a recap {enough, day 32}

Hey, friends! Took a few minutes to make the Enough Experiment challenges accessible to anybody who wants to give ’em a shot. It’s never too late!

Casting the Vision {day 1}

No New Containers!! {day 2}

Your Music Collection {day 3}

Out-of-Control Holiday Decor? {day 5}

Ready for the Bathroom? {day 6}

Why Purge? {day 7}

Book Hoard Much? {day 8}

So Many Craft Supplies {day 9}

Helpful Purging Tips {day 10}

De-Cluttering Your Kitchen {day 12}

Purge the Linen Closet {day 13}

Determine Your Priorities {day 14}

Do You Need All Those Shoes? {day 15}

Too Many Toys! {day 16}

De-Clutter Your Walls & Shelves {day 17}

Purge Any 30 Things {day 19}

 The Dreaded Garage {day 20}

 Your Biggest Baddest Clutter Spot {day 21}

Deal With Your Paper Clutter {day 22}

Clean Out Your Car Clutter {day 23}

 A Fun Little Purging Game! {day 28}

Share Your Celebration Story! {day 31}

Happy De-Cluttering!!

4 thoughts on “a recap {enough, day 32}

  1. Sharon

    Hi! I’ve been silently following along this past month. I’ve read the book More or Less, and it inspired me to begin an eating challenge. For the month of February, I ate plain oatmeal (made with water), plain rice, plain beans, 1 banana per day, and carrots. It was hard, but it really helped me come to a greater appreciation of the excess in my life, even though I consider myself obsessed with simplifying (I am constantly getting rid of stuff – Though I’ve done most of the things that you challenged your readers to purge this month, it was fun to read along…anything to do with simplifying and getting rid of stuff makes me giddy. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. Jen H.

    Excellent! This will make it very convenient when I’m physically purge-ready (you know, sans baby, sans unpacking after the move). Because heaven knows my antsy, nesting-infused brain is going crazy right now wanting to go through all our stored stuffed.

  3. csmith

    Thank you so much for posting these all together. It was truly providential that I found your blog when I did. We are moving from our very large house into an apartment. We have 7 kids so there will be 9 of us in about 1100 square ft. We have to get rid of a lot of stuff! You’re helping so much. I’m really getting excited about ending our clutter/hoarding ways. ! would love to see more about what you do for storing daily-used things in a small space.

    1. Marla Taviano

      You’re so welcome! 9 of you in 1100 square feet–wow! But so awesome! Our Somali neighbors are pretty awesome at that kind of thing–you can do it! I’m hoping to take some pics of our daily life (we don’t have this thing all figured out yet) soon!

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