paper clutter {enough, day 22}

I’ll be honest. I haven’t personally done a whole lot of these challenges this month as I’ve been blogging about them. Because, for the most part, THEY’RE ALREADY DONE. Glory hallelujah.

(But I’m not completely done yet, so I’m gonna keep on trucking.)

Today’s challenge though? I can’t not do it. Because hoo boy.


And I’m sick of it.

Receipts. Writing ideas. Half-written manuscripts. Notes from speaking events. Notes from conferences I’ve attended. Brochures from various NGO’s. Tax info. Cards/notes from people. Coupons. Bills. People I need to thank. To Do Lists. And on and on and on and on.


That’s it. I’m purging RIGHT NOW.

You with me??

11 thoughts on “paper clutter {enough, day 22}

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  2. Kim

    I use my phone to store the information that’s from all those little pieces of paper. I use the Colornote app which I can sync and access from phone or tablet. I keep everything from a list of books I’d like to read, to grocery items needed, to errands I need to do. I can even email the grocery list from it to my husband. I immediately put contacts into my phone. I take pictures if I need to research prices for home projects. Appointments, invites and church commitments go into my calendar on my phone and I can set an alert so I don’t forget. Even a “dumb phone” has notepad, calendar & camera functions.

    When I worked as an organizer we would say if you can access the info from another source you can get rid of the paper. Tax records and backup need to be kept for 7 years and paperwork for real estate sales indefinitely. Utility bills can be found online. Remember the scanner is your friend!

  3. Jill Foley

    But I love to organize my paper clutter : )

    I heard a great tip a while ago…keep one notebook and get rid of all other forms of paper reminders (sticky notes, pads of paper, etc.) Use the one notebook to write down whatever you need to write down (grocery lists, appointments, to do lists, etc.). Then it’s all contained in one spot. This has helped me greatly and I no longer have 25 sheets of paper laying around.

        1. Jill Foley

          My biggest area of paper clutter is my collection of letters from my sponsored kids. I’ve kept them all over the past 20 years. I have 7 large binders full….occasionally I have gone back and read them, but not a whole lot. I feel like I need permission to let them go – that doing so won’t make me a bad sponsor. This is one area that really stresses me out.

  4. Rebecca

    I am totally with you, Marla, and, of all the cluttery things, I do believe that paper is the worst clutterer and also the worst to get rid of. Bits and pieces of papers with stuff written on them, addresses, phone numbers, notes to self, etc. Stuff that needs to be put in a proper place (in an address book, written in, not the paper thrown in there), but that takes TIME to properly place the information; TIME that could be spent cleaning up big things that make your home/area/room look instantly better when gone. TIME that you don’t really want to take, but should. Anyway, I”m behind you and know that you can do it! 🙂

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