when people pray

I have this dear, sweet friend who lives on the other side of the country from me. Scratch that. She USED to live on the other side of the country from me until I up and left the country. Now she’s on the other side of the planet.

Anyway. I can’t remember exactly how or when we “met” and I won’t go on and on about her right now and how much she’s blessed me, but she told me a month or so ago that she’s committing to pray for our family every single day for the next year.

Awesome blossom.

And she sends me Facebook messages occasionally and shares with me what God is saying to her about us.

And I know she’s listening to God’s Holy Spirit, because he’s telling her the same stuff he’s telling me. Sometimes after he tells me. Sometimes before. Sometimes at pretty much the exact same time.

(I have prior experience with folks telling me God told them something for me, and, um, yeah, probably not so much.)

Just want to share a little snippet of her messages with you, so you can share in my joy & amazement at God’s awesomeness.

(December 17) This week I feel that God has been placing on my heart for your family to feel released from the place that He has given you at Abbey Lane. I have been praying specifically for that. I feel that God wants you to know that He has all of the people that you love there covered and they will be taken care of.

(Amen. Exact answer to my fervent prayers.)

(December 29) When I was praying for your family today the Lord gave me this deep sense of peace about your move to Cambodia (not that you need my feelings about this!). But His peace is like a blanket…a covering…a outpouring of love. God has given your family a deep sense of love for others and the ability to see beyond what people see…so that you can do what He has called you to do. Even your deep love for your family is rooted in the ways God is calling you to love those you will meet.

I think that as your family gets ready to leave, you can be assured that you are being obedient in your life that He gave you. I don’t say that as putting you on a pedestal…but as an encouragement from God that your family is stepping out in faith and saying that you choose to live this one life you have by loving others and serving Him in ways others have overlooked. I am probably rambling and not sure if that even makes sense…but it makes sense when I hear God speak it to me!!!

(Oh, peace. I really really needed some right then.)

(December 30) This morning I heard the word SUSTAIN for your family. I am not going to try to define what I think it means…because if it is truly from the Lord, I trust you will know. God is so good…and I pray peace over you and your family.

(She was right. I did know.)

(January 3) Praying for your family as you ascend to Cambodia. Wow…think of all God has done to prepare you for this day! I remember when I started reading your blog…it was when you were traveling to the zoos. My sister told me I should read your blog. I am so grateful for your down to earth, real life writing has been so sweet to me! I pray that as you feet hit the path God had prepared for you in Cambodia, that you would trust in Him…that you would remember where you have been and where He has brought you. I pray that on days when you question that you would immediately be reminded of His greatness….of His provision, love, protection, His shield, and his Word. I pray that as you bless others you are blessed right back.

(So that’s how we met. And yes, reminders of God’s greatness.)

(January 6) Can you even believe you are in Cambodia?! Praying for your family as you transition. Praying for rest…for grace as emotions rise and fall…praying for direction and patience as you wait on God’s direction. And praying for JOY unspeakable!!!

This morning as I was praying God gave me this vision of your time at Abbey Lane…that it was preparation for Cambodia…I am sure you know that…but what I saw was that your time in Cambodia may look a lot like that for a while…loving on people, holding babies, playing games with kids, tutoring/teaching, eating food while fellowshipping…and it may at times not seem like you are “missionaries” but just “playing” but God’s idea of mission work is not a check off the list kind of work…it is loving people where they are at…and that is one of your families giftings.

So I pray that you know that whatever capacity you are sharing the love of Jesus with others you would know that you are doing His work…and not to think it has to “look” a certain way. It may seem disorganized but it isn’t. Trust God’s unconventional ways of being on a mission.

(Trust God’s unconventional ways. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Holy cow, yes.)

I just can’t tell you how cool it is for God to give you confirmation of stuff you’ve been praying about through someone else’s words. (And she’s not the only one who has done it, so that’s pretty SWEET.)

Thank you, friend, for taking us before God, listening to his voice, and sharing with us. It means more to us than you’ll ever know.

3 thoughts on “when people pray

  1. Sarah Farish

    One of my favorite posts…because I LOVE this idea that “mission” work does not have to look like the video at church. You’re called. On mission. Praying for what that looks like to you and GOD – not what others think it should be. Just so much in here to chew on:)

  2. Darlene

    Thank you so much for sharing these prayers! They are encouraging to me now too. When I am in Mexico and when I am in Ohio, sometimes, well, a lot of the time I get caught up in how missions should “look.” A lot of the time missions is fun! Sometimes it is grueling. But God’s ways are unconventional. That’s something I know I will remember now when I have those discouraging thoughts! Bless you guys!

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