10 reasons NOT to simplify/purge/downsize

Hey, friends! I’m really super-duper excited about this Enough Experiment we’re going to do in May. I reeeeeally think it’s going to be just what the doctor ordered for so many of you.

Yet, I can sense your hesitation. And I understand. Really.

Because, even though I looooooove simplifying and purging and downsizing and only having just-enough, it’s NOT EASY. Heck, I’ve been at this thing for a few years now, and holy cow if I didn’t just look around this place earlier today and say, “HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE HAVE THIS MUCH CLUTTER?!”

This is hard.

10 Reasons Why You Should Most Definitely NOT Simplify/Purge/Downsize Your Life & Stuff:

1. It is too plain freaking hard.
3. And who has that kind of TIME??
4. And where would you even START??
5. And what if you NEEEEED that stuff two days after you get rid of it?
6. And your peeps who live with you are NEVER going to go for this.
7. And you do NOT deal well with change. 
8. There’s a LOT of time/money invested in this stuff. How can you justify letting it go??
9. You haven’t exactly solidified your life’s purpose, so how would you know what to keep/not?
10. You’re not exactly known for your stick-to-it-tive-ness.

What great excuses am I missing??

5 thoughts on “10 reasons NOT to simplify/purge/downsize

  1. Brooke

    how about “because it feels pointless when my hubby insists on attending the neighbor’s moving sale and bringing home several car loads full of stuff we don’t need.”
    and of course
    “if he’s going to drag stuff home, its not fair that i have to get rid of my stuff.”

    because that’s what God calls us to do. be selfish and give up hope.

  2. Bethany

    I’ve got one! My older sister always convinced me that I didn’t want my dolls anymore when we were growing up and so I sold my pink-haired Baby Rainbow Brite at our yard sale. I remember watching a little girl pick up my doll and I kept hoping she would put it down and decide not to buy it, but she bought it. I do not want to traumatize my children and ruin their childhood like my older sister did to me. 😉 Just kidding! I missed her, but after I got married I got on eBay and bought the original Rainbow Brite and Patty O’Green dolls for $20 each (they looked brand new!) and now my oldest daughter plays with them! So if you miss it down the road, you can probably find it on eBay!

  3. Sara

    I just finished reading Unstuff Your Life and he does a great job at answering those common excuses, motivating you and giving detailed, small steps. I think it would be a good guide for anyone asking those questions. (Just a heads up though, he references God as a she among other things) 🙂

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