Squeaking this post in just a few hours before I need to write one for tomorrow. Whew!

So, friends. I’ve been thinking. I don’t really want this Enough Experiment to end. It’s been fun to hear all of your stories and cheer you on as you downsize and simplify. And God has reeeeally been speaking to me lately on this topic, so I’ve got a lot more to share.

Now. Of course we can’t be getting rid of 30 things every single day for the rest of forever. (or maybe we can??)

So this is what I’m thinking. For at least the month of June, we’ll continue with Enough. But I might not post every single day. And it most definitely won’t always be purging challenges.

I’m thinking other kinds of challenges. Like heart ones.

Thoughts and ideas about having enough, doing enough, being enough. Sharing what God is telling me and inviting you to give your own unique insight.

What do you think?

(I’d also love to take you on a tour of our apartment, space by space. For better or worse. We’ll see!)