making a dent?? {enough, day 27}

Friends! Today is the first day of summer break here in these parts, and woohooo!!! Fun stuff! (This doesn’t really mean much for my un-schooled girlies except all their friends are home all day long now, and nobody asks them in the grocery store, “Hey, why aren’t you in school??”)

They’re doing a free lunch (woot!) and enrichment program here at our apartment complex all summer (awesome!!), and today was pretty sweet. (yes, my vegan children ate two fake chicken patty sandwiches apiece–I DON’T EVEN CARE because FREE!) I met some great folks, and yeah.


I need to know how you’re doing with this Enough Experiment. I need to know if you’ve hit a wall, if you’ve found your groove, if you’re paralyzed by overwhelmed-ness.

I want to help you.

So, tell me where you’re stuck. Paper clutter? Toys? Your kitchen? Ask me how many pairs of jeans I think you need. Share your biggest hang-ups about this de-cluttering thing.

I’m here for you.

What’s on your mind??

p.s. Check out this post on Art of Simple today. It’s about using the thrift store as a storage unit. HOLY COW! This is what I do!! This is just brilliant.

16 thoughts on “making a dent?? {enough, day 27}

  1. Amy

    My season in life – with toddlers, having and making the time to purge just isn’t happening. It will come – until then, I will keep this all in mind.

  2. Sharon

    I think my biggest block right now is that I’m frantically prepping for a HUGE party and my babysitter (Grandma) that was gonna be here all week to help, has shingles. So, is not here. I am almost totally focused on party prep etc right now. Hopefully after this weekend, I’ll be able to think about decluttering again.

  3. Jen H.

    I actually assumed Tsh was quoting YOU when I read her blog post this morning. (You know, since you were mentioned in her latest book and all.) Still good advice, even if it didn’t come from you. 😉

    I can’t wait to go back through and APPLY all of your “enough” posts once we’re in our own place… and I’m post-newborn… and I get the energy to unpack… and…. maybe after the 120 degree temperatures are behind me. Sooo… looks like I’ll be doing my spring cleaning in the fall. Oh well – I’m still looking forward to it!!

  4. Joy

    My Desk! I have this amazing roll top desk (that doesn’t actually roll anymore), with amazing storage. Bottom drawers are my filing cabinet. I sorted through things the other day because I dream of a sleek streamlined desk that actually has enough room on top for my laptop and some space for bill paying. Do I really need to keep manuals for everything we own? Do I have to keep the old bills once they are paid? Do insurance companies really need to send me SO MUCH stuff? Help! I want a desk without piles on it or too much in it. 🙂

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      No, you don’t need manuals. They’re almost always online. And no to the old bills. Just keep your most recent one. And the insurance stuff? Hmm… not sure about that one. You can do this!!

  5. Allison

    I’m loving this! No overwhelmed-ness here. I sometimes wish I had more to do, because it’s addictive! Not that I want more stuff. No way.

    The one thing I have trouble with even now is the Stuff I kept from earlier times in my life. Grade school art, letters from friends I kept in touch with after our various moves (back in the days before email, when letters took whole days to get places), several books of photos I took when I was a kid, notebook after notebook of writing from middle and high school, memorabilia from our wedding. I’ve found a way to gradually chip away at it, but I wish there were a faster way to do it that didn’t risk serious regret on down the line. How much of this stuff do you keep?

    1. Marla Taviano Post author

      This has been a constant struggle for me. Maybe struggle is the wrong word. The older I get, the less attached I am. So, I keep weeding things out, and less and less things make “the cut.” Trophies and awards went, because that’s not what I value. Notes from people I don’t care about so much? Gone. Not-so-great pictures when I have similar really-great pictures? Gone. Yearbooks? Gone. (That’s what Facebook is for.) I started scanning letters at one point, but it took up too much space. I’m sure there’s some kind of app or something… Maybe that you can just take pictures of things and store them?

      1. Allison

        Getting older has definitely helped. 22 years out of high school, so much of stuff I kept seems FAR less important than it did five or even 15 years later. Far less emotional attachment. I’m feel ready to go through the photo albums and take out the pictures I honestly want to keep and toss the rest.

        The old writing and journals are the one thing I haven’t been able to touch. There’s a whole ton of it. I was a VERY prolific writer, once upon a time. It’s too much to scan or photograph. It’s all hand-written. I seriously doubt I’ll ever re-read it, and yet….

        1. Marla Taviano Post author

          I used to have 33 photo albums (200 photos each), and I stopped printing pics when Nina was 2. 🙂 I narrowed it down to SIX (but did keep a couple small plastic boxes of pics–sent a BUNCH to family and friends and tossed the rest). Kids will come in our apartment and say, “You have SIX photo albums!” They think that’s a ton. 🙂

          I’m on my 34th journal. The other 33 take up a whole shelf on my bedroom bookcase. I have no plans to get rid of them. I am what I write. 🙂

  6. Alicia

    First off, can I say that I am super duper jealous that school is out over there? My first grader is in until June 24th. (Although, the last four days are make-up snow days, so we might just skip them.)
    I feel like my kids are my biggest anti-clutter detractors. I feel like if I could just have several 2 hour blocks of time I would be able to get much more done. I keep thinking that when they’re all in school in a few years I’m going to give myself a few months to declutter and work on home projects before I go out and try to get myself back in the workforce. Eh, we’ll see.

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