Hey, friends! Took a few minutes to make the Enough Experiment challenges accessible to anybody who wants to give ‘em a shot. It’s never too late!

Casting the Vision {day 1}

No New Containers!! {day 2}

Your Music Collection {day 3}

Out-of-Control Holiday Decor? {day 5}

Ready for the Bathroom? {day 6}

Why Purge? {day 7}

Book Hoard Much? {day 8}

So Many Craft Supplies {day 9}

Helpful Purging Tips {day 10}

De-Cluttering Your Kitchen {day 12}

Purge the Linen Closet {day 13}

Determine Your Priorities {day 14}

Do You Need All Those Shoes? {day 15}

Too Many Toys! {day 16}

De-Clutter Your Walls & Shelves {day 17}

Purge Any 30 Things {day 19}

 The Dreaded Garage {day 20}

 Your Biggest Baddest Clutter Spot {day 21}

Deal With Your Paper Clutter {day 22}

Clean Out Your Car Clutter {day 23}

 A Fun Little Purging Game! {day 28}

Share Your Celebration Story! {day 31}

Happy De-Cluttering!!