a word on margin {enough, day 30}

I’ll tell you what margin isn’t: waiting until there are 29 minutes left in a day before you write that day’s blog post. But it’s all good. Because, some drama (one of my children) and some bad attitudes (me) aside, this day was a really good one, filled with loving people and spending time with them.

We started off with two of our favorite toddlers we babysit once a week during the school year.

Then headed home just in time for the free lunch program at noon. I’m really enjoying chatting with the kids as they go through the line, encouraging the big kids that they’re not too cool for lunch, knocking on doors to recruit more kiddos, and sharing my heart for Abbey Lane with the various volunteers that help out each day.

12:00-12:30 each weekday has turned into one of those “I was made for this” kind of times. (Thanks, God.)

And we got to surprise a friend with 3 Tim Horton’s sprinkle donuts on a styrofoam plate for her 16th birthday (today). We got all the kids to sing (she was so embarrassed–but pleased) and I took pictures.

Then the water balloon fights began. And the drama. And my bad attitude. So I closed up my writing time early and tried to take a nap.

Then my friend Amanda got here (she was a third-grader in my class during my 2nd year of teaching–she’s 23 now) and we chatted with some neighbor kiddos, headed to dinner (Piada–yum!), bought some water balloons and organic apricot beer, and headed home.

Sat on the porch and watched water balloons and laughed and chatted with our neighbors Josh and Laura until after 10:00.

It was almost 11pm when there was a loud banging on the door. “Who is it?” It was one of ourĀ 11-year-old Somali neighbors. I opened the door. She was wearing make-up and heels. “My mom wants to know do you want to go to my cousin’s wedding?” “When is it?” “Right now!”

Oh, wow. So much notice. I politely declined (but I’ll probably have dreams about the sambusa I’m missing).

What does this post have to do with margin? Oh, I don’t know. Just that I’m trying to find Enough when it comes to my schedule, my time. I want to fulfill obligations and earn a living, but I want to be free to just hang out on the porch too. When a friend asks if there’s any chance I’m free and could she stop by, I want to say yes.

I want to be free to love. And be a friend. And laugh. And yeah.

We’ll talk about this kind of stuff more next month, but let me ask you: Do you feel like there’s enough margin in your life right now? Or do you feel busy and rushed pretty much every single day of your life? Let’s discuss.

3 thoughts on “a word on margin {enough, day 30}

  1. Sharon

    First off, Tim Horton’s???? I thought those were only in Canada…..or at least that’s the only place I’ve been to one. Lately, things have been rush, rush. I recently read an article about taking the time to reach out to the new person, even if you are super busy and have plenty of friends. A new person reached out to me and she’s actually someone I’ve been wanting to get to know, but I have been so overwhelmed lately that I said yes, let’s definitely get together. But, after May is over. Just had a huge huge huge shindig that was tons of work to put on and that’s all I could focus on for the past month or so. Anyways, that’s over now, so hopefully the margin will come very soon.

  2. Andrea

    Can I say both? Life feels insane right now, but in the midst of rushing between all of the busyness, I’m trying to leave it open to pause on the street if I run into someone I know or to be flexible when spending time with a friend instead of having to know exactly which activities we are doing and the time frame or to drop dinner off at a friends’ who unexpectedly lost a baby. It’s such a delicate balance. I feel like when I’m leaving my life open to others, that bit of margin, I’m giving the busyness a “So what?! What do you have to say to me? You will not break my spirit, and you will not steal my time and attention at the expense of relationship and delight.” (Yes, I like to talk to busyness, frustration, anger, etc as if they were tangible things or have personalities.) Fighting the hectic feels like the most God-honoring thing I can be doing right now. But it is still hard. Journeying with you!

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