car clutter {enough, day 23}

Anybody have a beautiful, cleaned-out vehicle?? You are AWESOME. Seriously.

I do not have a beautiful, cleaned-out vehicle. BUT I’M ABOUT TO. Right after I write this post and get some other stuff done and go to bed and get up and work out with Gabe and go on an errand-date with Nina.

THEN I’m gonna clean out both Gabe’s car and our mini-van (with my children’s help).

Because they’re kind of trash pits to be honest.

But at least they aren’t packed completely full of crap like they were in April when we finally sold our house. We used the van as a temporary storage unit while we figured out how to get rid of the stuff we didn’t want/need.

And, actually, now that I think about it, there are several bags of toys in there that my friend Amanda donated (we helped her purge her basement today) to the Let’s Go to Cambodia! Yard Sale that our friend Pam is having in June.

But we’ll clean out everything else.

Today’s Challenge: Clean out yo’ car(s).

Who’s with me??

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8 thoughts on “car clutter {enough, day 23}

  1. Brooke

    my goal for the weekend: clean out my car so that i can get it detailed along with a wash and wax to celebrate him recently hitting the 200,000 milestone

  2. Sharon

    I’m with you! My Sister saw my trunk last weekend and commented on how clean it was. The only thing in it was the emergency kit my brother gave me to keep in there. And a bag of CD’s that I was giving to my Sister for a fundraising garage sale. My trunk isn’t usually full, she just commented because hers always is! I try not to leave things in my trunk because I don’t want to have to remember to empty it before getting groceries. Or to have to empty it in preparation for a long trip, which with our kids involves bringing LOTS of stuff with us, so there can’t be one spare item in the trunk. I usually have an empty grocery store bag in my car to put trash in. But, just realized yesterday that I need a new bag in there. I had already tossed the last one that had been in there. I need to go through the CD’s in my car, too. I’m looking forward to this one. Oh, I should probably get my car washed, too, right??? Can I tell my uber frugal husband that it was a part of the challenge?????

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