel badly about telling others what is going on in your life. That is what the body of Christ is all about! So WE can encourage YOU! It took me a LONG time to learn this one (through losing my husband to cancer at the age of 33, after a 3 1/2 year battle, raising two little ones on my own – they are 9 and 11, and dealing with some significant health issues of my own). Through all this, I’ve learned that leaning on others for help and encouragement is such a blessing! And you know what, it blessed them too to be able to encourage and help me. It’s a wonderful two way street that God has designed. I’ll be praying that someone will be able to encourage you today, and I will be praying for YOU as well.

  4. Lisa Basner

    I am reading Organized Simplicity right now (got a FREE kindle copy!!!), and I LOVE it! I just finished the chapter on the family purpose statement, so I have to give that some thought and work through it with the kids. But I love the idea. Right now, if I had to sum up my purpose (notice I didn’t say “our” purpose) in just a few words it would be “Simple living for the glory of God to point others to Him”. I’m not sure that’s even a real sentence! 🙂 This series has been such an inspiration to me and just the right kick in the pants to rid myself of stuff, both physical and mental. My Mom and I are having a yard sale a week from today, so I’m madly purging. This week has been slow, but my back is doing much better now. I’m still not allowed to lift anything, but that’s where little (big) guy comes in!

  5. Sharon

    Had to laugh about fancy kitchen gadgets. My Sister-in-Law LOVES to cook. I mean LOVES! She is a great cook, but I do not share that love of cooking with her. She literally spends HOURS chopping, and who knows what on one meal. I don’t get it. Anyways, imagine her complete and utter SHOCK that I have a kitchen aid mixer! It’s hidden in a cabinet (a few years back I tried to put appliances out of the way so they weren’t on the counter tops if I wasn’t using them on a regular basis), so she hadn’t seen it before. I just thought your statement about fancy gadgets not making us a chef was so applicable to me. In all honesty, we got the mixer as a wedding gift (though you’d better bet we’d registered for it. I do like to bake and that’s what I wanted the mixer for).

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