you know you want one!!

Praise the Lord! We have just about enough $ to get us to Cambodia and back! THANK YOU, friends!!

I’ve got some fun things to sell today to help us reach our final goal. Here we go! Remember–the first person to comment and tell me they want each item gets to buy it!

Wait–before I jump in, I would love your prayers. I hurt my neck/shoulder (left side) pretty bad and spent the better part of an hour crying this morning. I put a call in to my mom’s massage therapist (who has saved my life on at least 3 separate occasions) and I’m praying I get in before Wednesday.

Okay, first up: one super-soft, super-awesome BLESSED hoodie and one super-soft, super-awesome BLESSED t-shirt. My awesome friend Jackie (sometime after Cambodia, I’ll tell the crazy-cool story of how we met) is donating these beautiful items, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Item #1 Stardust Hoodie ($33–U.S. shipping included)

SOLD! Thank you, Rachelle!

The softest hoodie ever. Seriously. 80% cotton/20% polyester. Medium-weight (perfect for watching swim lessons in 60-degree weather). Vertical “Blessed” graphic surrounded by stars spilling across zipper. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X. Available in turquoise w/pink, lime w/turquoise, purple w/lavender, grey w/black, grey w/green.

Shown: Lime w/turquoise, grey w/green. Mine is a medium. I’m 5’9″ish, 155 lbs (on my way to 145 but not really getting anywhere).

Item #2: Simply Blessed Classic Tee. ($20–U.S. shipping included)

SOLD! Thank you, Kaye!

Super-soft, 100% ringspun (I know!) cotton, slight contour is both feminine and fashionable, flattering on all. Pre-shrunk but still slight shrinkage. Women’s sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, available in black, brown, red, turquoise, eggplant.

Shown: black, turquoise. Mine is a medium.

I’m TOTALLY getting the turquoise hoodie this fall. The purple one is really cute too. If you don’t get to buy today but are interested, visit Jackie at her Dress Blessed site. It’s not finished yet, but you can contact her for product and pricing info.

Thank you, Jackie!!

Item #3: Retro Orange/Yellow Apron ($26–U.S. shipping included)

SOLD! Thank you, Rachelle!

Isn’t this adorable?? Made by my sister Bethany, who is also my model. Thanks, Bethy!

Item #4 Blue/Brown kiddos’ apron ($20–U.S. shipping included)

SOLD! Thank you, Rachelle!

This cutie-patootie apron also made by Bethy.

Item #6: A personalized engraved 12 x 6 tile from Engraved Euniques ($30–U.S. shipping included)

SOLD! Thank you, Jenny!

We had the amazing privilege of meeting Kaye and her family in April 2009 and staying in their home and touring Kaye’s unbelievable workshop. She makes each piece with tender-loving care and crazy skillz. You can get pretty much ANYTHING you want engraved on your tile.

Item #7 A full-blown, fancy-dancy WordPress blog designed by Holly at Crown Laid Down Designs–$800 value (click here to see what all you’ll get). ($100–no shipping necessary)

SOLD! Thank you, Jackie!

I met Holly on our Zoo Trip when we stayed with their sweet family in Colorado. Holly has her own design business and specializes in custom blogs. If you’ve always wanted a nice blog but don’t have a clue (or a lot of $), here’s your chance! Get thyself a blog and help out with our Cambodia trip! Win-win!

Item #8 Restaurant Super Saver Book ($7–U.S. shipping included)

SOLD! Thank you, Rachelle!

Item #9 Restaurant Super Saver Book ($7–U.S. shipping included)

Item #10 Restaurant Super Saver Book ($7–U.S. shipping included)

9 thoughts on “you know you want one!!

  1. Jackie

    Three quick notes:
    1) You look so cute in your hoodie & shirt! I definitely want you as my model.
    2) I will be praying for a pain free body for your travels (among other prayers for your trip).
    3) If still available, I’ll take the blog package. I think this might be an answer to prayer for me as well as a push I seem to need.

  2. Jenny L.

    I would like #6 please!!! I ordered one for my in-laws last Father’s Day and have been meaning to get one for us! 🙂

  3. Kaye

    Black ‘blessed’ t-shirt in medium please mam:)
    Let me know what I need to do!!! LOVE IT:)
    Praying you are MUCH better REAL soon!

    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  4. Rachelle

    I want #3 also, I know this may be becoming a habit…I was getting the other apron for my daughter, Shaylee, then I realized that my daughter, Macey, could wear the adult apron (and it is her favorite ORANGE).

  5. Rachelle

    Me again… 🙂 I would like #1)sweatshirt, #4 kids apron and #8 super saver book. I expect you will email me.

    Praying for you today; traveling would not be fun w/ a hurt neck/back.

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