you're invited to thailand!

So, you know how I love all things Cambodia and saving kiddos from being trafficked and the amazing stuff God is doing in Southeast Asia? And you know how we created a little Family Purpose Statement about loving/seeing/telling the world together?

Well, next Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. God is bringing our Family Purpose Statement to life RIGHT IN OUR LIVING ROOM! And if you live a stone’s throw (more or less) from Columbus, Ohio, you’re invited to join us!

My friend James (who I knew a little in college and a lot more now because of Facebook) and his wife, Sarah, are deeply involved with a ministry called G.R.O.W. (Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide) based in Thailand. I believe their church in Wooster, Ohio is the one that started it.

Their mission: to rescue at-risk children and youth by supporting, educating, and providing them with a safe place to live, grow, and learn about Christ.

Faa Sumitra Choemue, a beautiful Thai woman, has a HUGE heart for the street children of her country who are (or are in grave danger of becoming) victims of sex trafficking. She and her sister started a home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for some of these precious children. And, as only God can, he connected Faa with some amazing people in the States who share her heart for the least of these.

And now they’re able to save more and more children from a horrific fate. (I know that sounds sensationalized, but it’s actually just plain and simple fact.)

And get this–Faa is coming to our house Wednesday (August 24) to share her story with us!!!

My living room isn’t big, but I’ll pack as many people in it who want to come hear about what God is doing in Thailand. And I know Faa won’t mind. I’ve witnessed 30+ people crawling out of a 15-passenger van in Cambodia. Personal space is not an issue.

You can read more about Faa here. Please RSVP if you can come (either in the comments or via e-mail), so I’ll be sure to have enough snacks and drinks.

You’re welcome to bring your kiddos. We have a nice-sized fenced-in backyard and my girls can entertain your little ones. Or they’re welcome to “listen” to Faa. She likes kids.

We’ll be taking a Love Offering for Faa and G.R.O.W. so bring a little cash if you’d like to donate. The girls will also be selling some washer necklaces and other crafts (with all proceeds going to Faa). If you can’t make it, but would like to donate, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

I would LOVE to see you! God is so good to bring the world to our doorstep!

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  3. sharon k

    Marla, I plan to be there! I will bring tissues… thank you and your family for hosting something so important! I can’t wait to get there 😀

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