never again! {enough, day 24}

I promised Gabe several years ago that I would never have another yard sale as long as I lived. And I have kept that promise. And will continue to keep that promise.

Except I sort of found a loophole.

Our awesome friend Pam (who is more like a family member than a friend) is going to Cambodia with us (for the first week or so of our trip), and she’s having a yard sale to start her Buy-A-Plane-Ticket-To-Cambodia Fund.

“We’ll help you!” we said. Bummer that we don’t really have anything left to sell at a yard sale though. But it’s okay.

And then my friend Amanda purged some of her boys’ toys (and some other household stuff) and donated them for us to sell. And my friend Ali is going to do the same thing. (And another friend let me post a pic of some antique books on Facebook, sell them, and keep the $ for our Cambodia Fund.)

We know some pretty precious people.

We just found out that Pam’s neighborhood is having their Community Yard Sale on a day she’ll be out of town, so we offered to man the thing ourselves (it was actually Gabe’s idea–I know!).

So, June 7 will be Yard Sale Day.

The girls will be selling lemonade with a friend, and we’ve hired a temporary tattoo artist (Livi and her gel markers).

If you’re local, we’d LOVE to see you! And if you have anything you’d like to donate to the sale, BRING IT ON OVER. (and bless your heart!)

I’m not going to get my hopes up of hundreds of dollars in sales. I am almost always (okay, always always) disappointed by the outcome of any yard sale I’ve ever had (which is why I’ve promised Gabe no more).

But hopefully it will be a fun time of helping Pam get rid of clutter and get her on her way to buying her first plane ticket to CAMBODIA.

So tell me: What’s your experience with yard sales? Worth it? Not worth it?

p.s. No challenge today! Enjoy the day off! (if you really want a challenge, make one up and tell us about it!)

9 thoughts on “never again! {enough, day 24}

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  2. Brooke

    we keep anything worth more than $1.
    trying to make money selling $0.50 items is exhausting. i just haul it to the Salvation Army and take the tax write off.

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  4. Jill Foley

    I’ve experienced both success and failure at yard sales. We usually do a small one every year, because my girls LOVE them. But we rarely make any $. Probably because we don’t advertise or plan…we just wake up, see a neighbor is doing one and decided “today is the day”. I think we’ll take a different tactic this year if we do one.

  5. Sharon

    My husband and I usually sell stuff on Craigslist or eBay. Or donate it. I can’t even recall the last time I had a yard sale. It was probably in my teen years when my entire family had a sale together. I have no idea how much money I made, not even a ball park figure. At this point, if I have something that won’t garner much money (ie a CD or book) then I’d rather just donate it vs taking time to try to sell it for pennies. My husband has a rule – if he can sell something for at least $5 on eBay, he’ll list it. I think it’s a good rule.

  6. Lisa Basner

    I most always find yard sales to be worth it. We just did one a week ago, and got rid of so much stuff, and earned some extra money to boot! I’m always amazed at what people will buy. We live in a yard sale community, so everyone is out on Saturday mornings shopping at the sales. I price things to go, and they usually do – they did last weekend! Having a yard sale in mind motivates me to purge unnecessary things, and most or all of what is leftover gets donated. If there is any good stuff left, I set it aside for the next yard sale. If it’s not gone within a month, it gets donated.

  7. Ruth C

    Whenever I’ve held my own garage sale, it hasn’t been worth it. So I also said “never again”. However, now my almost-8-year old wants to have one so I told him we could. And THEN we just found out our neighborhood is doing a community sale, so we don’t even have to advertise! Only catch is, it is next weekend. So… We’ve got lots of purging & work to do! I’m excited but also hope I/we can get it all ready in time. So, there’s my challenge! 😀

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