give me thirty! {enough, day 19}

Instead of targeting a specific room/closet/area today, let’s do this: walk around your house with your thinking cap on and ask yourself, “Can I find 10 things I don’t need/love? How about 20? Dare I look for 30?”

If I’ve quoted Organized Simplicity once, I’ve quoted it a hundred times, and here’s one of my all-time favorite paragraphs:

“The surprising effect of getting rid of the things you don’t love is that you grow deeper in love with the things you choose to keep. Your kids love every toy they own. You’d gladly wear every pair of jeans in your closet. You like all the music in your CD collection. Simplifying is not parting with love. It’s gaining it. (108)

Oh, and this:

“Simple living is about living your life with a purpose that aligns with your values. It’s about enjoying the things you love and care about and not about stressing over the things that don’t matter. It’s fulfilling; it brings peace; it drips with contentment. Living simply is about being who you were made to be… I want to help you find that peaceful place, where your pocketbook, your home, and our weekly routine reflect your family’s convictions and values.” (15)

I want to help you too.


1. Tell me how many things you got rid of today.

2. Tell me which areas of our homes we still need some help with.

14 thoughts on “give me thirty! {enough, day 19}

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  2. Kim

    Over 30 items today! An entire box of books to the used book store for credit, another box they want but couldn’t take right now so they will go in the yard sale. Broken cell phone case of DH’s into recycle and an old printer and monitor dropped off for e-cycling. Few other things into yard sale bag but can’t remember what right now.

  3. Allison

    I lost count. I doubt I made it to 30, but I honestly had trouble finding things to purge. On the surface, our house is pretty well purged (which I am LOVING!!!). I could definitely find things if I went hunting through boxes in the closets. Still, I found some things here and there, and got rid of a bunch of cans of paint and other junk from the garage that we don’t need anymore.

    I would suggest the garage as a place to purge, but I don’t know whether most women have any control over the contents of the garage. I do, but maybe not everyone does?

  4. Jen H.

    – 19 pieces of my own clothing for Goodwill (which is shameful – since these items were from the “necessity” clothing I kept OUT of storage while we are my in-laws… there are still two huge boxes labeled “Jen’s seasonal and extra clothing” that will be viciously attacked once we move out)
    – Plus a small bag of the twin’s clothes for the consignment store (maybe another 10 items)

      1. Jen H.

        Done. Another 5+ clothing items in the goodwill/co-sign pile.
        PLUS a box full of 18-24mo clothes taken out of the twin’s dresser and folded, labeled, and ready to be handed down to little man #3.

  5. Bethany

    I’ve been having so much fun going through shelves and cupboards and drawers finding things to get rid of! I love reading your new posts each morning! I just went through the kids’ little toy bin and bought 3 plastic shoebox containers (I know, I know…) and marked them “figures”, “cars”, and “doll clothes” and if the toy didn’t fit in a category, I got rid of it! Now there is no open bin to just dump onto the bedroom floor! Another tip I have is when we have company over, I put most of the toys in my bedroom and I have less to clean up afterwards!

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